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Remedies on Lunar Eclipse for Wealth & Prosperity in Life

By: Future Point | 24-May-2021
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Lunar Eclipse 2021: Moon is considered as a planet in Vedic Astrology that governs our state of mind. Moon plays an extremely vital role in determining the actual quality of our lives on an experiential basis with respect to our mind.

A Lunar Eclipse is an astronomical event that has phenomenally important, effective & time-tested astrological significance attached to it.

According to the ancient predictive science of Vedic Astrology, a Lunar Eclipse is an incredibly crucial inflexion point that occurs in our lives and can bring or trigger major life changing events.

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Lunar Eclipse in 2021 

Date: 26 May 2021

Lunar eclipse starts: 14:17 pm

Lunar eclipse ends: 19:19 pm

Eclipse Type: Full Lunar Eclipse

Visibility: India, East Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean and America

The Moon on this day will pass from ‘Perigee’ which is basically the point that is closest to Earth on the elliptical path that Moon follows to revolve around Earth. Due to this, the Moon will appear to be much bigger than usual and since it will be a Full Moon day, this would be a ‘Super Full Moon’. 

Also, since this eclipse is occurring with a Super Full Moon, the Moon will appear to be reddish in appearance. Whenever this sort of eclipse happens, the Moon is referred to as a ‘Super Blood Moon’!

This Lunar Eclipse on 26th May 2021 will be observed in Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica, parts of Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, certain East Asian countries and India. 

However unlike some of the other places, in India this will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which means that the Moon will only come under the outer shadow of Earth. Hence, this Lunar Eclipse will not be visible from the naked eye in India.

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Lunar Eclipse and Astrology

As per the principles of Lunar Eclipse Astrology, a Lunar Eclipse is an event that amplifies the effects of the Moon upon us manifold. If the Moon in our Natal Horoscope or Janam Kundli is ill placed or badly affected by malefics such as Rahu, Ketu and Saturn then a Lunar Eclipse can bring serious problems in our lives as well as amplify the existing ones.

However, if we Talk to Astrologer to get our Horoscope or Kundli thoroughly analyzed then the astrologer can derive certain powerful astrological remedies that are in-line with our Horoscope. 

These remedial measures, if performed by us timely & properly, can not only ward off the problems that we are facing or are supposed to face in the future due to a negatively affected Moon but can also propel us towards unforeseen success & positive outcomes in our lives.

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Sutak Kaal

There is also a concept of ‘Sutak Kaal’ or a period which is considered as inauspicious before an eclipse and people refrain from doing activities related to commerce, worship in temples, celebrations etc. during the Sutak Kaal.

In the case of a Solar Eclipse, the Sutak Kaal begins 12 hours before the eclipse starts and for a Lunar Eclipse it begins 9 hours before the eclipse starts and ultimately ends when the eclipse ends.

However, since this Lunar Eclipse on 26th May 2021 will be a Penumbral Eclipse and will not be visible clearly from the naked eye, there will be no Sutak Kaal observed. As a result all the temples will remain open and people should feel free to go about their businesses.

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Remedies to ward off problems and attract Success, Wealth & Prosperity on a Lunar Eclipse

Some of the in-general yet highly powerful & effective remedies that everyone can perform on a Lunar Eclipse in order to dispel problems and attract success & prosperity in life are:

  • Sit quietly in the Puja (Worship) room of your house and chant the Maha Mantra of Lord Shiva.
  • Place a coconut that is used in Puja Rituals in your Puja room or altar and chant Vishnu Sahasranaam during the eclipse. After the eclipse is over or the next day, go to a natural flowing water body and offer that coconut in the stream. This will bring the blessing of Lord Vishnu and attract wealth & abundance in your life.
  • Donating milk and rice to the needy on the day of eclipse pacifies an aggravated Moon and helps in attaining a calm & composed state of mind. It also increases the flow of money in our lives.
  • Identify needy children who require books, stationery, money etc. for their education and support them in any way that you can. This will attract the positive & prosperous energies of planet Jupiter in your life which is a natural benefic and is known to pacify Rahu & Ketu which cast their negative impact on both Sun and Moon.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa with utmost devotion during the eclipse and thereafter feed sugar or flour to ants.
  • Feeding Cows on the day of eclipse is considered as extremely pious. One can offer Jaggery, Chapati and Chana Daal to Cows or any other food item that is right & beneficial for the Cows.
  • Chanting the Mantra associated with the Moon during an eclipse strengthens the natal Moon in our Horoscope. The results multiply if we use a ‘Rudraksha Mala’ for this purpose.
  • This Lunar Eclipse on 26th May is taking place in the sign of Scorpio which is ruled by planet Mars. Therefore, chanting the Mantra associated with Mars during the eclipse and donating red lentils to the needy thereafter will also benefit immensely.
  • In terms of Nakshatra, this Lunar Eclipse will occur in the Anuradha Nakshatra which is ruled by Saturn. Hence, donating black lentils, black sesame seeds, umbrellas, blankets, footwear etc. to the poor & needy will bring blessings of Lord Shani in our lives and protect us from the negative effects of this eclipse if our natal Moon is ill placed or badly affected by malefics.

So, incorporate these remedies to make sure that this Lunar Eclipse becomes a rewarding stepping stone in your life. 

However, if you wish to know the exact & most effective remedies that are based on the specific planetary positionings in your Personal Horoscope then contact Future Point to consult with one of our highly experienced astrologers and get the most effective remedial road map for you that will steer your life towards sound health, abundant wealth, ample growth, harmonious relations and true prosperity!