Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Gemini

The year 2022 will bring hopes to many and Gemini natives are amongst those zodiac signs which are going to make decent gains this year.

There are nine planets in Vedic astrology and each of these affect us with their current movements in the sky. They put considerable effects on various aspects of life and give us good or bad results accordingly.

The Moon, the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus are fast moving planets which affect us for shorter duration while Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu stay in a house and sign for longer duration bringing significant results in life.

They bring long term effects in life and exert considerable influence on our lives.

The transit effects of Jupiter for Gemini natives in the year 2022:

In the beginning of the year 2022, Devguru Jupiter will stay in the ninth house of the zodiac from January 1 to April 13, 2022. For Gemini natives, Jupiter is their seventh and tenth Lord. The transit of seventh lord in the ninth house will certainly bring great results. The tenth lord in ninth though makes dharmkarmadhipati yoga but gives change in job or profession too. Ninth house is a house of fortunes and Jupiter’s presence here which is considered the most benevolent planet in Astrology is an excellent position. Scholars have considered the transit of Jupiter in the ninth house of any zodiac a favorable position which is known to enhance luck of the native. Here it cast its aspect on first, third and fifth house. The aspects of Jupiter are considered the most beneficial aspects so it will bring good results related to these three houses as well. We may assume following benefits through Jupiter’s position in the ninth house for Gemini ascendants or rashi:

  • Enhancement of luck
  • Success in all endeavors
  • Religious and spiritual inclinations
  • Marriage and other auspicious tasks in the family
  • Birth of children or grand children
  • Attainment of fame and recognition
  • Attainment of financial prosperity
  • Gains and support from siblings
  • Long distance travels especially for religious purpose
  • Benefits to father in terms of financial gains and social recognition
  • Gain of intellect and wisdom
  • Excellent academic performance for students
  • Learning new skills
  • Higher education
  • Harmonious marital relations
  • Gains from foreign connections
  • Gains in Export - Import dealings
  • Flourishing business partnerships

April 13 - till end of the year 2022

After 13 April, Jupiter will transit in Aquarius and the tenth house of Gemini zodiac. Jupiter in tenth house is however not considered good by astrology scholars but since Jupiter here will be in its own sign Pisces, it will render good results. All planets give good results in their own rashi and the tenth house is the strongest house of a horoscope, so, Jupiter will give good results here regarding the specifications of the tenth house. The natives may expect these results:

  • Job transfer or change in profession
  • Good opportunities in career and profession
  • Social recognition
  • Leadership skills
  • Progress in career and financial status
  • Gains from property, vehicle and land
  • Peaceful relations with family
  • Increased earnings
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Health troubles like stomach ailments

28th July - 23rd November : Jupiter will turn retrograde and may cause delay in work, promotion and attainment of career goals. Natives are suggested to plan and act accordingly.

The transit effects of Saturn for Gemini natives in the year 2022:

From the beginning of the year till 29th April 2022, the Saturn will stay in the eighth house. It is transiting in the eighth house since last two years and has troubled the natives with obstacles and hurdles in every aspect of life. Since Saturn is ninth Lord and its placement in the eighth house doesn’t speak good. But at the same time, it is in its own sign and will be moving to the ninth house in its mooltrikona sign on 29 th April which will bring fortunes to Gemini natives.

Saturn in eighth house may give benefits of longevity, gains through inheritance and insurance. In the eighth house a person gets sudden results.

29th April - 12th July : Saturn in the ninth house will bestow luck on natives.

12th July - 23rd October : Saturn will again come back to eighth house which again is not a very good period. Natives are advised to take utmost care while taking any important decisions during these dates.

The transit effects of Rahu for Gemini natives in the year 2022:

Rahu will transit into the eleventh house of Gemini ascendants in April which is considered good from financial gains point of view. Rahu is an important planet in kaliyuga and bestows sharpness and cleverness to the native, required to survive in today’s time. Its transit in the eleventh house will bring money gains and recognition though from away from normal means. Overall, it is a beneficial condition for money and other materialistic gains.

The transit effects of Ascendant Lord Mercury for Gemini natives in the year 2022:

Since Mercury is the ascendant Lord and it stays in a sign for around a month or so depending upon its speed and retrogression. Its transit influence will make the natives feel good and bad effects throughout the year. Our expert astrologers have calculated year long transit of ascendant Lord Mercury and have summarized the results below so that the natives may plan their year accordingly:

1st January - 6th March 2022 : Ascendant lord Mercury will be in the eighth house along with Saturn in the beginning of the year. Here It will become retrograde on 14 th of January and will get combust on 17th January. It will cause delays in work here but gain through inheritance is possible. The presence of Sun here will make room for more hard work but results will not be satisfactory. Natives may avoid taking any important decision during these dates. Venus and Mars will transit in this house as well during Mercury’s stay here. The natives may expect:

  • Decline in health
  • Health troubles to Mother
  • Delays and obstructions in sale-purchase of land, vehicle and property
  • Loss of concentration in studies
  • Fines or govt. related troubles
  • Property in inheritance
  • Problems in foreign business
  • Problems to those involved in politics
  • Bandhan yoga for those indulged in illegal activities
  • Problems in love relations
  • Worries through kids

However Mars here will give good results like:

  • Win over enemies and competitors
  • Paying off loans
  • Win in a legal case

6th March - 24th April 2022 - Mercury’s transit will give excellent results here. During these dates, the ascendant Lord Mercury will bestow promotion in career, prosperity and strength to the natives. The natives may expect:

  • Gains through media, publication, teaching, vehicles, property and land
  • Social recognition and monetary gains
  • Beneficial foreign travels
  • Higher education
  • Spiritual activities
  • Excellent for father’s promotion and health
  • Mother’s health will remain good
  • Gains to and through siblings
  • Gains through media and computer industry
  • Gains through mass media
  • Gains through government sector and govt. authorities

This is a good period to plan for long term investments and take any decisions related to sale and purchase of property.

24th April - 2nd July : Mercury in twelfth house in Taurus sign may not give good results. The natives may expect:

  • Foreign travels
  • Foreign settlement
  • Bad health
  • Arguments with siblings
  • Change of location
  • Eye troubles
  • Exorbitant expenses on luxuries and otherwise
  • Keep good conduct else troubles may arise

2nd July - 13th November 2022 : the ascendant Lord will transit through first to fifth houses of the zodiac bringing good results to the natives. The natives may expect:

  • Gains through intelligence and hard work
  • Gains through media, brokerage, vehicle, teaching
  • Happiness from family
  • Gains through govt. officers
  • Short travels
  • Gains in property, vehicle and land
  • Good education prospects
  • Expenses

13th November - 3rd December, 2022 - Mercury in sixth house will give mixed results but is definitely good for job and service. The natives may expect stomach problems, litigation troubles and enmity here.

3rd December - the End of the Year - Mercury and Venus in the seventh house will bestow rajyoga and the natives may expect:

  • Mercury and Venus conjunction here makes laxmi narayan yoga in the seventh house.
  • Excellent for marital relations
  • Abundant luxuries in life
  • Great for foreign relations and daily work
  • Reunion from partner
  • Excellent for business and trade

All three major planets are in favor of Gemini folks this year and the natives may expect good results throughout. When major planets are in favor then small planets too give good results through their transits under the influence of the auspicious big planets.



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