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Important Vastu Tips

By: Future Point | 02-Feb-2018
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The importance of Vastu has been prove throughout the world since the time in memorial. It is universal truth that the every particle in the cosmos is composed of 5 primordial compounds whether it be living or nonliving organisms.

The balance of these 5 compounds is essential for the existence of anybody or substance for long. Hence it is essential to keep in mind that the balance of all these ailments in the residential as well as commercial dwellings must be kept in balance by a construction of the areas represented by each ailment like the kitchen represent in the fire ailment in the direction represented by fire ailment like southeast.

However in modern times when there is space constraint to its optimum, it is not possible to construct every part of the house or commercial establishments taking into account the Vastu principles. In that scenario its becomes essential to take care of certain essential aspects of life through certain remedies.

For the benefit of the readers important Vastu Tips are being given :

1. Delay in marriage:

It is a popular adage that girls are treasure of others and parents are just the custodians till their marriages are solemnized. That’s why, the parents are always worried to get their daughter married at the earliest. In order to get early and good proposal for marriage Vastu suggest that the girls should not be given room in South-West direction. Rather, they should be accommodated in a room in North-West. This is so because North-West is considered to be the most unstable zone in the house because it is the vayavya kona. On the contrary South-West is considered to be the most stable zone because of the presence of earth element in this area hence don’t let the girl easily go out of the house after getting married.


Delay in Marriage


2. Causes of late marriage:

Vastu also points out the vivid reasons as to why there is delay in marriage. We know that South-West is the most unstable zone of the house because in this area earth element is predominant. If this area is kept heavy and high then it is good on the contrary if any ditch or underground water tank is constructed in this area, it may cause the delay in marriage of marriageable boys and girls. The girls especially are advised not to use the bedroom constructed in South-West and it should be used only as the master bedroom.

3. Causes of upheavals in marriage:

Every individual wants peace and happiness in the household especially after marriage. However, it is observed more often that most of the couples have grievances from the spouse and they start fighting like cats and dogs. In order to establish peace and harmony in conjugal life Vastu suggests that the couple must not live in a bedroom constructed in South-East zone because this is a fiery zone and whosoever stays in this bedroom has clashes with others because the presence of fiery element makes the temperament fiery. If the couple remain in this bedroom for a longer period the scuffle may even lead to separation or divorce. Apart from it, the kitchen of the house should also be located in a proper direction i.e. in South-East representing fire element or in North-West which has predominance of air element but it is friendly to fire element. If the kitchen is not placed in either of these two directions, there are differences of opinion between husband and wife leading to feuds which ultimately prove fatal.

4. Problem in progeny:


Problem in progeny

If a couple is not blessed with a child for a long time even after their effort then they must check the Vastu of the house. If there is any cut in North-East direction or if North-East direction is heavier than other directions then there will be problem in conception. Beside this, the main entrance door should also be taken care of. The main entrance door must open inside because the positive energy enters from the main door. The opening of the gate outwardly is a bad omen and not considered good in Vastu.


General Tips


1. Do not have any creeper or climbing type of plant to grow on wall.

2. Do not have any broken glass in house not even use them.

3. If on entrance, there is any broken or cracked stairs, repair it.

4. Do not have a huge bundle of unused things for too much time.

5. If possible put on a used Black horse's Shoe on the entrance.

6. If there is any beam above any sitting place of bedroom, you can use false ceiling.

7. Do not make pooja place in bedroom. If there is no alternative, cover it while sleeping.

8. Have pooja place in Northeast, East or North direction in your house.

9. If there is any bore feeling in drawing room, use scented air fresheners.

10. Electronic or any entertainment material should be in Southeast, West or Northwest corner.

11. Do not have stove or gas in North direction, It will increase the expenditure.

12. In construction of your house building, do not use any material discarded from any other building.

13. There should not be any pillar, well or swamp in front of entrance door.

14. Do not make trash in-front of your house.

15. Do not sleep under beam or ladder steps.

16. Do not sleep in room having lot of corners.

17. Do not live in basement.

18. If the doors are noisy or work on their own, repair them.

19. Do not make Pooja ghar beneath stairs.

20. Do not make large holy place for a big gathering, it is not really suggested.

21.There should not be kitchen door in-front of entrance door, not even the gas or stove.

22. The doors of Bedroom and kitchen should not face each other.

23. Bedroom in Northeast direction or beneath stairs is not recommended because it effects the health of people and also restricts wealth.

24. Do not make toilet and store room adjoining, it will make your stomach upset.

25. If there is a big tree or something which restricts sun rays, try to make it like that so it should not make any shadow.