Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by great disciplinarian Saturn and so is the prominent trait depicted by almost all of the Capricorn natives. Marked as the most determined signs of the zodiac, Capricorn natives aim higher in life with great ambitions in life. The year 2022 will bring mixed results for the natives with wonderful results in the beginning of the year with a little slow down paced towards the end of the year.

Saturn’s move in its own intelligent and innovative sign Aquarius will further improve the avenues this year. Wish to know what 2022 has in store for you? If you are a Capricorn, here are career, health, education, love and more astrological predictions for you for the coming year of 2022.

First of all it is very important to know that four major planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will change place. This is not a normal phenomenon as these planets stay in a sign for longer duration and transit of them altogether in a particular year is an important astrological event. This narrates significant changes in the lives of all of us. However, the house they will transit to would differ for each of us. The movement and associations of these planets affect various aspects of life in good or bad manner.

Saturn’s retrograde period will begin at the start of June and will end in mid-October while its stay in Aquarius. Even though you won’t usually stop or slow down deliberately, this retrograde movement does give you a reason to stop and assess your achievements up to this point in the year. After all your determination and hard work, it will be nice to take advantage of this break and think about things you might do differently in the coming period.

Read on to know about the effects throughout the year:

The effects of Jupiter’s transit for Capricorn in 2022

We may divide the year 2022 in two parts, one from January-mid April and the other mid April-December. Since the transits are taking place after mid April this is only we can expect changes after this date.

  • In the beginning of the year, Jupiter will remain in the second house of the zodiac. Jupiter is considered good for financial status here. The natives will enjoy prosperous time with family and there would remain considerable increment in savings of the natives. They will enjoy strong financial status during the initial months of the year.
  • Natives in job may get promotions or salary hikes. They will be recognized for their hard work and skills at the work place. However competitors and colleagues may try to create problems but you will win over them.
  • Health issues like stomach problems, indigestion, weight gain, back aches, sugar or thyroid may trouble the natives in the initial months of the year.
  • There might be obstacles in your work but you may also gain through inheritance. There might be sudden gains as well.
  • There would be abundant business opportunities and natives will grab beneficial ventures or deals in initial months.
  • After April 2022, Jupiter in third house will bring support of siblings and friends. The natives will give their best efforts to achieve their goals. There are chances of frequent short travels also.
  • The natives would find religious and spiritual inclinations. You may also spend in charity and donations. Religious travels are also expected.
  • There would be financial gains through friends and social network. There are chances of receiving name and recognition due to your hard work and determined efforts.

The effects of Saturn’s transit for Capricorn in 2022

  • Saturn in its own sign in Kendra forms shasha yoga in the beginning of the year. The yoga is known to bring good results in respect of all aspects of life.
  • However, it may disturb the married life, relations with siblings and business partners here. Saturn will motivate selfish motive here which may prove offensive to your business partner or spouse.
  • Saturn will bless the natives with good business opportunities in the beginning of the year. They would crack beneficial business deals.
  • Saturn will transit into second house of the zodiac on 29th April 2022. The Saturn would transit in its mooltrikona sign Aquarius, here it will increase the financial prospects but at a slow pace. It may disturb peaceful environment at home and there might be arguments in the family.
  • You are advised to avoid any kind of long term investment decision after mid April as Saturn may create trouble in that. Even if you wish to buy property it is advisable to buy it before April.
  • Delays in inheritance may occur and you would find it difficult to make gains through your social network after April. However, Jupiter will support and you would make gains but only after much hard work.

The effects of Rahu’s transit for Capricorn in 2022

  • Rahu in fifth house in the beginning of the year may give troubles to your children or you may remain disturbed due to them.
  • You may make sudden gains through share market in the initial months of the year.
  • Rahu in fourth house will disturb harmony in your domestic environment. It may also cause health problems to your parents.
  • You may spend on renovation or beautification of your house.

Capricorn Career Horoscope:

Capricorns in the year 2022 will fetch mixed results. The problems and advancements at work will go hand in hand this year. Your competitors will sprawl heads but will be crushed as well. Your determination and hard work is a key to succeed this year. The first trimester will develop deeper endurance, tolerance, and compassion due to Jupiter’s influence which you may use throughout the year. You need to take care of your harsh speech and words from the fourth month of the year. Your speech may offend your colleagues and co-workers.

Capricorn Finance Horoscope:

Finance will remain moderate with better flow in the beginning of the year than the later phase. Spend wisely as a lot of money might be spent on travels and repairs and renovations of home. Finance being the focal point this year, you are expected to maintain balance in work and family life. There can be good profit in business with the help of family. Though, complete dependence on the family should be avoided. The money investment in the share market can give double profits if done in the initial months of the year. You may also indulge in sale purchase of new property or car this year. Check the authenticity of the contacts before investing anywhere and take consent of your family. Saturn wishes to think of long term investments through reliable sources in order to accumulate wealth.

Capricorn Health Horoscope:

The natives are required to take care of their eating habits this year. Any carelessness in eating might invite digestive problems. The natives should take care of breathing problems and heart ailments. Daily exercise and meditation is required to maintain physical and mental fitness. It is advisable to keep away from needless issues this year. For maintaining good health, necessary changes in your daily routine are mandatory. You should give up drinking and smoking and alterations in diet is necessary. Mid-way of the year, you may need to consult a medical practitioner. To avoid such situation, eating healthy can prove to be a wonderful option. To stay away from eye issues, one may include carrots and green vegetables in diet.

Capricorn Love Horoscope:

The year 2022 is significant for love life. You have to try your best to maintain your love relations. Any arguments and harsh words may take the shape of separation. Married couples are also advised to remain careful and solve minor issues with calm and sweetness this year. There are chances of your partner knowing about your secret extra marital affairs. Trust is the building factor of any harmonious relation and you should try hard to maintain that in order to retain harmony in marital relations. Those thinking of starting a family may discuss the same in the other half of the year.

Single natives may find compatible partners but you are advised to spend more time with your partner to know about the true self of him/her. This way you may also make out how compatible you both are for each other. However, because of stress in mind you may try to contact more than one love partner. This mindset of keeping options will come automatically to you due to the influence of the planets. But the prediction says that you’ll marry as per the will of your parents in the end.

Capricorn Education Horoscope:

The students will do fairly well in the beginning of the year but later on after the mid part of the year it would become difficult to focus in studies for the students. However, those who are studying history related subjects or those in research may do fairly well. Students aspiring to go abroad for higher studies may succeed. Overall, the year demands hard work, discipline and determination in order to improve academic results this year.

Astrological Remedies

The best remedies for Capricorn in 2022 would be:

  • Offer Modak and Durva Grass to Lord Ganesha as a form of devotion.
  • Read the Atharvasheersha Stotra of Shri Ganapati daily.
  • On Tuesday, worship Lord Hanuman and read the Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan.
  • On Saturday, donate urad daal, til, oil and blankets to needy people.



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