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Remedies of Lal Kitab

By: Future Point | 29-Mar-2018
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Remedies of Lal Kitab

The remedies of Lal Kitab is also very similar to the remedies of tantra. Here the articles signifying different planets should be used with precaution. If there will be any mistake in its use the effect can be even negative. The remedies of Lal Kitab don’t cost much and they give positive effect immediately if done properly. In Lal Kitab gem stones are not prescribed for the remedies of planets. Astrologers started using the Lal Kitab without its proper understanding and suggesting the remedies to the suffering people.

They began to suggest the remedies without analysing the planetary position in the houses, their aspect and other essential things. In ancient times three types of remedies were very popular. The first one was to spread the round bundle of white lace (nibar) on the bed. This remedy was considered to give relief from any problem. The second prevalent remedy was to keep the pitcher, pot or tumbler in right shape if they are kept inverted. The third one was to get the non-working watches and clocks repaired immediately or give it to someone or throw it. To keep the non-working watches in the house is not only inauspicious but it closes the doors of luck.

All these three remedies have the relation with Mercury so the half scholars of Lal Kitab understood that Mercury is the cause of all the troubles. This is probably due to this reason also that in Lal Kitab Mercury has been referred to as ’infidel girlfriend’. These remedies continued for long. Thereafter the fourth remedy came into existence to get rid of all the problems. This remedy was to flow 8 kg. of lead coins after cutting them into pieces into running water.

This remedy continued for long but this did not prove very powerful. All these instances mean that the similar sort of remedy is not proper for all the problems. As the different diseases can be cured by different medicines, in the similar manner the different problems of different natives should be solved by different types of remedies.

In Lal Kitab each planet has been prescribed different types of remedies and behind it there are solid logic. Unless and until we understand the logic hidden behind these remedies, we could not be able to suggest the proper remedy to our natives. For example, Saturn gives inauspicious result in 5th house in natural (Kalpurush) horoscope.

5th house has Leo sign owned by Sun. That’s why Saturn will prove inauspicious here. According to Lal Kitab 2nd house is considered to be the house of religion. So in order to ward off the evil effects of Saturn one should keep the articles which are significator of Saturn to the house of religion and bring half of that article to his house and keep them somewhere. By this remedy the inauspicious effect of Saturn will vanish.

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One of the articles which is the significator of Saturn is almond. Take 10 pieces of almond and keep them to any temple. Bring 5 of them back and keep them to your house. By this remedy the bad effect of Saturn will vanish and it will also not give its inauspicious effect on 11th house.

Fifth house is considered to be the house of progeny. In Lal Kitab the placement of Saturn in 5th house is not considered good and Saturn here has been given the name of child eater snake.

If this remedy is done, Saturn is not destroyed but its maleficence is warded off and its nature becomes auspicious. But now the question is the articles of 5th house Saturn ward off the evils and change the nature of Saturn if kept in temple, then will this remedy apply to all the inauspicious planets Will it change the nature of inauspicious planet if the signifying articles of those planets are kept in the temple?

Lal Kitab does not permit us to do this. We can’t apply the same type of remedy to every planet. We can give only those articles related to the planet which are related to the other house. Here the relation means the way to reach the house of religion.

The 10th aspect of Saturn placed in 5th house is on the 2nd house i.e. the house of religion and this aspect provides the way to reach there. This is why we can carry the articles signifying Saturn to the house of religion.

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If Saturn is placed in 9th house and is inauspicious then we can’t change its nature by keeping its article to the house of religion. There is a logic behind this also. 2nd house is sixth from the 9th house and Saturn does not have any aspect on 6th house from its placement. So here there is no way to reach the house of religion.

One more example is given for your understanding. If Sun is placed in 10th house then its article like copper coin should be flown in running water. The logic behind this remedy is that from the 10th house there is way to reach the 4th house because Sun aspects the 4th house from its placement in 10th house.

The significator article for 10th house here like copper coin if flown in the running water gives the strength of Moon to Sun in natural horoscope (Kal Purush Kundli) 4th house has Cancer sign which denotes water or you can say running water.

In the previous example we understood the remedy of Saturn if it is placed alone. Suppose if Moon is also placed with Saturn in the 5th house then the ’nature of remedy will change totally. The placement of Moon and Saturn together in any house is considered very inauspicious. If Saturn and Moon are together in any horoscope, it means that the Sadhesati is running by birth.

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In Lal Kitab Moon and Saturn together is called ’blind horse’ or floating house in river. Here blind horse has some specific meaning. No one can reach his destination riding on the blind horse.

Suppose someone has aspired to be officer in young age but due to this blind horse he could not achieve his goal or reach to his destination rather he reached somewhere else and has to adopt some other profession which is quite inferior.

To nullify the evil effect in the 5th house we will have to keep the significator articles of Mars and Saturn to the shop or locker. Almond signifies Saturn and Chhuhara signifies Mars. Keep both these articles in your shop or locker.

The secret behind this remedy is that the blind horse aspects the house of income i.e. 11th house and giving bad effect here. We can’t keep the significator articles of Moon and Saturn to the house of religion because Moon is not aspecting the house of religion i.e. the 2nd house.

It means that Moon has no way to reach the house of religion. Here we have used the article of Mars instead of Moon because Mars is the friend of Moon and Mars will save Moon from the bad effects of Saturn. We kept the significator articles of Mars-Saturn to the place of wealth or locker because the house of income i.e. 11th house has their aspect. Both these planets have their aspect on 11th house and 11th house is the house of treasure.


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Precautions for Lal Kitab

The remedies of Lal Kitab have enormous power but it is essential to refer the remedy with all precautions and analysis of the horoscope properly. Lal Kitab remedies require to be understood logically. Remedies of Lal Kitab can be understood in this manner :

  • According to Lal Kitab inauspicious planets should be destroyed or killed. Suppose inauspicious Venus is placed in 8th house. According to Lal Kitab the significator article of Venus is Sorghum (Jwar). If Jwar is buried under the earth after digging it then the Venus will die for the year if it has come to the 8th house in Varshphal.
  • Second method to ward off the inauspicious effect is to keep away that planet from yourself. If inauspicious Mars is placed in 12th house then sweets of jaggery & Sesame (Rewari) should be flown in running water. By doing so the inauspicious Mars will go away from you.
  • The third method is neither to destroy nor kill the planet but to change the evil and inauspicious nature of that planet. For example Rahu in 5th house gives bad effect to progeny. This effect can pose problems to the birth of son. In this condition, to destroy or keep away Rahu is not a good remedy. Here to change the nature of Rahu is proper. The significator article of Rahu is elephant. So if you keep the solid elephant made up of silver in your house it will ward off the inauspicious effect of Rahu.
  • The fourth method is to establish auspicious planet. For example suppose auspicious Moon is placed in 2nd house. In this condition the significator article of Moon which is old rice should be acquired by mother and keep it with yourself.
  • Fifth method is to end the fight of two inauspicious planets. Suppose Sun and Saturn are placed in 6th house. In order to get rid of evil effects caused by their mutual fight Mercury should be established there. In order to establish Mercury in the house flower should be planted in the house. Since Mercury is friendly to both Saturn and Sun it will help in ending their fight.
  • Sixth method is to make the planet auspicious by using two different significator objects of that planet. Suppose Venus is inauspicious in your horoscope. Two different significators of Venus are Jwar and Cow. If you feed the cow with the green plant of jwar then it will ward off the evil effects of Venus and Venus will start giving auspicious result.
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The remedies of Lal Kitab should be used cautiously. The right remedies solve all problems and give you all sorts of happiness and prosperity but the wrong method of remedy may act like poison for you. It means that the selection of right remedy works as nectar, in the same manner the wrong remedy acts as poison.

One instance is being presented here how the wrong remedy can be poisonous. There was a person who had a business related to iron. He had a factory where the articles of domestic utility were manufactured. All of a sudden one day the labours went on strike. The entire work came to stand still.

He was suggested by an astrologer to flow 12 bottles of wine in the running water. He performed this remedy. Very soon his entire business deteriorated substantially and came to the position of closer. This happened here because in his horoscope Saturn was in 11th house. This Saturn was the owner of business.

In the Varshphal Saturn was placed in the 6th house. This placement of Saturn is neither good nor bad. So Saturn should not be destroyed. The flowing of 12 bottles of wine into running water destroyed Saturn. 6th house is considered to be the house of labour so this remedy destroyed Saturn and the person had to suffer and the significator of the 6th house stopped all sources of income.

It has been suggested in Lal Kitab that if general remedy is not working °then the following remedies should be done with seriousness for 43 days continuously :

Inauspicious Mars - flow the sweets of seasame & jaggery (rewari of til gur) in running water.

Sun - flow jaggery (Gur) in running water.

Moon - Keep water or milk in your head side at night and pour it into the root of babool in the morning.

Saturn - Donate the pot of oil in which face is seen. In the morning massage your body with oil.

Venus - Donate cow or feed the cow with green jwar.

Auspicious Mars - Distribute sweets or feed the people with sweet articles.

Mercury - Flow pierced copper coin for 43 days continuously in running water.

Rahu - Keep raddish in your head side at night and donate it in the morning.

Ketu - Feed dogs with flour bread.

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