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Gemstone for Shani Sade Sati

By: Future Point | 27-Sep-2018
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Gemstone for Shani Sade Sati

Gemstone for Shani Sade Sati The Vedic astrology is a science of calculations. As a science of calculations, it decides the future of an individual based on the horoscope or Kundali that would be charted. Therefore, in Vedic astrology at the time of birth, the horoscope which is charted becomes the basis for future predictions. This, horoscope will include details of Moon sign or Rashi, Lagna or Ascendant, Main Period (Mahadasha) and Sub period (antradasha) of the individual native. All these details would have to be encapsulated and studied.

In Indian astrology the predictions are based on two main factors. One of them is the Main and Sub period. The other one is based on the transit of planets. This would include all the nine planets in the orbit. Among the transit of planet, the transit of Jupiter and Saturn are more important. The former is considered Auspicious; however, the latter is the one for transformation and change in life. Especially when one would be in Saturn’s 7.5 years effect also known as Shani Sade Sati.

What is Shani Sade Sati?

To know more about sade sati, one should know how does the sade sati or the 7.5 years is calculated. It is 2.5 years each in the 12th sign from moon sign of the native, then on the moon sign and finally the 2nd sign in the horoscope which totals to 7.5 years. Therefore, the fear that sade sati will be dreadful in the entire 7.5 years is also ill-conceived.

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Now, in this entire 7.5 years of Saturn’s Sade Sati is not dreadful. It is usually the peak period which is in the moon sign of the native which is dreadful. Therefore, one must be careful during the peak phase of sade sati.

This is also the phase where a native is forced with many restrictions. Saturn does not allow a native to expand their activities and make them learn everything through a hard way. Therefore, it is very important to check individual sade sati report than getting into a generic reading. For instance, someone would say that, when Saturn would enter Capricorn Moon sign, it is owned by Saturn and it would be not be inimical to Aquarius. On the other hand, when Saturn would entire Cancer and then to Leo Moon sign, the entire five year is dreadful and leaves a bad mark. Both these extreme theories are incorrect, though the remedy to each one of them could be common.

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What are the effects of Sade sathi?

To know the effects of Sade sati one must divide the effects of sade sati into three phases. The following will be the effects of sade sati in all the three phases.

First Phase: This is the phase where Sade sati would be in the 12th sign from the Moon sign of an individual native. The first 2.5 years from the total of 7.5 years. This phase is set to be the initial phase of Sade sati. A phase where the individual suffers from various problems about expenses. Usually expenses exceed income in this phase.

Second phase: This is the phase where the Saturn is in the Moon sign itself. This phase brings bring much hardship to the native. Therefore, this is considered to be the most dreadful phase. This phase is the second 2.5 years of the 7.5 years being faced by an individual. If adverse to a native horoscope, then remedies are a must. Else, the problems can lead to much severe level. Health problems, imprisonment if undertaking any unlawful activity, can lead to problems during this phase.

Third Phase: This is the last phase. This phase will see income slowing down than expenses. Therefore, financial problems are very eminent during this phase. Thus, the last 2.5 years of Sade sathi, bring financial problems for the first 1.5 years and in the last 1 year, it slowly releases the native from all problems that they face.

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Which is the best gemstone as remedy during Sade sati?

Since the effects of sade sati can be severe, one of the best remedies for sade sati is to wear a Blue sapphire or Neelam gemstone, known in Hindi. This is a good gemstone which will ward off many ill effects of sade sati. It is worn either as a ring or as an amulet around the neck. This sade sathi gemstone assures peace, prosperity, good health and good deeds. Let us see some of the benefits of wearing a Neelam gemstone.

  • It is one of the fastest acting gemstones and the impact is felt instantantly. It can bless with wealth, good luck, opportunity, and promotion etc within 1 day to a month of wearing it.
  • When Blue Sapphire is suitable it shows miraculous results especially in Saturn Transits like the Sade Sati. One can feel the relief instantly by viewing a boost in metabolism, energy and the pallor of gloom going away.
  • Neelam Stone is a highly protective gemstone. It helps in protection from enemies, evil eye, hexing, jealousy etc.
  • Blue Sapphire blesses with mental clarity, clears confusion and blesses the individual with the correct decision-making abilities.
  • It gives name, fame and a formidable reputation.

Thus, the above are some of the best solutions during Sade sati. However, the only caveat is to check whether Blue sapphire is a suitable gem to a native or no. To know the same, readers can write to us at or Visit our Website for more details. We at Future Point have been practising astrology for the past three decades and have been providing astrological consultations and solutions to one and all.

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