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Remedies for a Happy Married Life

By: Future Point | 06-Apr-2018
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Remedies for a Happy Married Life

Being married is a tough job and a couple needs to keep working at it to make it successful. Romance is an important key to a happy married life and a major reason as to why many marriages fail when there is a lack of romance.

Nowadays, many people who get married are finding their married life to be a cause of many frustrations and general dissatisfaction. This can be due to various planets - namely Mars, Mercury, Venus and Moon.

Today we are providing you the much awaited and much requested post. Follow the astrological prescriptions of our renowned astrologers and uproot all your problems and misunderstandings from your married life.


Remedies for happy married life are:

    • If your forehead is very broad, take a bit of "surma" and bury it on Tuesday in some lonely spot. Keep doing this until you are 36 years of age to avoid problems.
    • On your marriage anniversary, help the handicapped as much as you can. Make sure you donate a coconut, 7 types of grains and one religious book - the rest can be cooked food and some clothes - whatever you can.
    • Couples should not sleep with their feet pointed towards the door.
    • No mirrors should be placed on either side of the bed.
    • There should be nothing stored under the bed.
    • The size of the bed matters too. So, while it might be a great idea to get a king size bed, because of its largest it can drive couples far apart.
    • Bedroom is an intimate space, it is important to keep the room’s door shut, especially when the couple is asleep. Many people confuse the open door as a sign of good influence but this is for businesses only. The bedroom door should be shut to keep out external influences.
    • Flowering bushes can be used to decorate the room as flowers are a symbol of love, life and beauty. Flowering plants make a good addition for the house as well. However, they should be placed in the southwest corner of the house.
    • Avoid any type of cactus or any prickly plants.
    • Use romantic colors in the house.
    • Selecting romantic colors in the house will help improve the romance between the couples. Colors like red or pink are good choices.
    • Always ask your daughter to regularly offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati as they bring happiness into a marriage. As parents you must guide her to regularly offer water to Lord Shiva as this can have a positive impact on her married life.
    • Whatever you wish to buy, just don’t settle for a single piece. Not only is it romantic but it also indicates equality and love. However, this is not true for gadgets.
    • People who are about to get married, should light a candle on the South-east wall of the home - morning and evening.
    • Astrology suggests that horoscopes should be matched before getting married. And therefore, it is the duty of the parents to make sure that this task is accomplished. Horoscope matches gives a clear picture whether or not the girl and the boy are fit to tie the knot with each other or not.
    • Each and every ritual that we have in our culture has a strong reason behind it. But sometimes we end up forgetting or not following these rituals because of our own comfort or any other reason and it results in problems later in the married life of our daughter.
    • Worshipping lord Ganesha and goddess Parvati brings mutual understanding between married couples and make their relationship better.
  • Sleeping by pointing your head towards east reduces stress and emits positive energy around you.
  • Keeping an image of Shiva Parvati under the pillow or mattress is also considered effective remedy for early marriage.
  • The bed should never be a metal or a wrought iron one. Preferably, use a wooden bed to ease any tension between partners. Also, the bed should always be of a regular shape.
  • It is advisable to use a single bed mattress, always. Couples should avoid going for a double mattress. This is important for instilling harmony and positivity in the marital relationship.
  • No electrical gadgets should find a way to the bedroom. Even if there are any electronics kept in the room, just make sure that they are kept at a good distance from the bed. The electro-magnetic wave of these gadgets not only disrupts sleep but also increases tensions and rifts between partners.
  • Mirrors should never be placed in a couple’s bedroom, as they lead to misunderstandings and quarrels. If there is a mirror in the bedroom, it is best that it should be kept covered, especially during the night.
  • The wife should always sleep on the left side of the bed and the husband should take the right side. This will ensure a smooth and loving relationship.

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