Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2022

The Year 2021 was full of uncertainties for most of us with lots of ups and downs in our lives. Health and career were the major concerns amongst others in the past year. People have faced more or less similar circumstances across the globe during the pandemic. Moreover natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and wild fire in different corners of the world have further ruined the peace around. Since every beginning brings a new hope so as the advent of New Year.

We all are eagerly waiting for the year 2022 with rays of hopes inside our hearts. As far as, a general overview of the year 2022 is concerned, scholars around the world have affirmed positive changes and auspicious results for all zodiac signs.

Dev guru Jupiter and prosperity

In astrological terms, Jupiter is a main karaka of fortune and happiness and since last 1 year it is staying in its debilitation sign of Capricorn. This was probably the main reason for economic slowdown and dip in immunity around the world. In April 2022, Jupiter will transit to the next sign leaving its debilitation sign behind. This move will bring big positive changes to different zodiac signs. People will witness career growth and improvement in health. The New Year will welcome new opportunities in life for all!

Transit of biggies like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in 2022

Known as the most malefic planets in astrology i.e. Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are about to change their house of transit in the first trimester of the year in the month of April. This is extremely important astrological phenomenon with many getting relief and many getting into troubles with their movement in the next house.

They three are slow planet with Saturn being the slowest and the most influential as it stays in a sign for about 2.5 years causing long lasting effects in a native’s life. It gives complete turnover to the personality and the related significations of the house of stay in a native’s chart. The movement of Saturn in relation to natal Moon causes sadhe saati and dhaiya in a person’s life that is known to bring most prominent results in a native’s life.

On the other hand, shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu known as the most merciless or most benevolent for some will also change signs or houses. They stay in a sign for 1.5 years and bring significant changes in a person’s life too. They will bring auspicious and inauspicious results to people belonging to different zodiac signs as per their relations and associations in their respective natal charts.

So, with the transit of the most influential and long stay planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, the year 2022 is sure to bring significant results in various aspects of life. The coming year 2022 will certainly bring noticeable results for almost everyone in the world.

General astrological interpretations for all Zodiac Signs

Astrology is completely based on mathematical calculations and related interpretations. It is far from superstition as most people believe it to be. It is a science based technique to know future in advance to make due preparations for any adversity likely to arise. Our Karmas and behavior play the key role in reaping good or bad results in our life. However, the native will get results depending upon his natal placements but in general we may sum up the results for different zodiac signs as follows. Read on..


In the year 2022, you may expect financial gains and name recognition but at the same time you will have to work hard for the same. There might be dissatisfaction regarding your physical appearance and marital relations due to work load. But in all, the New Year will bring monetary gains for you. You are advised to stick to your present job or work without showing any desperation for some other work as presence of Ketu in the seventh house will attract you towards a change in job.

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Taurus ascendants will witness significant changes in their business and profession which will bring long term gains for them. Yogkaraka Saturn will bless the natives with its stay in the tenth house. They may expect name, fame, career growth and benefits due to father. However, unforeseen expenditures may trouble you throughout the year. Post-October things will become more conducive for overall prosperity. Some important event from the maternal side may cause harm to you.

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For Gemini natives, the New Year will bring in a new start for most of them. You tend to prosper with every passing month and the luck will favor you throughout the year. Competitors may raise an eye brow at your achievements but you will over power them. Your strong determination will help you to overcome any undesirable situation. You will make tremendous gains through hard work and diplomacy. However, kids may be cause of concern for the coming year.

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For Cancer natives, coming year may bring focus to career, property and business predominantly. Change of location for dwelling or for work purpose is possible too. There might be disharmony in the matters related to the mother and peace at home. Many of you may think to establish foreign work relations. Career wise the year will bring bad to normal results. The year demands abundant amount of hard work and planning in order to succeed in business.

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2022 is going to bring immense courage to Leo natives which they will utilize to u pgrade your life style. You will bring focus to action rather than planning which will bring in desired results. There may be disharmony in the marital relations starting from the month of May . You are advised to stay mindfully aware of your actions as any decision in haste may invite troubles for you.

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For Virgo natives, the year 2022 may not bring noble results and the natives have to face health troubles throughout the year. The year will remain full of twists and turns bringing good and bad results turn by turn. Therefore, in the coming year 2022, Virgo natives are suggested to maintain a low profile and avoid any decisions in haste. You should consult an expert or anyone you trust before taking any important decision related to your professional and personal life.

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The year 2022 will bring promising results for Libra natives. Luck will favor you for whatever you undertake in the coming year. There would be enhancement in creativity and intelligence bringing best results for you. There might be disharmony in marital relations though. One needs to remain extra conscious about your health.

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For Scorpions, the year 2022 will bring promised success in their career or business. Work load may give you stressed period which you need to tackle wisely. Foreign relations may bring benefits too. All you need to do is to keep calm and perform meditation to maintain peace of mind. Your boldness will help you reap desired results.

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The year 2022 will bring financial stability for the Sagittarius natives with focus on hard work and determination in work. There would be harmony in marital relations and daily work routine. You are advised not to make any important decisions regarding property without consulting an expert. The coming year will bring stable financial growth for the natives.

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The ascendant Lord Saturn will bring prosperity in terms of savings and family life. The coming year will be filled with air of relaxation and efficiency. A sense of joy and cheerfulness will prevail. You should remain extra careful while taking any investment decisions. Some may settle abroad as well.

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The year 2022 talks of harmony and peace for Aquarius natives. You would remain social and spread joy wherever you go. Your generous behavior will attract everyone towards you bringing success and fame to you. You will feel enthusiastic towards your goals and will achieve them successfully.

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A feeling of frustration and lethargy may set in the New Year for Pisces natives. You may spend exorbitantly in the coming year so take care of unnecessary demands. There may prevail disharmony in family life but at the same time you may buy some vehicle or property. There are chances of thefts & serious injuries. Consider taking good health & insurance plans.

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