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Mercury Transit in Scorpio

By: Future Point | 27-Nov-2020
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Mercury Transit in Scorpio

Planet Mercury enjoys the status of crown prince in Vedic Astrology. It lords over our ability to communicate, our speech, voice, business, writing, and most importantly education. Being a neutral planet, every planet that comes in tandem with Mercury yields results alike its stance. 

If planet Mercury enjoys a good position in the horoscope, the native gets to have an impeccable hold over communication skills. With a sweet voice, they are able to charm everyone that gets in touch with them. \ An inauspicious Mercury in horoscope is believed to give skin disorders and speech impairment. The person is unable to process thought and feelings immaculately and often ends up having difficulties in articulating their thoughts with grace. 

Mercury is considered a very auspicious planet in Vedic Astrology, but sometimes when it comes in conjunction with inauspicious planets, it is prone to yield unfavourable results. Understanding the importance & significance of planet Mercury’s role in managing and ruling our life is key to understanding what impact its transit can have. 

The transit of planet Mercury is going to take place from Libra zodiac sign to Scorpio zodiac sign on the 28 November 2020 at 07:04 am on Saturday morning. 

After which Mercury will remain in the same zodiac sign till 11:37 a.m. of 17 December 2020. During this Mercury Transit in Scorpio, an auspicious yoga will also be formed due to the present of the planet Sun in the same zodiac sign, i.e. Scorpio. Buddhaditya Yoga due to the conjunction of Mercury & Sun in Scorpio will be formed. 

It is highly recommended that you learn what the impact of this Mercury Transit will be on your zodiac sign and that of your loved ones. If you require any further clarification, you can always reach out to our team of expert Astrologers.

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Planet Mercury is going to transit through the 8th house from your zodiac sign. Job professionals and businessmen need to be very careful with their enemies during this time. You will have to work extra hard in your career to outshine your peers and colleagues. Due to Mercury Transit, your financial situation might deteriorate causing you to face difficult times. Those involved in business will have to put in extra efforts to maximize their profits. In order to cash in more, you will have to amp up your efforts and hope that your lucky stars support your quest to success.

On the health front, natives of the Aries zodiac sign might have to face some minor ailments. Focus on maintaining a balanced diet and keeping track of your sleep patterns. The Mercury Transit will be fantastic for those involved in research work. You are advised to stay away from taking loans and lending money. Chances of fraud and losing money in this period are pretty high, so stay cautious. If you are going to travel during this time, then you have to take special care of your luggage, there is a possibility of theft.


For Taurus natives, planet Mercury will be transiting through the seventh house. This transit is going to be very favourable for your career. Since planet Mercury influences your communication skills, expect major changes coming in your life as soon as the planet transits through the 7th house in your Kundli. Your business will grow and prosper due to your excellent skill set. If you want to start a new venture, this is the right time to make way for things. 

You will get the full support of your lucky stars, so that you will get success even in those areas which you least expected. Your contacts in this regard will also be established from foreign sources and you will get good benefits. If there are any difference of opinion with your partner, now is the perfect time to talk to them openly and put things to rest. It is never not okay to air your dirty laundry out in the open.

If something bothers you, talk to your partner about it instead of another person. You are likely to have an erratic behaviour in this duration which would stem from stress at work. Unmarried natives of the Taurus zodiac sign might be in for a treat as chances of tying the nuptial bond with someone are pretty high in this period. 

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Planet Mercury will be transiting through the 6th house of Gemini natives. You will be going through a conundrum of emotions in this duration. Good work will be expected out of you; instead of slacking behind, you will have to step up your game and take matters in your own hand to get success. Financially, this will be a sweet time. Those aiming to appear for competitive exams will have to work extra hard in order to taste victory at the end. 

On the health front, some minor ailments related to stomach & skin might trouble you during the period of Mercury Transit in Scorpio. You will have to keep tabs on what you eat and in what capacity. Try to maintain a balanced diet and proper sleep schedule. During the Mercury Transit you are advised to keep a calm demeanour and do not spark any conflicts. Your mother’s health might need your attention. In case you do not keep your tone in check, you might land up in trouble that you never anticipated. 


For Cancer zodiac sign, planet Mercury will transit from your zodiac in the fifth house. This duration will yield you mixed results. You are advised to pay keen attention to your job & work assigned to keep thriving on the career front. If you start taking things for granted, the chances of your job going away are particularly high. However, as soon as the transit period is over, there is a high probability of getting ahead in your career with a job that pays you back. 

Your life partner will also get good benefits during this transit period. If they are employed somewhere, there are high chances of them getting a promotion or a moment to celebrate. Your love partner will have the lucky stars on their side during this Mercury Transit.

They are likely to enjoy good profits and benefits in their field of work. However, the probability of you two having minor tiffs due to lack of communication is also pretty high. You are advised to keep your tone sweet and calm. Try to understand what your partner wants to communicate, and if a misunderstanding occurs- it is sometimes better to give them benefit of doubt rather than fighting about it.

Students will get to enjoy the fruits of their labour & hard work as results in this duration will be great. Your concentration levels will be at par with your wit, due to which you’ll certainly get to learn new things in life. 

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For the natives of the Leo zodiac sign, planet Mercury will transit in the fourth house from their zodiac sign. This transit of Mercury is going to be great for the natives, as you will get plenty of reasons to cherish the fruits of your labour. Tasks that you complete in this duration will earn you rewards in the future. At the work front, you are likely to garner the support of officials and seniors. 

The duration of Mercury Transit is the perfect time for those looking for an opportune moment to start something new. On one hand there is a possibility of increasing your competitive abilities, and on the other there may be some tense competition always keeping you on your toes.

At home, you might have to battle through some troubles and hurdles. However, through your wit and intelligence you will be able to move on from them effortlessly. It is advisable to not trust anyone blindly as people will try to take advantage of your naivety. Take care of your parents health and keep a tab on what you eat. Your expenses are expected to increase in this period so try and keep your expenditure to the minimal.  


For the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign, the Transit of Mercury will be in the 3rd house. Your shy demeanour will take a seat back, as you break that shell and start communicating with the others. This will also likely increase your social stature and bring you brownie points when it comes to garnering fame & honour. You will be able to articulate your thoughts properly, while freely and clearly express them to others. 

Apart from this, the people of this zodiac who are associated in the fields of marketing, sales, and public dealing will get the utmost benefits from Mercury. You are advised to stay away from surprises and impromptu trips during this transit period, as they are only going to cause more harm than good.

On the one hand, the Mercury Transit is not favourable for your siblings as they might have to face some hurdles, however on the other hand it is going to be extremely beneficial for you as you will get hold of new income sources. If you are married then your children will get very good benefit of this transit, and they will get incremental in whatever area they are in. This transit will bring happiness and enjoyment in the family environment as well.

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Planet Mercury is going to transit through the 2nd house in the Kundli of Libra zodiac sign. With its influence on the 2nd house, Mercury will be gracious enough to remove all your troubles and end your woes. The transit will act as the much-needed push that you need and aid you in performing better in all spheres of life. During the Mercury Transit period your communication skills will be excellent and you will be able to sway people in your direction. With effective & sweet voice you will charm your peers and seniors alike. Financially, the period will be great for you. 

It is imperative that you take good advantage of this auspicious time and make use of all the resources available to you. During the Mercury Transit period you are going to have a solid income and will be careful in fiscal matters. Some good news from foreign sources will likely grace your life in this period. However, some expenditure is on the cards, which might burn a small hole in your pocket. In order to keep your expenditure on the minimal side, try sharing the burden with your partner & ask for their advice on the matter. 


For the natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign, the transit is going to happen in your own zodiac sign. You are likely to get mixed results during this transit, so don’t get your hopes high. Your decision-making skills will be put to a great test, as every thing you do during this time will be very important in the future. In this transit period, your siblings will play a key role as they will lend their complete support in your tasks. It is crucial that you do not get overconfident and start undermining the success of your peers. The transit period advises you to be cautious while holding a conversation with others and respect their opinions & feelings. 

During this time, you may also find yourself feeling a bit more sceptical & wary of the scenario you are put in. Your perfectionist streak will be on full show which might cause some minor troubles for you in both your personal & professional life. You are advised to stay humble & avoid satirizing people. 

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For Sagittarius people, planet Mercury will transit in the twelfth house from their zodiac sign. Your means of income will increase, but at the same time your expenses are expected to soar high as well. You will be splurging on material goods and happiness. During this transit, make every decision carefully. Do not indulge in hasty decision-making as it might hamper your growth pattern. A hasty decision taken could potentially turn into a hazard for you if overseen. 

Those working in a multinational organization, or employed with one are likely to get things working in their favour. If you have been aiming to go abroad for further studies, the time is likely to give you auspicious results. Stress and anxiety will be triggered due to the ill health of your life partner in this period. A long holiday is on the cards for some; however you are advised to stay away from situations that might put you in financial debt. Your enemies will try to sabotage your plans, so try to avoid this situation like the plague.  


Planet Mercury will transit through the 11th house of your Kundali, influencing your lucky stars to act in your favour. For the natives of Capricorn zodiac sign, the transit of Mercury is going to be a blessing in disguise. You have been facing a pretty hard time lately, but with this transit things are about to change and rule in your favour. If you are in a business that is related to trading, import, or export then there are good chances of you gaining good benefits in this duration. 

Your father or someone of an equal stature in your life will provide financial & mental aid. Your father’s support will save you from many troubles in the meantime. However, in times of dire need, you can always consult your family and talk about what has been bothering you. If you want to increase your social status, you will have to part ways with your ego and make way for the good things to come in your life. 


The natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign will see the planet Mercury transiting through their 10th house. This transit is going to be auspicious for you as the lord of communication and wit, Mercury will be moving through the house that influences career. Your financial situation will be sound and you will get to enjoy the fruit of your past labours. In this duration, your honor and respect may also increase. Investments made in stock market & real estate during this transit will prove beneficial. 

At the career front, a promotion is highly probable. With the emphasis on team effort, you will be able to garner success in what you seek. At the social level, your fame & reputation will also increase. As the planet of wisdom & wit Mercury goes through your 10th house, your intelligence will increase exponentially and your performance in the workplace will simultaneously soar high.

Your love relationships will be sweet & full of love, as you take baby steps to revive the old charm back. During the Mercury Transit, your love towards your partner will grow and blossom, wherein you are likely to get good support from them in all your endeavours. This will strengthen the bong between you two and pave the way to a long & fulfilling relationship.  


For the natives of the Pisces zodiac sign, the planet Mercury will transit through the 9th house of your horoscope. At the career front, you are likely to get the support of your seniors and partners. Their helping hand will grant you the much-needed strength to move forward in your projects. You have had trouble finding the path to success in life, but with this Mercury Transit, you will find your true calling in life. 

On the financial front, you will get plenty of new options to venture out new sources of income. During this transit, you will be more inclined towards investments in real estate, which is going to prove highly fruitful to you in the future. Your interest in spiritual quest will increase exponentially and you will be able to take part in religious activities as well. However, at the health front you and your father might have to face some minor hiccups during this transitional event. 

It is quite understandable that things might not go your way always, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. In case you are facing a difficult time in your life, we highly recommend you seek an expert’s opinion on when things will change for the better in your life. You can Talk to Astrologer on Video Call and get a Kundli analysis done in just minutes. 

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