Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Scorpio

Scorpio natives may expect a blissful year with lots of opportunities in their work field in the year 2022. The transit of major planets in auspicious houses will bless the Scorpio natives with choicest blessings in the year 2022. In few words we can say that Scorpio are amongst those zodiac signs that are going to reap great benefits in the year 2022.

Sudden events will benefit the natives with little bit of obstacles their way. As every coin has two sides, natives have to undergo few challenges as well which we have enumerated in this yearly horoscope. Read on to know what you may expect from the Year 2022.

Whenever we see the broader picture in terms of predictions, we tend to analyze the transit and associations of four influential planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

These four planets stay in a house or sign for longer durations and thus bring long term effects in our lives.

It is very important to understand their results in the coming time as if they are placed nicely other planets like Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus also bring good results every now and then with their transits. Let’s understand the movements of these biggies in the New Year.

The effects of Jupiter’s transit in 2022 for Scorpio

The year 2022 can broadly be divided into two parts, one part being from January- mid April and the other falling from mid April - December. The reason behind this categorization is the transit of four major planets in the month of April. This has added a lot of astrological importance to the year 2022.

  • In the beginning of the year 2022, the second and fifth Lord Jupiter will remain in the fourth house of the zodiac. This is a wonderful placement for Jupiter as here it will bless the natives with abundant opportunities in their field of work or occupation. The natives will enjoy peaceful environment at home with considerable improvement in their career. They may also invest in property, land or vehicles. Health of the mother will improve considerably too if she was facing any health issues.
  • The natives may get inclinations towards occultism and research based subjects. They may face sudden obstacles too but that will subside soon with the help of the aspect of Jupiter on the eighth house. However, one has to be careful with eating habits as that may lead to weight gain and other fat related troubles.
  • Those engaged in Export-Import business will be benefitted too.
  • However, initial months may bring some troubles from the side of children but later after April 2022, you will receive good news from their side.
  • The natives are required to keep a strict check on their expenses as Jupiter’s aspect on the house of expenses may lead to big expenses though on good causes. Alternatively, you may spend on medication of elders or education of your own children.
  • The time is suitable for students as well and in fact from 13th April the students will perform extraordinary well in their studies and exams. Jupiter in its own rashi in the fifth house will improve the potential of the students exorbitantly. And those who were trying luck to go abroad to study may succeed as well.
  • Jupiter in mid year will strengthen the luck and fortune of the Scorpio natives. The mid of the year 2022 will fulfill all their wishes followed by great prosperity. The natives will get spiritual and religious inclinations with great interest in charities and donations. Many of them may go on a religious trip too. The placement is excellent for the development and recognition of the father as well.
  • Mid April may bring marriage proposals for those awaiting marriage. Those awaiting child will also hear good news.
  • There would be happiness from the children in the mid year and they will make you proud with their achievements.
  • Gains from share market and speculations are also likely.
  • Now, as we move on to May 2022, the conjunctions of planet Mars with planet Jupiter in the house of gains will further improve your monetary status. So, the month of May 2022 is the best month to start new business or invest in property. The Scorpio 2022 horoscope states that any kind of investment or business venture that you initiate during this month will bring you excellent results.
  • However, long term investments should be avoided in the month of October in 2022 as Mercury may cause losses in investment during this period.
  • The year will make you get engaged in auspicious occasions at home or in family.
  • The natives will get social recognition and money gains through Jupiter’s aspect at the eleventh house which promises financial gains and benefits from network of friends.
  • Jupiter will endow lots of blessings on the natives in terms of finance, health, wealth, education, love life and social recognition. Overall, Jupiter in the year 2022 will bring tremendous happiness in your life.

The effects of Saturn’s transit in 2022 for Scorpio

  • Saturn is the lord of 3rd and 4th house for Scorpio natives. In the beginning of the year, Saturn will be staying in the third house of Scorpio zodiac. Saturn in the third house from lagna or rashi is considered good and it is even better in its own sign. From last two years Scorpio natives were noticing improvement in their courage and it will continue for the initial months of the year. The natives will work harder in a disciplined way to achieve their goals.
  • However, some troubles with the siblings and friends may occur but that would not be of serious kind as the planet is in its own sign.
  • Those involved in work that generally require a slow pace like those of construction work will accomplish their goals nicely but otherwise it may cause delays in work.
  • On 29th April 2022, Saturn will transit into fourth house in its mooltrikona sign Aquarius. Saturn in fourth house is not considered good but since it is in its mooltrikona sign it will bestow good results here also.
  • You may buy some piece of land or property with Saturn placed here in the fourth house.
  • Saturn’s aspect on lagna may give stress related to significations of fourth house i.e. mother, land and vehicles.
  • Saturn may cause little disturbance in domestic peace after 29th April 2022. The natives who are undergoing Saturn’s dasha/antardasha may be affected in greater manner.
  • Saturn will diminish diseases, competitors and debts this year. Your competitors may try to harm you but will not succeed this year.
  • Saturn may also cause problems in career and business. Thus Saturn and Jupiter will bring combined influence for your career but overall it will remain good.

The effects of Rahu’s transit in 2022 for Scorpio

  • Rahu in seventh house in the beginning of the year till 12th April may cause disharmony in marital relations.
  • There might be arguments with the business partner as well.
  • Rahu will transit in sixth house in Aries on 12th April 2022. Here it will cause problems in career and job. It may bring sudden diseases and enemies. There might be increase in debts as well.
  • Ketu in lagna in the beginning of the year may make you aggressive and argumentative.
  • Later after 12th April in 12th house, Ketu may cause health troubles and chances of hospitalization may also occur.

Finance Horoscope 2022

The finance horoscope 2022 for Scorpio is a strong area where natives may expect considerable improvement. Jupiter this year is all about giving and giving related to all aspects of life. Jupiter will play highly auspicious role this year but with minor afflictions of Saturn some ups and downs may be witnessed. But overall this would prove a great financial year. However, natives are advised to keep their expenses in control throughout the year.

Career Horoscope 2022

According to career horoscope 2022, the year will prove auspicious for your career. Your devotion, determined efforts, and hard work will go a long way in giving new heights in your career. Things will even become better after April when Jupiter will aspect the 10th house of profession from the fifth house. Your colleagues or competitors may however create problems but that will be handled with ease. Scorpio natives may expect new business ventures and other work related opportunities this year which will benefit you in long run. The second half of the year will be more prosperous for you than the first one. People who wish to change their jobs may land in for better opportunities and pay hikes.

Education Horoscope 2022

Jupiter in fifth house will create saraswati yoga for the students this year. Students will outshine in their academic performance and those involved in education business will make tremendous gains through the use of their intellect and knowledge. Those aspiring to go abroad for higher studies will succeed too. Saturn will also help to excel in any competitive exam with ease. Overall it is a wonderful year for the students.

Health Horoscope 2022

Health may need a check from time to time this year. Since there would be work load stress is likely which is needed to be tackled properly. There are high possibilities that mental stress and sickness may trouble you if are not properly taken care of. With third Lord in comfortable position lousiness and laziness may come from within. Furthermore, proper diet and regular exercise may keep you away from distressed health this year.

Love Horoscope 2022

The year 2022 will prove a blissful year for strengthening your love and marital bonds. Love relations will bloom with better understanding and wisdom in relations. Those awaiting marriage may find their soul mates this year. This is a year of strong love relations for Scorpio natives. Many may turn their love relations into marriage as well with the blessings of Jupiter this year. But Rahu may cause problems in married life of the couples so married couples are advised to handle any adverse situations wisely.



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