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Jupiter will transit in Scorpio on 11th October, Know about your Zodiac Sign

By: Future Point | 29-Mar-2018
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Jupiter will transit in Scorpio on 11th October, Know about your Zodiac Sign

The appearance of Jupiter, in Vedic astrology is very important. Jupiter is the reason for progress in life and is considered to be very lucky. A person who is having Jupiter in his/her zodiac sign is considered to be a very spiritual person and is into religious work. The planet Jupiter is known to strengthen the economic status, progress and health in one’s life.

In the year 2018, Jupiter will spend its maximum time in Libra. On 11th October 2018, i.e., Thursday, Jupiter will shift from Libra to Scorpio at 8.39 PM. And the planet will stay there till 3.11 AM on 30th March 2019, i.e., Saturday. The movement of this planet from one sign to the other will have different effects on each of them. So, let us see its effects on different signs.

Note :- This horoscope is based on your Moon Zodiac Signs.


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The lord of your ninth and twelfth house is Jupiter and it will move to eighth house. This movement of the planet is not much beneficial for you, as your good luck will not be with you. You can worship Jupiter as much as you can for better results. And, also unwanted trips may come your way, so just be ready.


  • People associated with research work will be benefited. People in science field will find success in their work.
  • Because of this planetary movement, people who know black magic will get a lot of work. Astronomers and nuclear scientists can come up with new research or invention.
  • Coming of Saturn and Mercury to constellation will yield better results.
  • You will be happy to have your destiny with you and you will get success.
  • All the legal issues will stay in your favor. Also, all your trips will be successful. People in writing profession will get success.


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Planet Jupiter will move from Taurus to the seventh house. You may get happiness from your life partner. Happiness is on its way for married couples. Partnership will be beneficial for business. Be careful while taking decisions related to job, business and finance.

  • There will be problems in your career. You may also gain weight. Try to avoid junk food and fatty foods. Take care of your liver and pancreas.
  • During this transition of Jupiter, you will get mixed results.
  • Situations will get worse because of Saturn being in eighth house.
  • There will be problems in married life and also health related issues may rise. Your efforts will not be fruitful.
  • Even after doing all your possible efforts you will not be able to beat your rivals in business.
  • Students will not get success in exams. Also, a friend can betray you.


Taurus Daily Prediction



From Gemini, Jupiter will move to sixth house. During this time your enemies and rivals can trouble you. You can have arguments with your siblings. You need to be careful with your health. You can face many sorts of problems.

  • You can find a good job and success in your career. There can be issues in your married life and also there is a possibility that you have to stay away from your partner. Legal issues can trouble you.
  • You may face any sort of allegation in your job. People who are into government job need to be careful. Communicate peacefully with your partner.
  • There is possibility to face the failure in the constellation of Saturn. Your destiny will not be with you. Also, your efforts will not show any positive result. Health related issues or any other issue may arise.
  • Your friends will succeed and you will feel like you are lacking. This can happen in job, business and studies.
  • You may have to travel somewhere far due to your job or business. But this journey will not be successful. There is a possibility of dispute with or your father or someone elder.


Gemini Daily Prediction




Jupiter will move from Cancer to fifth house. There can be news of new born baby in the family. You can have the happiness of having baby. You can get help from higher official. You will be surrounded by good people.

  • This is the time when you will have fun and your maximum time will spend having fun.
  • You will trust your destiny. Stock market can give you benefits but don’t go for big investments.
  • When Jupiter will move to Saturn’s constellation, this time can cause little bit problems. Also, your love can be problematic which will affect your personal life.
  • Because of Saturn you will face problems in every aspect of your life. Bad souls can trouble you.
  • You will feel unable to showcase your talent. There can be health related problems. Your expenses will increase. Your partner can leave for your short period. You can face financial losses.


Cancer Daily Prediction



The planet will move to the fourth house of Leo. This movement can be problematic for you. There can be arguments with friends and relatives. You may have to face insult. Any auspicious work at home will complete.

  • There can be a change in your daily routine. You can face loss in stock market. Don’t put money lottery.
  • You can have dreams that may come true.
  • There is possibility of spending money on hospital and medicines. You can have bad news this year.
  • You can have health related issues. Your partner can be dominating, which can be the reason for problems.
  • If you have given money to someone you will not get it back or the payment can be delayed.


Leo Daily Prediction




Jupiter will move to third house. You can have tough time in business. Try not to invest in business. Carelessness can stop your promotion. Do hard work in your job.

  • You can change your home.
  • You can buy a new vehicle.
  • You can get good news in married life.
  • Your communication skills will improve. You can buy a new mobile, laptop or some communication gadget.
  • You will share good relations with your siblings and they can help you. You will have good relations with your neighbors.
  • You can start new business in partnership. Something good will happen in business and success can come your way.
  • Legal issues will be in your favor.


Virgo Daily Prediction



Jupiter will move to second house. You will possibly save money and financial benefits can also happen. You can invest. Don’t take decisions in hurry. You can influence others. You can get promotion.

  • A lot of good things will happen during this period. Competitors will not be able to bet you. People in art and witchcraft will have good time.
  • Take care of your mother; she can face health related issues.
  • Your interest will rise in religion and salvation.
  • Helping needy people will be beneficial for you.
  • You can face health issues.


Libra Daily Prediction

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Jupiter will move to first house. You may have to face problems during this period. There is possibility of changing house. You can have problem with your budget due to high expenses.

  • New member can come to home, most probably your spouse or baby. Not this year then next year.
  • You will have successful love relationship. Things will be good in your personal life as well. Your ego can cause problems.
  • Fatty food can lead to weight gain. This can lead to health issues. Be careful with your health.
  • You will see things getting managed in Saturn’s constellation. You can have benefits from your relatives.
  • People in real estate, vehicle, mine, astrology, history and land etc. may earn a lot of money.


Scorpio Daily Prediction



Jupiter will move to twelfth house. Your stress can increase. Work with patience. Be careful with money related issues. Not good time for investment.

  • You may have chance to travel to new places but all will be waste. You may have to change home.
  • Health issues can arise. You can face issues related to insomnia, bad dreams, remembering old memories, having dead person’s dreams.
  • You can do efforts to change your wrong decisions into correct ones. Fraud can cause loss of money.


Sagittarius Daily Prediction



Jupiter will move to eleventh house. You will get success in professional life. Promotion is on its way. You can start new business. You will be blessed with a baby.

  • Siblings can give you benefits. You may have to spend money on friends and enjoyment.
  • For now, don’t waste money. You may have to suffer from Hemorrhoids.
  • There are chances to have bad news. Jupiter is having an eye on twelfth house which can cause loss, failure, doubts, changes and stress.
  • You may have to lose your job or if in search of new job, you will not get a good one.
  • Suddenly situations will start to improve in Mercury’s constellation. All your problems will solve and you will see destination clearly.


Capricorn Daily Prediction

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Jupiter will move to tenth house. Possibility of having arguments with colleagues. Health and mental issues will arise. It will take hard work but you will definitely get success.

  • Good time for career and you will enjoy the time. New job is waiting for you and you will get new opportunities. You will get success in business.
  • You will get opportunity to do various tasks in office.
  • In Saturn’s constellation you can go for a new deal or new job. You can have financial benefits. Health issues can arise. You will get success with fewer efforts and friends will also help.
  • Under Mercury’s constellation you will get success in love relationships. And your interest in spirituality will increase. To reach your goals you can take help of magic.


Aquarius Daily Prediction



The planet will move to ninth house. You can have promotion or increment. You will have a cheerful life. Your interest will rise in religion and spirituality. Father’s advice will be beneficial for you.

  • In Saturn’s constellation you will get maximum good results. But Saturn is the lord of twelfth house also.
  • Good and bad things will happen together with you. Along with yourself you will try make situation better for others as well. Your honor will increase.
  • You need to be in limits and travel less with friends and don’t waste money. This can lead to big problems in your life.
  • Under Mercury’s constellation your married life will be happy. Love will grow for partner. You will have benefits from real estates and property related issues will end up.


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