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Kundli Milan- For Harmony and Peace in Married Relations

By: Future Point | 21-May-2021
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For thousands of years, Indians have relied upon Kundali matching when it comes to making a choice of their life partner. Vedic astrology helps to predict future events which facilitate an individual to take timely decisions in order to avoid any disasters tomorrow.

A good Vedic astrologer can make predictions about almost all aspects of our lives, including our education, wealth, health, relationships, and profession. In this article, we will talk about how Vedic astrology can assist us in choosing the right life partner. 

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Kundali Matching

The Janam Kundali or horoscopes of the prospective couple is tested in order to know their compatibility.  This matching process is popularly called Gun Milan and is further segregated into eight individual parts or tests. Each part is given certain points and the whole process is called the Ashtkoot Milan.

An aggregate score is obtained after adding up the points given by these eight tests. Points are given out of 36 points and if the aggregate score or Gunas is below 18, then the couple is considered incompatible. If the number of Gunas is between18 to 32 then the match is good, and if gunas are above 32 it indicates identical personalities of the bride and groom.

Although couples with 32 or more gunas matched in their horoscopes appear to be highly compatible but at the same time other factors must also be checked to ensure that the relationship will be long lasting as being identical is also not always good.

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Ashtkoota Milan

Matching Varna

Kundali Points: 1 Gunas

Varna matching is done to know about the skills, abilities, and personality of the native. There are four categories:

  • Brahmins - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
  • Kshatriyas - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  • Vaishyas - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
  • Shudras - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The classes have been mentioned in descending order of their superiority, with Brahmin having the highest and Shudras with the lowest ranks. The varna of the boy must be superior to the varna of the girl and if it is so, 1 point or guna is awarded. No match creates conflicts within the family.

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Matching Vasya

Kundali Points: 2 Gunas

Vasya Milan is done to test the dedication and compatibility between the boy and the girl.

The zodiac signs have been grouped under 5 heads:

  • Manushya or Human - Gemini, Virgo, Libra, the first 15 degrees of Sagittarius, Aquarius.
  • Vanachara or Wild – Leo.
  • Chatushpada or Quadruped –Aries, Taurus, the second 15 degrees of Sagittarius, the first 15 degrees of Capricorn.
  • Jalachara or aquatic – Cancer, Pisces, the second 15 degrees of Capricorn.
  • Keeta or Insect – Scorpio.

Here are 4 rules to be used:

  • One category is Vasya or eatable (bhakshya) to the other for example: Quadruped, Human and Aquatic groups are Vasya to the wild group.
  • Quadruped, Aquatic and Insects groups are the food of human group.
  • Aquatic signs are the food of the Human signs.
  • Quadruped signs are the food of the Wild sign.

If both the bride and groom belong to the same group then Vasya condition is met and 2 points are awarded.

If the girl’s group is Vasya to the the boy’s goup, for example, if the girl is from Chatushpada category and the groom's group is Manushya, then 1 point is given. If it is vice versa then 1/2 a point is awarded.

If none of them is Vasya to each other, no points are awarded.

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Tara Matching

Kundali Points: 3 Gunas

Tara is matched to know about the well-being or health of the couple after marriage. This is calculated by comparing the Birth Nakshatras (Tara) of both of them. The 27 nakshatras of zodiac are divided into 9 Tara groups containing three nakshatras each. These 9 categories are:

Janam, Sampat, Vipat, Kshem, Pratyari, Sadhak, Vadha, Mitra and Ati-Mitra.

An elaborate method is involved in tara matching as the nakshatras of both are counted from each other and then divided by 9 to know the remainder as also the category which can be done by an expert. Here to cut it short we can say that if the Tara is 3rd, 5th or 7th as counted from each other’s nakshatra then it is not considered auspicious and hence denial of the points.

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Yoni Matching

Kundali Points: 4 Gunas

Yoni matching represents the physical and sexual compatibility between the couple. 14 categories of the animals have been specified as follows containing 2 nakshatras in each:

  • Ashwa or Horse - Ashwini, Shatabhishaj
  • Gaja or Elephant - Bharani, Revati
  • Mesha or Ram - Krittika, Pushya
  • Sarpa or Serpent - Rohini, Mrigashira
  • Swah or Dog - Ardra, Moola
  • Marjarah or Tom/Cat - Punarvasu, Ashlesha
  • Mushika or Rat - Magha, P. Phalguni
  • Gau or Cow - U. Phalguni, U. Bhadrapada
  • Mahisha or Buffalo - Hasta, Swati
  • Vyagrah or Tiger - Chitra, Vishakha
  • Mriga or Deer - Anuradha, Jyeshtha
  • Vanara or Monkey - P. Asadha, Shravana
  • Nakula or Mongoose - U. Asadha, Abhijit
  • Singha or Lion - Dhanishtha, P. Bhadrapada

Based on the behaviour of each animal, 5 categories have been specified by our ancient sages:

  • Swabhava Yoni – 4 points- the animals are same and the marriage is considered to be auspicious. 4 points are awarded.
  • Friendly Yoni – 3 points- the animals are friendly towards each other. 
  • Neutral Yoni – 2 points- the animals are neutral towards each other. 
  • Enemy Yoni – 1 point- the animals are enemies. 
  • Bitter Enemy Yoni – no points- the animals are bitter enemies. 

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Graha Maitri

Kundali Points: 5 Gunas

Graha Maitri examines the strength of the love bond of the couple. This is calculated by comparing the moon sign lords of the boy and the girl. The relationship between the lords is analysed and points are given accordingly.

The points are awarded as follows:

  • If moon sign Lords are the same or are friends- 5 points.
  • If moon sign Lord is friendly or neutral - 4 points.
  • If moon sign Lords are neutral - 3 points.
  • If one moon sign Lord is friendly but the other considers it an enemy- 1 point.
  • If both the Lords are enemies - no points.

Gana Matching

Kundali Points: 6 Gunas

Gana matching is important as it carries 6 points and tells about an individual's temperament. The 3 categories based on the nakshatras are as follows:

  • Devata - Ashwini, Mrigashira, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Hasta, Swati, Anuradh, Sravanam, Revati
  • Manushya - Bharani, Rohini, Aardra, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni, Poorvaashadha, Uttaraashadha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada
  • Rakshasa - Kritika, Aaslesha, Magha, Chitra, Vishaka, Jyeshtha, Moola, Dhanista, Shatabhisha

6 points are awarded if:

Both belong to the same or one belongs to devta and other to manushya category and no match is found if one is devta and other is rakshasa. Manushya however can adjust in both devta and rakshasa category.

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Bhakoot Matching

Kundali Points: 7 Gunas

Bhakoot milan is used to assess the overall health, prosperity and welfare after marriage. It is believed that if Bhakoot Dosha is there it may cause lack of attraction and harmonious relations between the life partners. With a maximum score of 7 gunas, this is the 2nd most important milan. Bhakoot Dosha is calculated on the basis of the difference of numbers counted from the girl's Rashi to the boy's Rashi or vice versa.

The possible combinations of distances are as follows:

  • 1/1, 1/7, 2/12, 3/11, 4/10, 5/9 and 6/8

These combinations are divided into auspicious and inauspicious groups:

  • Auspicious: 1/1, 1/7, 3/11, 4/10
  • Inauspicious: 2/12, 5/9, 6/8

If it lies in the auspicious category then 7 points are given otherwise no point is given. If it lies in the inauspicious category then Bhakoot Dosha is said to occur and the match is not preferable.

Nadi Matching

Kundali Points: 8 Gunas

Nadi testing is done to ensure that they are genetically compatible to produce healthy kids. Traditionally, giving birth to children was the main purpose of a marriage as to further the family lineage. This test gets a maximum score of 8 points, the highest in ashtkoota milan tests.

For the Nadi test, the nakshatras are used and the categories are as follows:

  • Adi or Vata - Ashwini, Aardra, Punarvasu, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Jyeshtha, Moola, Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada
  • Madhya or Pitta - Bharani, Mrigashira, Pushyami, Purva Phalguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Poorvaashadha, Dhanistha, Uttara Bhadrapada
  • Antya or Kapha - Kritika, Rohini, Aaslesha, Magha, Swati, Vishakha, Uttaraashadha, Shravani, Revati

This test has a simple rule that the boy and the girl should not have the same nadi. If they belong to different Nadis, then 8 points are given else it’s no point if they both have the same nadi. 

Gun Milan Exceptions

There are some exceptions to each kundali Milan too which can be understood at the disposal of a competent astrologer. A simple talk to an astrologer may give a deep insight into these rules and the exceptions involved so a consultation should be taken before entering this most important phase of life. Many Gun Milan issues can be resolved and matches made by an astrologer.

Matching Kundali by names:

It is the most common way of kundali matching which is done with the help of the names of the bride and groom. For it, the original names as mentioned in the birth chart of the two parties are taken into consideration. 

With the advancement in technology a print out of the Kundlis can also be taken and kept for the future reference.

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