Importance of Astrology in Determining the Fate of a Marriage

By: Future Point | 21-Mar-2020
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Importance of Astrology in Determining the Fate of a Marriage

Planets play a crucial role in the cycle of time and determine the kind of fruits our actions will eventually bear. It is the planets that decide, how different domains of our lives would pan out and whether we will taste success or just scrape through life somehow.

When it comes to perhaps the most important event of our life i.e. marriage, the kind of role that planets play in shaping the destiny of our marriage, is simply unparalleled.

Those who want to know the fate of a marriage, should simply decode what the planets are signifying based on their positioning in the natal horoscopes of both the boy & the girl.They should get a personalized reading done by an experienced astrologer.

As far as marriages in India are concerned, Horoscope Matching has its own significance and takes the central role when it comes to finalizing a marriage. If the Kundli or Horoscope of both the boy & the girl match on all the parameters prescribed in Vedic Astrology, it is seen that a marital union formed thereafter, moves ahead smoothly with love & harmony being a natural happening in their married life.

The incredibly low rate of divorces in India even in today’s modern world at a time when the western countries are witnessing abnormally high number of divorce cases, is in itself a testament to the efficacy of the process of Kundli Matching.

How is Horoscope or Kundli Matching done?

In order to determine whether a boy and a girl are best suited to become each other's life partner or not, an astrologer analyzes the Kundli of both the boy & the girl and matches them to understand what the planets are saying about such a union. This process is also called Kundli Milan where the word “Milan” means “the process of matching”.

There are many aspects that are looked at in the process, some of which are:

Real Nature of the Couple

An astrologer primarily decodes “the real and innermost nature” of both the boy & the girl as when it comes to nature, what seems to be on display to the outside world, might differ entirely from what it really is with one’s own partner.

An astrologer makes sure that the individual nature of one, must complement the other and not create unwanted friction in marriage because most married couples more often than not, blame the nature of their partner for the discord in harmony between them.

Health Trajectory of the Couple

The astrologer looks at the health of both the boy & the girl as sound health is absolutely essential for leading a graceful life alongside fulfilling all the responsibilities that a marriage creates. Major health issues can definitely create unnecessary drifts.

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Sexual Compatibility & Prospects of Childbirth

This parameter is important especially when it comes to child birth. Sometimes the planets are positioned in such a way in the horoscope of an individual that they negate childbirth. If such an individual marries someone with an equally weak planetary situation with respect to childbirth, then it becomes nearly impossible to become a parent.

Plus, there are individuals with their horoscopes signifying delay in the birth of a child. This also puts a red flag when it comes to Horoscope Matching. Also sexual compatibility is a natural requirement for marital bliss.

Financial Conditions Signified by Planets 

This may sound a little harsh, but a strong financial state is necessary to lead a life wherein a person has the resources to fulfill all the desires of his/her heart and lead a comfortable life. 

Plus, post marriage, a whole lot of fresh responsibilities enter in the life of a person like childcare, travel, essential expenditures for home and the need to maintain a contingency fund for any health related emergency. Only a strong & stable financial state signified by planets, assure all that.

So, if a person has weak finances signified in his/her horoscope, then that will have a seriously negative rub off effect on the life of the other as well and in-turn on the cumulative life of the couple post marriage.

Hence, irrespective of who is the breadwinner among the couple or for that matter, even if both the husband and wife are earning, a strong financial support by the planets for both the couple is absolutely essential.

Importance of Muhurat & its Effects on Marriage

A Muhurat is the special window of time during which the planets cast certain specific influences (they can be both positive as well as negative) that must be taken into account prior to beginning a major process. 

If a process takes place at a time when the planetary positioning in the Zodiac Belt is showing signs of cosmic support for that process, then the process yields auspicious results and if the planets are negatively charged, then the process must be avoided at all costs.

Only an experienced astrologer can derive the proper Muhurat or a favorable time for marriage. It is therefore very crucial that you consult an astrologer before you plan such an important event of your life.

Post Marital Issues faced by Couples

Couples who either did not marry after properly getting their horoscopes matched or consulted an inexperienced astrologer, are the ones that face issues after they get married.Also there are certain yogas and difficult periods in our horoscope which we all must undergo.Consulting an astrologer can definitely provide comfort in those periods.

So what is the solution?

Well, there is a plethora of remedial measures prescribed in Vedic Astrology that have the potential to either nullify a problem or significantly reduce the magnitude of that problem.

Make no mistake, these remedial measures have immense potential and if an experienced astrologer correctly identifies the relevant remedy that is specific to the problem being faced, then the results can be incredibly powerful and favourable.

The Devastating Manglik Dosha

Mars or Mangal is a highly volatile planet and wreaks havoc in the life of a native if badly positioned in his/her horoscope. Since Mars signifies aggression and is the representative of the Fire element, it is extremely important that Mars must be positively placed in the horoscopes of both the couples.

Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosh is a highly negative planetary flaw that arises in a horoscope due to a specifically ill placed Mars.

This is arguably the one of the most detrimental reason for problems in marriages and it destroys love, trust and harmony between the couple.

Although in rare cases, it is observed that a Manglik Dosha of an extremely aggravated level can even cause the death of a life partner unless treated timely and with powerful Vedic rituals administered by professionals.

So do talk to an astrologer to know whether the Manglik Dosha exists in your horoscope or that of your spouse so that you can make vital decisions in time.

However, if planet Mars is not forming a Manglik Dosha in the horoscope of the couple but placed in a negative way, the couple will still face turbulence and friction in their married life.

In such cases the couple are advised to go for a “Mangal Shanti Puja” that pacifies planet Mars and calms down the storm that the planet is causing in their lives.

Rahu, Ketu and Saturn in the 7th House 

There are 3 naturally malefic planets in astrology:

  1. Rahu, which is the north node of the Moon and is also known as “The Dragon’s Head”.
  2. Ketu, which is the south node of the Moon and is also known as “Dragon’s Tail”.
  3. Saturn or Shani.

These planets, if present in the 7th house of either or both the couple’s horoscope, create bickering and bitterness in their marriage.

The 7th house is the primary house of marriage and represents life-partner. 

Rahu in the 7th house, brings mistrust and misunderstandings among the couple whereas Ketu in the 7th house disturbs the health of the spouse.

Saturn on the other hand, when present in the 7th house causes delay in marriage and post marriage creates a dull & sad marital environment and often keeps the couple away from each other.

Act Responsibly

Marriage is not an aspect of life that you can afford to deal with carelessly or unprepared. It requires due diligence on a person’s part and the absolute need to take proper informed decisions if that person wants to have a married life that would be a manifestation of bliss, joy, love and harmony!

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When it comes to crucial decisions of your life, always consult with the best astrologer in India and take help of the ancient & sacred wisdom of Vedic Astrology to become the master of your own destiny!

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