Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Aries

For Aries natives, the year 2022 will prove to be a beneficial year in terms of career and business growth. There would be windfall gains through work and the native will get recognition in their field of work. We may summarize the effects as follows:

Wealth prospects for the Aries natives in the year 2022

  • In the beginning of the year 2022, the ascendant Lord Mars will be transiting in the ninth house of fortunes for Aries natives. This placement in the bhagya sthaan right in the beginning of the year talks of generous support of luck for Aries natives throughout the year.
  • Saturn is the tenth Lord for Aries natives and in the beginning of the year 2022; it will remain in tenth house only. This is a good position as Saturn here is strengthening career prospects but at the same time demands lots of discipline and hard work.
  • In April 2022, Saturn will transit to its mooltrikona sign i.e. Aquarius which falls in the eleventh house of the Aries zodiac. Eleventh house is a house of gains and Saturn here in its mooltrikona sign will endow the natives with abundance in terms of financial gains and recognition.
  • The transit of Saturn in eleventh house from the ascendant is considered good and since it is in its mooltrikona sign, the transit will bring even more beneficial results to the natives.

Removal of all miseries for Aries natives

  • You will defeat your enemies and win any competition. Your performance at the work place will be excellent and all your colleagues and competitors will praise you for your skills.
  • Health will remain good throughout. However unbalanced diet should be taken care of.
  • If you were facing any litigation then you may expect a win in that legal case. The outcome will be in your favor.
  • If you were planning for marriage of kids then the kids may get married.
  • Saturn will help you succeed in every task you undertake.
  • Your leadership qualities will get sharpened and you will get full support of your subordinates.
  • You will feel relaxed and miseries which were following earlier will decline considerably.
  • The contribution of your family and friends will play a significant role in making your life progressive. With their support and blessings you will be able to fulfill every ambition of yours.

Mixed results of devguru Jupiter for Aries natives in the year 2022

  • In the beginning of the year, Jupiter in the eleventh house will enhance financial status and bring recognition to the natives. The Aries natives will remain infused with wisdom and intelligent thoughts. Their benevolent act will earn them name and fame. They will get good news from the side of their children as well.
  • In April, Jupiter will transit in the twelfth house in its own sign Pisces. Here it will bring mixed results to the natives.
  • Jupiter in twelfth house may bring mixed results and will cause natives to spend for good causes like charity, education, religious matters, donations to priests etc.
  • You may also plan long distance travel which will prove beneficial in the long run and will bring happiness.
  • However, Jupiter in twelfth brings mental stress and obstructions in auspicious causes or work but since it is in its own sign, the negative results will be reduced considerably.
  • There is a strong yoga of buying immovable property this year for Aries natives. Those waiting to buy their new house may now see their dream come true. Your younger sibling may support you in taking such decision.
  • Those working in occult field will be blessed with wisdom of devguru brihaspati and they will even perform better in their fields. While others may find inclination towards learning occult or pursuing some research work.
  • You may also have to spend on medical treatment of someone elderly in the family. Health of father needs to be taken care of too.

The mighty Rahu and its resultant effects for Aries natives

  • There is another important transit in the year 2022 which is a transit of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu will come in the first house of Aries native in April 2022 which is not good for the personality of Aries natives. Rahu in the ascendant will give a diplomatic approach to the natives and they may try or adopt any means to fulfill their selfish motives even if it comes at the cost of deceiving others.
  • You may employ deceitful and false methods to accomplish your goals which you are advised to control.
  • In the beginning of the year 2022, Rahu will remain in the second house of wealth where you must have noticed sharpness in your speech and tendency to tell lies. Now since it is transiting in the twelfth from it, you are advised to take care of your undue expenses as well.
  • There might be troubles in love relations after March in 2022. So, the natives are advised to handle their love matters softly.
  • Students may also face distractions and lack of focus in studies which may be rectified by reciting Ram Raksha Stotram. This will help to do away the negative effects of Rahu at the fifth house.
  • You might feel a shift in your religious inclinations and there might be differences with father as well. Since you know it in advance it is advisable to avoid such situations.
  • Work load may also cause troubles in marital relations as you may end up giving no time to your family. This might be the cause of concern and you are advised to maintain balance in your work life and family life.

Financial aspects of Aries native sin the year 2022

  • The beginning of the year will not give any scarcity of funds as per the yearly finance horoscope for Aries. But senseless and undesired expenses may give you hard time.
  • April and July will bring good economic benefits.
  • You may also take some loan or borrow money towards the end of the year. You are advised to avoid it as it may become troublesome for you to repay that loan.
  • In the midst of the year, you will get benefits from foreign contacts. Your expenses may increase in February. The middle of the year may pose challenges with several planets going retrograde and may cause obstacles in work. It is mandatory to observe patience.
  • Many will travel abroad which will add to their happiness.
  • Too much materialistic approach towards life and mindless running after money should be avoided to lead a peaceful life.
  • There are chances of new opportunities and transfer in job as well.
  • Don’t over trust people at the work place as it may bring harm to you.
  • You may get in contacts with people at faraway places for work related purpose.
  • Avoid lending money to anyone as per the career report for Aries.

Health aspects for Aries natives in the year 2022

  • Health for Aries natives may remain little feeble in the beginning of the year due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.
  • However health will improve after February, you will maintain good life style to improve your health afterwards.
  • You are advised to keep a keen eye on your intake of food and refrain from oily and calories packed food. Since Jupiter in twelfth may increase health troubles but any wisdom applied will save you from undesirable situation.
  • Health troubles like indigestion, boils and pimples, diabetes, blood pressure and bone related diseases may crop up.
  • Drive with utmost care especially in the beginning of the year as Rahu’s aspect may create problems. The year is beneficial for your health.

Overall it is going to be a prosperous year for Aries natives. Their wealth and recognition in the society will be enhanced to a great extent with several foreign work opportunities in hand. These folks will be in the highest numbers amongst those flying abroad for work and leisure. The year 2022 is a great year for those belonging to Aries zodiac!



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