Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Virgo

The year 2022 will begin with great hopes and wishes for many of us as almost all big and influential planets are changing place in the year 2022. The world is facing lots of hardships since past two years and constant retrogression of the big planets like Jupiter and Saturn are primarily responsible for ups and downs we suffered in these years. The pandemic and resultant economic slowdown has put all of us to look towards betterment in the New Year.

Every ascendant is affected differently by the movements of the planets and natal placements and running dasha of an individual also play a key role in deciding the specific effect for that particular individual. However, we may know the general effects on each ascendant through movements of all planets called transit in astrology. Let’s understand how the coming year will be like for Virgo natives.

The year 2022 will begin with Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpion and all other planets will remain in between the axis of these two nodes which creates kaal sarp yoga. The yoga is known to create hurdles in life and is responsible for bad health. This somewhere hints no relief of the pandemic at least in the beginning of the year. As far as Virgo is concerned it is a sensitive sign that talks of caring and loving nature. They generally face lot of interference from outsiders in their personal lives. Ascendant Lord for Virgo i.e. Mercury and Sun generally remains together. For Virgo natives, the twelfth Lord Sun affects the Lagna Lord every now and then. The Virgo natives have sweet voice and they speak softly with everyone. A common problem faced by them is discord in marital life through external interferences.

The year 2022 will give mixed results to Virgo natives and their main emphasis will remain on maintaining harmony in their marital relations this year. The year will pose threats in terms of business and marital life but at the same time will give solutions to the problems and ways to come out any difficult situation. For Virgo natives, the transit of the influential planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will bring significant changes like other ascendants. Mainly after April, the natives have to remain ready for challenges or struggles but at the same time Jupiter’s grace will save the natives and help them to overcome these obstacles easily.

The effects of Jupiter’s transit on Virgo in 2022

  • In the beginning of the year, Jupiter will be staying in the sixth house of the zodiac. Jupiter is the fourth lord for Virgo natives and its stay in Aquarius sign and the sixth house is certain to bring success in job and career.
  • The natives will win over their competitors and it would be easier to take loans if anyway needed to buy property.
  • Gains through property, land, vehicles and education will come to you in considerable amount.
  • Jupiter is a seventh lord and its stay in the sixth is not considered good for married life. The married couples may face ego problems and their might be arguments on trivial matters.
  • Mother’s health needs to be taken care of too.
  • Jupiter in sixth house will give excellent results in career and job.
  • Promotions and salary hike may be received by employed people.
  • But at the same time, there might be increment in loans and diseases as well.
  • 13th April 2022- On the auspicious day of baisakhi festival, Jupiter will transit into its own sign Pisces which falls in the seventh house of the zodiac. Here the planet will give mixed results.
  • Placed in Kendra in its own sign it will create bhadra yoga which is an auspicious yoga and gives good results.
  • In seventh house, the Jupiter will facilitate marriage of those awaiting it as a vivahyoga is formed.
  • Increment in business and gains through foreign business, profession and business partnership is foreseen.
  • The natives will get new opportunities in their business and they are likely to crack new and beneficial deals.
  • The seventh house is a house of rivals also, so, Jupiter here will strengthen enemies and rivals too. They may be the cause of trouble for you.
  • Chances of defeat in legislation cases are also there during this year after mid April.
  • Enemies will become stronger, so, the natives are advised to not to involve in heated arguments and fights with anyone in the last part of the year.
  • Not very good for married life but since in its own sign so not much destruction is expected.
  • Jupiter’s aspect on eleventh house will help to make gains through business network and social contacts.
  • Its aspect on Lagna will help to get name-fame and recognition for the natives.
  • Its aspect on sahaj bhava i.e. the third house will attract siblings’ support and love. Friends and siblings will remain in your favor regarding any matter.
  • Short fruitful travels are possible.
  • Gains through media, publication, agriculture, land, buildings, vehicles and education are possible.

The effects of Rahu’s transit on Virgo natives in 2022

  • On 12th April 2022, Rahu will transit into the eighth house of Virgo natives. It will remain in the ninth house in the beginning of the year. In ninth house it will be in the sign of Taurus where it is assumed to be exalted by some scholars. Rahu remains calm in the sign of Venus.
  • In the ninth house, Rahu will enhance fortune and bring gains through Import- Export or foreign trade.
  • Here in ninth house, Rahu also gives sudden gains.
  • There are chances of disinterest in religious and spiritual activities.
  • When Rahu will come in 8th house on April 2022, it will create new challenges and obstacles in work. It is also not considered good for health as well.
  • Here in eighth house, kaalsarp yoga will even become more effective and gives troubles as well.
  • Rahu here creates loss in wealth, health and recognition. Natives tend to earn bad name through illicit means and unnecessary arguments.
  • Legal cases may cause trouble too.
  • Rahu in eighth house will enhance its significations of miseries, obstructions, delays and sudden gains or losses.
  • Rahu punishes natives for his/her deeds as per the indication of Saturn. When in eighth house it will make shadaashtak yoga with Saturn i.e. it will remain in six-eight position from each other. This is not considered good for overall growth.
  • Natives may expect challenges towards mid of the year 2022. However Jupiter will save the natives but malefics will play their roles too.

The effects of Saturn’s transit on Virgo natives in 2022

  • In the beginning of the year, Saturn will be in the fifth house of the zodiac. Here Saturn will bring good news from kids. The children of the native will perform well in studies.
  • Students too will do well academically. Those involved in research work and Law will do extremely well.
  • After that Saturn will transit into the sixth house in April where it will bring stability in career.
  • Promotions and salary hike are expected.
  • At the same time there would be increment in diseases, loans or debts.
  • During Saturn’s stay in sixth and Rahu in eighth, the lagana and seventh house will remain in paap kartri yoga which is not considered good for health and also create obstacles and struggles in life.
  • The natives are likely to be suffered through bandhan yoga and bad name. so, one should stay away from illegal means of carrying business during this duration.
  • Jupiter’s aspect on lagna will drag the natives out of any negative situation and help to retain self dignity. The situation will be more troublesome for those undergoing dasha or antardasha of rahu and Saturn during this phase.
  • Rahu and Ketu in 6-8axis will give and take back money or other gains.

The effects of Mercury’s transit on Virgo natives in the year 2022

  • Mercury is the ascendant Lord and its transit through different houses keeps an important place in narrating the yearly horoscope of Virgo natives.
  • In the first three months: Mercury will form conjunction with the Sun, Venus and Mars at the auspicious places which indicates gains in career and business. Natives may make profits in share market and speculation business but at the same time they are advised not to take too much risk due to the presence of Sun and Saturn together in the fifth house during April. Kids may give troubles or may face some difficulties in studies. The natives may also earn through sports, art, culture, entertainment etc. too.
  • The natives will make abundant gains through career and foreign relations but married life has to be tackled with care.
  • Mid months are not good for health as well and theer are chances of argument with someone in the family. However it is excellent period for gains through career and business as Mercury and Venus will be forming laxmi narayan yoga for virgo natives in the month of July. The natives will achieve recognition from hard work and their efforts will be praised all over by colleagues and their boss.
  • Those involved in Export-Import business will gain abundantly too.
  • Inclinations towards religious activities may decline.
  • The end of the year will bring abundant money gains but problems in family life would be there. The year is good for finance but moderate for family relations. End of the year will bring considerable benefits for the natives. Natives may add Cow’s raw milk in bathing water to do away with ill effects of Rahu.

In a nutshell, the beginning of the year is better for the Virgo natives than the mid months of the year. The natives are advised to avoid any kind of long term investment plans during mid months of the year for Virgo natives. The end months starting from October-December will be auspicious for earning and social recognition.



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