Ways to make your Home Vastu Friendly

By: Future Point | 03-Apr-2018
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Ways to make your Home Vastu Friendly

So, ready to move in your new house? Everyone can build homes but it takes years and years to fill that house with happiness and money can't buy happiness. Vastu, which literally means ‘house’, is a science (shastra) of arranging the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and sky in complete harmony.

Experts say that the fundamental principle of vastu shastra is to add value to a man’s life. Behind every vastu guideline, there is a scientific reasoning that aims at providing an organized and convenient life to everyone. Vastu has its roots linked with your ruling planet of your Zodiac sign. The direction of your house, the colors of the walls and many other things should be marked boldly before building your "Home sweet Home".

Believe it or not, vastu does have its effects and a few changes in your house can bring a lot of peace in your life. Vastu for home should be practiced under the prescription of an experienced astrologer or things could go worse. If you're facing problems in your new home, then by the end of this article you will get your way out of it, so read till the end.

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      • At the entrance if you have a naked wall, place a statue or a picture of Ganesha. Since a naked wall represents loneliness, it is a good way to conceal it.
      • Grow some flowers at the perimeters of your home and main gate.
      • To attract the good luck the year, light the lamp near the water pot in the house. Doing this will fill your house with positive vibes and dispel the negativity from your house. This will also remove your health-related problems.
      • Always take care that the things of the door should not make sound while opening and closing, grease them periodically to avoid the noise. The main door of your house should open from the inside so that the energy will remain inside.
      • Pictures depicting violence or aggression should not be kept inside the house. It attracts lots of negativity inside the house.
      • Place a family photograph in the south-west direction in a yellow or golden frame for healthy family relations. Or picture/painting of sunflower for a healthy family bond.
      • Build the water fountains and wall paintings in the North east direction. This will bring immense success, luck and prosperity in your home.
      • Place a picture or painting of a rising sun in the east direction for healthy social relations.
      • The centre of the house should empty. Devoid any heavy furniture, this is because the centre of the home is the Brahmasthan.
    • The bedroom should not be left in the dark; it should be well lit Avoid using dark colors on the bedroom wall to bring harmony and peace.
    • Placing the electrical appliances near your bed will lead to mild fever, heart attacks, skin problems and sleep disorder.
    • As per vastu specialists, each section of your room requires color according to its energy requirement, size and direction. People living in the home should keep following points in mind while renovating their homes/rooms.
    • The South- East zone is ideal for kitchen, hence, the walls of the kitchen should be painted with red, pink and orange color.
    • Keep a single mattress on the bed for healthy marital relation. Also, the wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband.
      • Devoid you house from substance like Almirah or table made of metal. A rusty metal is a portal of negative vibes.
      • Remove broken things like clocks, hand watches, cracked cups and plates from your house it's a sign of negativity, straightly avoided.
      • The bedroom should be planned in south-west direction to enhance the relationships.
      • Placing pyramids is an effective and pocket-friendly way is good for curbing all the vastu defects of a house or a building. These are installed in the strategic location in the house such as the centre of the house, a specific room or even an energetic key point.
    • According to Vastu, a mirror at home in any room should only be placed on the walls in the north or east direction.
    • Designing the house with main door towards the north, the north-east, the east or the west is considered auspicious. The south and the south-west directions must be avoided as they disturb the positive energy flow by pulling negative energies inside the house.
    • Decorate the entrance with some auspicious signs like a swastika or om stickers or hangers. You can also hang Feng shui hanging bells on the entrance.
    • Do not place a mirror in front of the main door as it would reflect all the positive energies entering your house.
    • According to the norms of Vastu doors, particularly the main door should always open at 90 degrees, meaning all the way. This allows for positive energies to completely enter a home. There should not be anything behind the door to obstruct the door from opening all the way.
    • Lighting as per Vastu should first and most importantly be adequate. Inadequate lighting leads to imbalances in a home according to Vastu rules. Also lighting in the bedroom should be soothing and should use delicate textures to promote harmony.
    • Hang a name plate. According to vastu, putting your name outside your house, helps opportunities and positive energy find your address easily. In our homes, guests are given utmost respect and welcome. This theory applies here since it is believed in vastu that happiness can land up at your doorstep at any time and in any form.
    • If you’ve been thinking of getting a pet, this would be the time. Buy fish and place the aquarium north or east of your living room. Water in a fish tank represents life, and moving water (by a pump in this case) denotes liveliness and positivity. Observing the fish will also calm the mind. If an aquarium seems much, go for a small fish tank or even a nice-sized fish bowl would do.
    • Put a pinch of salt in a small bowl and place it in any corner of your home.
  • If you are storing medicines in your kitchen area, remove them immediately. The kitchen zone stands for good health and medicines indicate otherwise. Medicines in the kitchen space are said to initiate health problems, especially related to food, such as diabetes, heart diseases and weight gain.
  • Hangs Bells at your door steps, the jinglings of bells will bring positivity and harmony in your house.
  • Apart from keeping the air fresh and brightening your space, tulsi is also the most auspicious plant according to vastu. Plant it in the front or back of your house.

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