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Decoding the link between Zodiac Signs and Our Body Parts

By: Future Point | 05-Feb-2018
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Decoding the link between Zodiac Signs and Our Body Parts

Ever since the birth of astrology from ancient times, astrologers have linked and established the fact that each of the twelve zodiac signs influences and rules a certain area of the body or a particular body part. The regions of these body parts were then assigned from head to toe that follows the zodiac pattern order from Aries to Pisces.

To know which body part is influenced by which zodiac is of great significance. This will let us know which the weak points in our body are and thus precaution can be taken accordingly. The other significance lies in the influence of each zodiac sign when it has the presence of Moon in them.

For example, Aries always rule the upper part of the body that is the head, therefore when Aries has the influence of the moon and the astral influence, the native will said to have a chance of suffering from severe migraines and other brain affections that are very likely to occur.

Following is a list for a better understanding of which zodiac sign influences which body part:


Aries is the first zodiac sign and is said to be ruling all the upper parts of the body, which is head, eyes, ears and also the circulatory system of the head and the shoulders.


Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac list rules the throat that also includes the neck, the thyroid gland, and the vocal cord. A true Taurean is often seen to have a long and stiff neck, sometimes it is their neck that acts as a standout feature in their body.


Gemini is the third sign and rules the nervous system of the body, which further includes the shoulders, arms, lungs, hands and also the fingers. Gemini is known to be representing the ‘duality in every sphere’ thus it rules every body part that is in a pair or is ‘twins’. Sometimes, a Gemini may be found struggling with diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety issues, smoking-related illness and breathing problems.


Cancer sign rules the chest muscles, the breasts, pancreas, and the stomach. People born under this sign, are often seen to be struggling with weight problems and digestion issues.

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Leo sign is said to be the ruler of heart, back, upper back, spine and spinal cord. Leo people are generally found to have a strong backbone and are known to be the bravest of all signs. It is said that if a Leo restricts him/her self from following the passion, they can easily get a heart disease.


Virgo sign is the ruler of the whole digestive system, which includes the parts like intestines and spleen. Virgos are known to have a strong instinctive intuition about their own well beings- such as the gut feeling or gut instinct. Virgo natives are also known to be the most health conscious amongst all the other zodiacs.


Libra sign is known to be ruling the kidneys, endocrine system, lumbar region, the skin, and buttocks. The person born under this sign always have a good balance and support in life. Also, they might have particularly good and healthy skin.


Scorpio as a sign rules the sex organs, the reproductive system, bowels and the excretory system. A person born under this sign generally have a high sex drive than the other zodiac signs. Scorpios are also known to make a good investigator. Scorpions also usually have a good understanding of transformation and can uncover any nefarious or bad doings.

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Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac in the list and rules the hips, liver, thighs, sciatic nerve and pituitary gland. Sagittarians are often blessed with beautiful legs and with an only little bit of workout, they can look gorgeous, toned and fit.


Capricorn is the tenth in the zodiac list rules the knees, skeletal system, teeth and all the joints. People born under this sign will generally have fine skeletal and bone structure. But, they should remain precautious for any injury to the bones; especially the knee injury.


Aquarius as a sign rules the calves, the ankles, shins and the circulatory system. An Aquarian native may sometime experience troublesome Achilles heels. They are usually said to have attractive legs and particularly well defined and structured.


Pisces is the twelfth and last zodiac sign on the list. Pisces as a sign rules the lymphatic system, body fat, feet, and toes. Usually, it is found that a Piscean native may have a fleshy appearance and especially on the face. A person born under this zodiac sign may simply love foot massages. No matter how much you love your feet, you might end up feeling jealous from a Piscean, because of their well structured and toned feet.

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