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Difference between Pranic Healing and Reiki Healing

By: Future Point | 25-Sep-2018
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Difference between Pranic Healing and Reiki Healing

Earlier blessed were those who had the capability and the rare gift from god to heal people spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Only people who had this god gift were allowed to practice this technique of healing others until this 1900’s. During the starting of this era, a lot of people were curious to find ways and tools & techniques to heal people in a natural way and this invented a group of people who introduced themselves as “Energy masters and healers” and these were the ones who were having the knowledge of the tools and techniques to heal up any person. These same felt the urge and importance to spread this knowledge and ways of healing techniques for the betterment and upliftment of the society and masses at large. This curiosity and the need to benefit others with the healing process gave birth to the popularity and craze for the now adopted healing techniques commonly known as “Pranic Healing” and “Reiki Healing”.

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Over the years, there have a lot of inventions and discoveries going on to find the best healing techniques, but the most commonly followed remains the above mentioned healing techniques only. We know that there are numerous modalities and versions of “energy healing” techniques, but let’s discuss the two main healing techniques:

What is known as Pranic Healing?

Pranic healing is one of the most effective and followed healing techniques that has evolved over the years. This healing technique is being developed and formulated by its designer who is Master Chao kuk Sui, who developed this healing science by his rigorous and extensive study on different esoteric sciences. The healing technique is based on the ‘no- touch’ formula, that focusses on utilizing the ‘prana’ to fully balance, transform and harmonize all the body’s energy and its process.

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What is “Reiki Healing”?

It is also a different type of healing methodology in which the therapist can do reiki healing at home and is involved in channelling positive energy in the concerned person or a patient usually through the medium of touch. It is done to harmonize, by bringing in sync and activating all the natural healing capabilities and abilities in a person’s body, which further helps to restore all types of health that are physical, mental and emotional health.

What is the difference between “pranic healing” & “reiki healing”?

Healing Methodology used: Reiki as a healing technique is usually done and practiced only by reaching a certain level of practice and several forms of practices that is done and followed by its masters and practitioners. While the healing method used in pranic healing is by allowing the free flow of energy at a particular wished frequency that helps in turning out every type of negative energy in to positive energy. In this process, each type of element is also used (air, water, sun, fire and earth) that further facilitates the process of activating the body chakras which carry forward the healing process. In the end, the negative energy is nullified and discarded and cleaned off by using mineral salt to neutralize the effect.

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The side effects involved: Reiki is absolutely side effect proof and is it is one of the best reiki healing benefits and as well it does not have any bad and negative effect on the healer and the person going for the treatment of reiki. Pranic healing treatment also does not have any side effects involved but there has to be a specific set of guidelines and rules that one should follow in the process of the energy flow and all the chakra healings in the body. One must note that it is not advisable to perform this, if the healer is unsure about a particular chakra and how to heal it properly. At such instances, taking chances should be avoided and can act as risky for the person in question.

The procedure of Energy Flow: in the healing and treatment of reiki, there is no particular and directed flow for the energy in the body. There is always a free flow of energy with no restriction in between the process. However, there is a proper spot and field located in the body where in the maximum energy is required to flow with the main focus and attention to clear any blockages in the energy field. In pranic healing methodology, there is a particular energy centres for the specific chakras in the body. The focus lies in to cleanse, harmonise, balance and stabilise each chakra with the required amount of positive energy.

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