Serpent curse or sarp dosha in chart

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Serpent curse or sarp dosha in chart

In Vedic astrology, Dosha is given importance and studied in great detail. Since, a Dosha is a curse, the impact and the problems associated with it must be completely understood first. As most of the Doshas can be serious and would need remedies accordingly hence, whenever there is any delay, denial, problems or hardships, due to some Dosha then one would analyse the same in kundali or horoscope and recommend solutions.

Now, the list of Doshas is exhaustive. Since, Dosha is formed in a horoscope due to certain planetary placement and configuration. The problem of dosha cannot be learnt or explained in simple sentence. For example: Kaal Sarpa Dosha. Many would know that this dosha is formed due to all the planets getting hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. But, since they are of many types, one should know the exact cause and then suggest remedies.

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There is another Dosha which resembles Kaal Sarpa Dosha and that is Sarpa Dosha. Though this resembles with Kaal Sarpa Dosha, the two are not identical. Although the two is formed due to Rahu and Ketu. The formation of a Sarpa Dosha is due to certain curse that one has accumulated in the earlier birth and that is carried forward in the present birth. There are many more differences. For Instances: Sarpa Dosha can also be seen in the horoscope of a person who goes through the following after his death like: Improper or no cremation, death through accident, murder, suicide, poisoning, body tearing into pieces in a bomb blast, cremating without complete body parts (main parts not found), cremations done very late by strangers but not blood relatives etc.

What are the Effects of Sarpa Dosha?

Some of the effects of Sarpa Dosha are: Frequent miscarriages, physically or mentally challenged kids. For Male members, it can be low sperm count or impotency. For females it can be, late marriages and multiple failures in attempts to get married.

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There are other problems too which has been seen in the recent past for example, slow growth of brain and intelligence in a newborn. Frequently affected by nightmares, occult or black magic done by others, or it can be done by the person in their life time which boomeranged. Sometimes, in extreme cases, possessed by evil spirits.

Instances have been seen that native suffering from Sexually transmitted diseases due to Sarpa Dosha, native suffering from Cancer or Kidney stones, weak liver or pancreas.

In the present age it has been found that if a native is suffering from Sarpa Dosha, then their Son or Daughter rejecting marriage quite often or becoming homosexual individuals. Thus, the effects of Sarpa Dosha in Horoscope can be many and may have varied results.

Reasons for Sarpa Dosha formed in a horoscope?

Sarpa Dosha is also known as Naga Dosha in Southern Parts of India. There are many reasons for the formation of this Dosha. The Main reasons are occult or black magic activities done by ancestors and self-made mistakes in previous lives.

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Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha does not mean just killing snakes or reptiles.

Even killing an unborn child (abortion) will have same effect as sperm is considered similar to snake (its shape and crawling method).

Now in Vedic astrology, Ketu controls life after death. Which means right from when death starts in present life till entering into a womb for next life.

Therefore to determine Sarpa Dosha in a horoscope, above symptoms (effects) can be helpful and then personal horoscope along with horoscopes of family members will be helpful for examination. If similar experiences are observed in a family, then the family members should share and consult a learnt and expert astrologer only.

Astrologically how is this dosha formed?

In astrology the following combinations should be observed. Rahu occupying the 8th house from lagna, identical with a malefic sign to the ascendant, in conjunction with or aspected by Sani (Saturn) or Rahu and Gulika in the eighth from the ascendant or Rahu occupying the badhaka Rasi in conjunction with Sani or aspected by Sani and Rahu and Gulika in the badhaka Rashis.

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Apart from this, if Rahu and Ketu is in the 1st, 2nd, 5th , 7th and 8th house, is generally said to have Sarpa dosha. Here too there are differences.

If Ketu occupies the lagna called Manglya Sarpa Dosha causes delay in marriage. Ketu in the 2nd house called Aayurbhava Sarpa dosha creates longevity problems.

In another scenario, Ketu occupies the 11th house called Putra bhava, Sarpa dosha causes progeny related problems.

What are the Sarpa Dosha Remedies and Mantras?

The most commonly, chanted, remedy or Mantras for Sarpa Dosha is to chant Sarpa Sukta. This is also known as Subramanian Sukta in the southern parts of India. The following is the text of Sarpa Dosha Mantra. This should be chanted for 108 times each day.

ब्रह्मलोकेषु ये सर्पा शेषनाग परोगमा:।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।1।।

इन्द्रलोकेषु ये सर्पा: वासु‍कि प्रमुखाद्य:।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।2।।

कद्रवेयश्च ये सर्पा: मातृभक्ति परायणा।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।3।।

इन्द्रलोकेषु ये सर्पा: तक्षका प्रमुखाद्य।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।4।।

सत्यलोकेषु ये सर्पा: वासुकिना च रक्षिता।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।5।।

मलये चैव ये सर्पा: कर्कोटक प्रमुखाद्य।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।6।।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।7।।

सर्वग्रामेषु ये सर्पा: वसंतिषु संच्छिता।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।8।।

ग्रामे वा यदि वारण्ये ये सर्पप्रचरन्ति।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।9।।

समुद्रतीरे ये सर्पाये सर्पा जंलवासिन:।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।10।।

रसातलेषु ये सर्पा: अनन्तादि महाबला:।

नमोस्तुतेभ्य: सर्पेभ्य: सुप्रीतो मम सर्वदा।।11।।

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