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Determining Financial Conditions from a Horoscope

By: Future Point | 19-May-2021
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Determining Financial Conditions from a Horoscope

Money is indispensable to a peaceful and happy life. Some are lucky to accumulate wealth easily with less amount of hard work, while others may find it difficult to earn or save even meagre amount of money despite making lots of efforts.

Money or wealth is a pivot around which the entire world seems to revolve. So it is vital to analyse financial prospects of a person in his Horoscope. Most of the Astrologers, almost receive the same query as -Will I gain riches in life?

Money remains at the top in the priority list of everyone. People often neglect their families and relationship for earning money. So if one has a basic idea about the quantum of money he will get he can plan his future needs accordingly. This can be known through Finance Horoscope prepared by a competent astrologer. This horoscope gives the overall idea as to how and when the wealth will flow in the native’s life. An expert business astrologer can check the financial prosperity in the horoscope and is in a better position to guide a person in his financial planning. A timely taken astrological advice that supports and validates one’s investment plans goes a long way to ensure financial success of a person.

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What Stars Have In Store? 

Vedic astrology can certainly predict the wealth to be acquired by a person and Jupiter is considered the main planet signifying wealth. A careful astrological analysis of Jupiter reveals the financial stability of a native.

Our ancient Indian astrologers have propounded many formulas to calculate one’s wealth prospect. But, it should be kept in notice simultaneously that various combinations of wealth or Dhan Yogas in your horoscope are not a sure indication of immense wealth in one’s life. Rather there are several other aspects which have to be analysed thoroughly to get precise details. A favourable Dasha should also exist at the same time. All these peculiarities can be understood by a finance report made through expert hands.

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A quick glance at what a Finance Report contains:

  1. Financial prospect of the person
  2. Flow and sources of income and money.
  3. General Luck to make money.
  4. Specific planets concerned with the inflow of money.
  5. Most suitable fields for maximum gains.
  6. Prevalent Dhan Yogas in the chart 
  7. Possibility of earning through share market, forex trading etc.
  8. Other present combinations of wealth
  9. Astrological remedies if required

According to Hindu traditions, idols of goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha made from Ashtadhatu are considered very auspicious for earning wealth. Worshipping the statues with devotion is known to bring in prosperity in the house. Lord Ganesha removes miseries of his devotees and ensures wealth and prosperity with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi

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Astrological houses that determine wealth 

2nd House (House of wealth)

It signifies savings and possession of wealth of a person.

5th and 9th houses (Houses of intelligence and fortune/luck)

The 5th and 9th houses are considered the houses of wealth (Trikon or Lakshmi sthaan) in astrology. They form Raj yogas for earning wealth in case they are associated with the quadrants (Kendras or Vishnu sthaan). Where the ninth house indicates general luck and fortune of the native, the fifth house depicts intelligence and creativity required to earn money.

11th House (House of Gains)

It indicates gains made by a person and fulfilment of his desires. This house signifies income, gains or profits, prosperity and abundance in one’s life.

6th House

The 6th House shows disease, obstacles, debts and loans of a person.

12th House

12th house indicates expenses and losses of income. This house is also important to determine the out flow of the financial resources.

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The concerned planets of wealth in a horoscope 


Venus owns the second house in the Kaal Purush Kundali and hence as a natural ruler of the 2nd house, it’s placement in the chart is significant. Its position in a chart reveals the amount of money a native will attract. If Venus is favourably placed or aspecting the second house or if also found placed in the second house, then is a good indication of large amount of money.


Jupiter signifies fortune, luck, wealth, abundance and expansion. A well placed Jupiter in a chart ensures good quantum of money. If Jupiter is placed in the second house in its own or exaltation sign then it is wonderful for the financial prospects


Mercury is a significator of commerce and trade. Of course it is an intellectual planet and applying intelligence is mandatory to earn money. In this commercial world, it is important to have strong and well placed Mercury in the horoscope. Mercury gives its results in no time and hence it is experienced that people with favourably placed Mercury accumulate wealth very fast in their lives.


It is Saturn which takes a person towards hard work. It gives rise to the desires to work and provides long-term stability in wealth potential of a person. The placement of Saturn in the 2nd or 8th house strongly contributes towards the accumulation of wealth.

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Some Yogas for financial prosperity in the horoscope:

  • A native is fortunate in terms of money if Jupiter is placed in its own or exaltation sign in his chart. Jupiter is called the biggest fortune in the zodiac.
  • If the Lords of the 1st, 2nd and the 11th houses are placed in their own or friendly signs, the person becomes extremely rich.
  • If Jupiter conjuncts with the lord of 2nd house and Mercury.
  • Jupiter and Venus if exalted in a chart are considered great for making financial fortunes.
  • A benefic influence on the 2nd, 9th, and 11th house or their lords indicate immense gains from investments.
  • The association of quadrant and trine houses as mentioned above they indicate Dhan Yoga and gives high gains.
  • The Lord of the ascendant in 2,5,8,11,5,9 houses along with their Lords is also considered good. 8th particularly signifies unearned money or money in inheritance. 
  • Jupiter placed in lagna and aspected by Lords of the 2nd, 5th, and 9th house also signifies gains through stock market investments.
  • The association of the 5th lord to 2nd house or the 9th, 11th house or the connection of 9th lord to 2nd, 11th or 5th house also gives money through speculations, more so if the ascendant lord is also involved.

These were the few combinations and in order to understand a horoscope fully end number of dips is required to be taken in the vast ocean of astrology. Strength of the planets has their own role to play and is an important aspect to determine the magnitude of wealth one will make. So mere presence of these yogas do not assure the richness in one’s life and one has to talk to an astrologer before getting the true picture of his financial position. 

One needs to determine the strength of the planet from some special ascendants like Arudha Lagna and Indu Lagna also. And final verdict will be given by the running Mahadasha of the planets whereas timing too plays a major role in determining the same. 

A simple remedy for safeguarding financial troubles

Lord Ganesha is a Lord of stability and prosperity. Goddess Lakshmi blesses her devotees with abundant wealth. So in case of severe financial troubles these deities can be worshipped which ultimately strengthen our money and gain houses.

If you want to learn more about Finance Horoscope, you can learn it from the best platform Future Point. The institute is best known for its online astrology course and keep updated with our blog for more interesting things about Horoscope. 

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