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How to Redesign Your House According to Your Zodiac Sign

By: Future Point | 29-Jan-2018
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We recommend you how to renew the decoration of your home with some feng shui tips below.

Feng Shui is the art that seeks to maintain the balance of the human being with the environment, as well as with the materials that make up its habitat.

As we know, each sign has different needs and specific characteristics that is why here we tell you what elements to use in decorating your home, according to the personality and the elements that govern your zodiac sign.

Zodiac Sign



You are active, creative, adventurous and impulsive, with reactions that can become somewhat abrupt. Your motto is "dare now, repent later". That's why in the home, you opt for unconventional decorations. You like to live in a clean, tidy and very spacious space. Add elements in all the rooms of the house in violet or red tones, they will provide energy and vitality to your life.


You like the beautiful things that nature offers you; in general you are a person of simple tastes who loves and knows how to appreciate beauty in all aspects. You yourself radiate harmony and sensuality. You are realistic, with your feet on the ground. You like to live comfortably and not ostentatiously, in open spaces that allow you to feel in touch with the outside. Placing plants, a small fountain or some element that has to do with nature, will provide tranquility, harmony and peace to the home.


The sign of Gemini is a dual sign, which allows you to adapt easily to any situation. Sensitive and intuitive, you like to learn new things and surround yourself with people willing to share your ideals. You like to live in a space where you feel safe and comfortable, imbued with your personality. Choosing to decorate the house with simple but useful decorations will help you find more stability in the emotional field.




You are a sensitive person. However, you have a hard shell to protect you from the outside. Your interior is fragile, you tend to pass through your life through emotional ups and downs, and usually remember your childhood in search of answers about your current "I". Sometimes you face life with a certain fear towards the future. You like to live in a "beautiful" space that meets your expectations. Find a way for light to enter your home. Decorating with warm colors will make you feel less stressed and you can rest better.


You are strong, admired by everyone and your power is the engine of your life. You often fall into superficiality and ostentation, although you also have to say that you are much more than the image others make of you. You like to live exuberantly; sometimes you fall into the error of saturating your home with too many decorations. Remember that sometimes, less is more. Decorating the house with inconspicuous colors, such as white, black or brown, will bring balance to your life and will make you feel with unusual happiness.


Prudent and reasonable, you sometimes have a critical and analytical spirit about yourself and those around you. You are meticulous and you like things well done, but beware! Well done in your own way, which is the only one valid to your way of understanding? You can become obsessed with small details that others hardly see. You like to live in a space decorated and ordered by you. You are a lover of cleanliness and good taste. Decorating the house with wooden elements will bring positive energy that will help keep you away from anger and misunderstandings.


Sign of instinct, of power, of security, as well as of the inner world, of the ghosts that each one holds inside. You are an extreme person in everything you undertake, you make yourself felt without wanting to, because your firm, sure and strong step is felt. Do not go unnoticed. You like to live under your own rules and conditions; you do not tolerate chaos or disorder. Acquiring a relic or decorating the house with objects from the past will help you find a solution to the problem that has plagued you for some time.


You are an independent, frank and kind person, open to others, to new challenges. You are idealistic, generous and sincere, you are not afraid of your words. You like to surround yourself with wisdom and knowledge. Your temperament is prone to good humor and optimism. You like to live in a happy place, with bright colors that make you happy. Decorating the house with pictures or photographs, will bring to your life the vitality and positive energy you need every day


Vastu-Home Decor


Ambitious and multifaceted, with an enormous discipline at work, but also in other areas of your life, in search of a professional and, by extension, personal accomplishment. Discreet and calm, you travel the path fixed in your life without noticing your intentions, which makes you mysterious and unpredictable to others. You like to live in a unique place, worthy of those who visit it, never forget it. Decorating the house with original elements of metal or precious stones, will remove bad energies that come from outside.


You are a social being and you always usually surround yourself with friends and well-known people. You are idealistic, with a great sense of justice and tolerance, you commit yourself in that sense in order to help as much as possible to make your world a better place. You symbolize hope and dreams, spirituality applied to real life. You like to live in a place that reflects peace, which is comfortable for you and for others. Decorating the house with different colors in cheerful colors, will help you to fill yourself with strength and positive energy to face any challenge.


You are a dual sign, difficult to describe, because your imagination and inner world have no limits. You yourself may sometimes have difficulty determining where the real ends and where the imaginary begins. Your great sensibility and intuition increase your receptivity to those things difficult to perceive for the most earthly signs. You are also more vulnerable and frail than the other signs. You like to live in an illuminated place, spacious and with little noise. Decorating the house with elements related to the sea, a painting or some books will provide peace and inner tranquility.