Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Leo

For Leo natives, the year 2022 will prove to be a year full of financial prosperity and gains through immovable properties. Devguru Brihaspati will shower prosperity on your house of wealth and domestic bliss. Natives will see noticeable growth in their careers. Obstacles too are part of life which will arise amidst prosperity too but your inner strength will help you overcome that with utmost ease.

There are nine planets in Vedic astrology and each of them exert significant influence on our lives with their movements in the sky. Big planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu influence lives more than other planets as they stay in a sign for longer duration and give long lasting effects. Whenever we tend to see how a year for a particular zodiac native will go, we tend to analyze the transits of these biggies mainly. Other small planets just support these biggies in giving good or bad results with their short stay in a specific house or rashi.

Let’s understand what effects these influential planets will bring in Leo natives’ lives:

The effect of Jupiter’s transit for Leo natives:

  • In the beginning of the year, Jupiter will remain in the seventh house of the zodiac where it will bless the natives with harmonious marital relations and sound business relations.
  • The natives will make handsome monetary gains with social recognition in the beginning three months i.e. Jan- March of 2022.
  • The natives will be endowed with sound health and there would be sufficient increase in the courage of the natives in the beginning as well.
  • In April 2022, Jupiter will transit into the eighth house of the zodiac where it will be in its own sign. Thus the natives may expect gains through inheritance and sudden and unexpected gains.
  • Students may find it hard to focus after Jupiter lands into the eighth house i.e. after March.
  • Love relations may give you hard time and there are chances of disharmony in love relations with Jupiter in the eighth house.
  • There might be problems on the part of kids and they may be your cause of concern for this period.
  • Jupiter in the eighth house will also make strong yoga for buying property, vehicles and land.
  • Mother will enjoy sound health and peace will prevail in the family life.
  • You may spend on auspicious causes and there might be an auspicious event in the family.
  • You may also have to spend on medication of elderly people in the family.

The effects of Saturn’s transit for Leo natives:

  • In the beginning of the year, Saturn in sixth house in its own sign is winning over enemies, diseases, competitors and debts.
  • The position is good for those involved in job or service. There are chances of promotions and pay hikes.
  • After September, 2022, there are good chances of success and you will have to work hard to avail them.
  • In April, Saturn will come into seventh house where it will be forming shasha yoga. This is highly auspicious yoga and is known to bring good results in business.
  • Retrogression of Saturn may bring disappointments in mid of the year. You have to take it with a pinch of salt.
  • Retrograde Saturn in sixth house in July may offend your co- workers.
  • You might be troubled with air related diseases in your body. Other issues like swelling in eyes, blurred vision or headache may crop up too.
  • Delays in work may lead to anger and frustration.

The effects of Rahu’s transit for Leo natives:

  • Rahu will be in the tenth house of profession and recognition. Here Rahu will help the natives to get name and fame though through away from normal course.
  • People in politics will be benefitted a lot in the beginning of the year.
  • Rahu will transit into the ninth house of the zodiac in April where it may bring decline in religious inclinations.
  • Father’s health needs a concern and you are advised to talk sweetly with your love of life.
  • Students again will find it difficult to put focus on studies.
  • The natives will make gains through innovative and out of the box ideas.

Love Horoscope Leo 2022

For love and relationship, the year will prove ordinaryas per yearly love horoscope of Leo. The middle of the year will bring satisfactory results for love relations but retrogression of planets will not make it stay for long. The year will bring ups and downs in married life too.Your spouse may face health troubles which may ruin harmony in relations.

Finance Horoscope Leo 2022

For the natives of Leo zodiac, New Year 2022 will prove moderate for financial aspect. Saturn will make room for huge expenses in the beginning of the year which you have to control. At the same time Jupiter will remove any obstructions coming your way. The middle of the year is good for finance. During this phase many new opportunities will come to you which will strengthen your economic conditions. Think twice before making long term investments and take professional help. Short-terms investments will not do any harm. You may also borrow money to buy property which you may repay with ease. You are destined to win over any legislation this year. You will come in contact with influential people which may bring positive influence on your personality. The year demands strict control on expenses and wise decisions regarding long term investments.

Career Horoscope Leo 2022

For those Leo natives who are employed or working in a job, the year will prove excellent. Planets are supportive for employed people though they have to face competition and work load with consistent stress. The starting of the year will bring promotions and salary hike. After this, the middle of the year will remain normal and then again you will earn nicely towards the end of the year. Your colleague and boss will remain in your favor throughout.

For self employed or business people, foreign contacts will bring good results. You will earn nicely through them. Import and Export will bring huge profits. From a business point of view, the middle of the year will be excellent. Some minor issues may arise but will be subsided in time. New business deals and opportunitieswill benefit the natives as per the career horoscope of Leo for the year 2022.

Mercury retrogression in the beginning of the year say till March requires you to take care while signing any documents or while carrying any formal communication. Invest wisely in shares, gold-silver or property as there are chances of deceit.

Health Horoscope Leo 2022

For Leo natives, however the health will remain fine throughout but the natives are required to take care of their eating habits. Stomach and kidney-related ailments may create troubles. Take care of health and don’t ignore any kind of health disparities. The middle of the year will be good as compare to the beginning months of the year for health of the natives. Health will remain in the best conditions towards the end of the year. Take nutritious diet and follow daily exercise regime. Blood related problems may also crop up with those with weak natal Mars.

Education Horoscope Leo 2022

Students may face challenges and troubles in academics this year. As the effect of Rahu at the fifth house may bring decline in academic results. However natal placements of the native will play its role but in general terms the year is not apprehensive of good academic performance. Jupiter, the fifth Lord will also transit into the eighth house of the zodiac which further will bring down success in educational pursuits.



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