Feng Shui Tips for Better Living

By: Future Point | 02-Feb-2018
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Feng Shui Tips for Better Living

Feng Shui is a Chinese traditional discipline which studies the way in which human beings co-exist in harmony with nature. Feng Shui is basically composed of two words Feng and Shui which literally mean wind and water respectively.

After establishing the harmony between wind and water along with other three elements in any premise whether it be residential complex or a business premise we can ensure the perennial circulation of Chi energy. As we know that the balance and equilibrium of all the elements ensure the continuous flow of positive Chi which brings about peace, happiness and prosperity.

However, in the present scenario due to the space constraint, it is not at all possible to arrange all the sectors according to their representative elements. In such a situation, Feng Shui provides us many ways by means of which we can enhance our luck.

Here are the important tips which may bring about all the desired success, peace, happiness, prosperity and harmony:

Front Entrance:

The Chi energy enters the house through the front entrance. So, it must be taken care of properly. Keep in mind the following things:


  • Remove all obstacles such as shrubbery, objects, furniture etc. from the entrance.
  • The entrance should be properly lighted. Replace defective bulbs and other sources of light which are not in right shape.
  • Remove dead plants, trees and shrubbery alongside the pathway of the entrance.
  • Trim and neaten up the yard.
  • Keep sidewalks and entrance swept and clean.
  • Replace worn out doormats.
  • Don't align the front door directly across from the back door or the Chi will go right through the house and out the back door.


Staircases can cause the Chi to rush through the front door and upstairs depriving the first floor of positive Chi. Hence, the following precautions must be taken before the planning of construction of staircases:





  • Don't place a staircase directly across from front door entrance.
  • Don't make staircase cramped and narrow.
  • Don't place a bedroom door that opens directly into a staircase.
  • Don't use a spiral staircase because this causes energy to twist and rash upward and create negative Chi.


Kitchen is the most important sector because here the food is prepared for each individual of the house which keeps everyone energetic and healthy. Following points should be taken into account while making arrangement for the kitchen:




  • Don't place kitchen facing the front door.
  • Don't place kitchen facing bedroom.
  • Always keep kitchen clutter-free.
  • Don't let the dirty utensils pile up in the kitchen and wash them immediately.
  • Throw away spoiled food.


Bathrooms are also one of the important areas in the house and play a quite significant role in the happiness and prosperity of the inmates of the house. Take into account the following tips:




  • Close toilet lid before flushing and keep it closed when not in use.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed at all times.
  • Place a mirror on the inside of bathroom door to reflect any negative Chi and containing it in the bathroom.


Bedrooms are the places where you come and retire after the hectic work all along the daytime. You want to feel complete peace, sereneness and relaxation, so it must be equipped with all the Feng Shui compatible principles so that the positive Chi could flow in the bedroom and give complete calmness and relaxation:




  • Bed in any room must have a solid wall behind it. This is essential if you want good rest. A concrete wall makes sure you go into deeper slumber and consequently wake up feeling relaxed and fresh.
  • Don't place bed directly across from the door.
  • Don't place the bed in front of the window.
  • Don't sleep with feet facing the door.
  • Don't sleep underneath beams.
  • In a couple's bedroom don't keep two separate beds. If it is so at least make sure that bedsheet is of a double size which covers both the separate mattresses together.
  • Suspend twin crystal balls in order to maintain love and harmony between husband and wife.
  • Keep either Mandarin Ducks or love birds for better harmony and love between husband and wife.

Windows and Doors:

Energy enters and leaves your home through doors and windows. You need to be mindful of this energy flow whenever placing furniture. Keep in mind the following tips while making arrangement for doors and windows:




  • Replace broken window panes.
  • Make sure all windows and the doors open and close easily.
  • Replace tattered, torn or worn windows and the doors.
  • Repair defective door and window locks.
  • Avoid placing furniture that blocks doors and windows.

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