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Foreign Travel and Abroad Settlement as Per Vedic Astrology

By: Future Point | 27-Sep-2018
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Foreign Travel and Abroad Settlement as Per Vedic Astrology

Foreign travel and Abroad settlement have been the dream aspiration for many Indians. As a highly educated and skilled labour in the word, Indian’s have been highly a readily trained source of work force to a Foreign country. The world recognised India and Indian as a Knowledge hub especially post liberalization in the country. Therefore, this has become a new norm to many young, skilled and educated aspirants in India. But how would one know if they are destined to travel abroad or even settle abroad?

In fact, for Foreign settlement or foreign travel in horoscope is one of the time-tested methods which people have been checking out for ages and it is through Astrology and the horoscope of an individual native one can easily come to know the future prospects.

How can astrology help in this case?

As one would know, the Hindu script of Vedas has recognised 6 auxiliary subjects as an extension of Vedic learning. These 6 auxiliary subjects are known as Vedangas in the Vedic scrip. Follow are the 6 subjects: Shiksha, Chandas, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Kalpa and Jyotisha. Thus, the importance of Jyotisha which invented the mathematical subjects of Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry etc., become the Eye of Vedas. It has been recognised by the Vedas that with out Jyotish or astrology, the Vedas is incapable to see the future. Thus, the formulation of horoscope, for a native at the time of birth is purely a mathematical derivation.

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It is thus, case of foreign settlement in Kundli (horoscope) can easily be analysed by an expert and learnt astrologer. All that they would need the exact time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. Accordingly, in the horoscope of the native, the nine planet and the twelve zodiac signs would give details of possibility of foreign travel and also answers to many unresolved questions.

How to check the possibility of foreign travel o Abroad Settlement?

This would need a detailed study of horoscope. Since, as horoscope of a native would clearly tell the timing and also the purpose of foreign travel. In fact, the same can also tell us the possibility of settlement too.

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It is here that it is always recommended to consult a learnt and expert astrologer who can provide much required night to the seeker of details. However, we at Future Point, a team of expert and learnt astrologers for the past three decades have applied our experience here and provided some pointers for our readers.

Kindly note, these are general rule and for specific query, readers would need to consult on a one on one basis with an astrologer to get answers to their specific query.

3rd house in a horoscope:

One of the first step which an experienced and learnt astrologer would undertake is to check the position of 3rd house from the ascendant or lagna in horoscope. They would also take note of the lord of the 3rd house and then make a comparative study.

Since, the 3rd house is the house for short travel, this study of this house would indicate if a native would undertake several short travels (domestic as well as abroad) to fulfil their desire. Usually these travels are studies with regard to the profession that one would undertake.

9th house in a horoscope:

This is a house from the ascendant in a horoscope which is studied in great detailed when a native is interested to travel abroad for higher studies. The house, the lord of 9th house and the position of the 9th house lord would be taken into consideration. Since, the timing of study and the area of study is also undertaken to check the future prospects in a native’s horoscope.

Much importance is given to this house in the present day, especially when the younger generation has good inclination to learn newer areas of study and then settle in their career.

12th house in a horoscope:

Finally, this is a house which indicated permanent settlement. In fact, this has also indicates imprisonment. Some time imprisonment in a foreign land. Therefore, while studying this house, a expert and learnt astrologer would also check the combination of other houses that support the 12th house. Since a combination of houses along with 12th house would indicate if the native can actually settle abroad and seek residenceship or even citizenship eventually.

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Thus, some indications is given though these houses and then the astrologer would form an analysis.

However, the exercise does not rest here. The Main Period (Mahadasha) and Sub Period (Antradasha) is also analysed in great detail. This is undertaken the predict the exact timing of events which would take the native to the next level. Also, the Study of planet Saturn is also important. As he is the Karaka for foreign travel. Therefore, his grace is also important in finalising a study.

To know more about foreign travel and settlement, readers are advised to take a one to one consultation and seek answers to their query. They can also write to us or Visit our website for more details.

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