Mars, Mercury & Venus ‘Chatur-Grahi Yoga’ in Capricorn: Lucky Zodiac Signs

By: Future Point | 31-Jan-2024
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Mars, Mercury & Venus ‘Chatur-Grahi Yoga’ in Capricorn: Lucky Zodiac Signs

Conjunction of planets in a zodiac sign is a very powerful celestial phenomenon in Vedic Astrology. It is not uncommon for two planets to be conjunct in a sign in the zodiac belt. However, a conjunction of more than two planets in a sign more often than not, creates a powerful surge of cosmic energies.

Such conjunctions exert a strong impact on a person’s life primarily depending upon the ascendant sign that the person belongs to. Planetary conjunctions are formed either in the natal horoscope of a person or during the transitory movement of planets in the zodiac belt.


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Chatur-Grahi Yoga

The ‘Chatur-Grahi Yoga’ translates into- the union of four planets. When there is a chatur-grahi yoga being formed in the transitory movement of planets, it tends to bring about strong changes in the lives of many.

The effects of this yoga depend upon a lot of factor with the main ones being:

Planets forming the Chatur-Grahi Yoga

Sign in which the Chatur-Grahi Yoga is formed

Chatur-Grahi Yoga in February 2024

Mars, Mercury, Sun and Venus are about to be conjunct in the sign of Capricorn for a brief period of time in the month of February 2024. With the exception of the Sun, all other planets will make their ingress in the sign of Capricorn in February 2024. The Sun is already in Capricorn since 15th January 2024 and will remain in that sign till 13th February.

Following is the schedule of the ingress of other three planets (apart from the Sun) in Capricorn:

Mercury: Thursday, 1st February 2024 at 02:30 PM

Mars: Monday, 5th February 2024 at 09:58 PM

Venus: Monday, 12th February 2024 at 05:02 AM

Note : All timings are New Delhi (I.S.T based).


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Impact of the Chatur-Grahi Yoga

The Chatur-Grahi Yoga that will be formed ‘completely’ on February 12th with Venus entering Capricorn will remain in effect till the next day i.e. February 13th because the Sun will leave the sign of Capricorn and enter Aquarius.

However, when such powerful yogas are formed in a sign, they tend to exert their effects for a good foreseeable future.

3 Lucky Zodiac Signs

The effects of this powerful planetary yoga will be felt by people belonging to all 12 signs. However, 3 zodiac signs based on the ascendant will benefit the most from this Chatur-Grahi Yoga’ that is being formed in the sign of Capricorn.

Let us look at the positive impact of this uncommon planetary conjunction on those 3 lucky signs.


This yoga will be formed in the 4th house of your horoscope which broadly signifies Mother, Place of Birth, Vehicle, House, Basic Learning, Comforts and Conveniences. You are poised to witness a rise in luxuries that will keep you in a pleasant state of mind. You could foray into some rewarding real estate venture. Fruitful travel by road for both leisure and professional purposes is signified for you. Your name & fame will rise and some lucrative career opportunity is slated to come your way. You will get all the support that you require from your seniors at work. Your hard work will garner deserving appreciation.


This planetary conjunction will take place in the 2nd house of your horoscope which primarily signifies Family, State of Finances, Accumulated Wealth, Income Stream, Bank Balance or Savings, Eating Habits and Speech. You will spend quality & relishing time with your family members. The bond of trust & harmony that you share with your near & dear ones will grow stronger. Your financial state is set to get strengthened and move ahead on a positive trajectory. You will take steps to secure & grow your wealth during this time. You will enjoy food but might go overboard in satiating your palette which could bring some minor health hiccup related to your digestion.


This yoga will occur in the 11th house of your horoscope which fundamentally represents Elder Siblings, Uncle, Social Networking, Gains, Friends, Realization of Desires and Achieving Goals & Objectives. The flow of money in your life will increase and may be another avenue or source of income will surface. You are favourably poised to realize your desires during this time. Your creativity will find great expressions. Some promising job opportunities will appear, in case you are looking for a job. Your performance in the professional sphere will attract the attention & appreciation of your seniors. Spending time with friends and family will keep you in a pleasant state of mind.


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