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Benefits of consulting the best astrologer

By: Future Point | 11-Dec-2020
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Benefits of consulting the best astrologer

“Everything is destined” many people say this so then why should we talk to an Astrologer. Whatever has to happen will happen right? Yes it’s true in fact Vedic astrology says the same thing only that when an individual is born, a snapshot of the stars in the solar system that time is clicked as we see from the earth and the placement is fixed which makes our lagna chart. 

The yoga’s formed, be it good or bad, luck, fortune, marriage, progeny etc. all factors are kind of decided and in front of us but if you consult the best astrologers in Delhi, we do get guidance on how things will be in the future.  

I still remember I was hell bent on doing computers in my college and my parents went to the best astrologer who suggested that I will not be able to perform well in computers and rather should do management. As a teenager it was very tough for me to understand why my parents would trust an astrologer for my career counselling but turns out he was right. 

I didn’t even get through the computer course but passed the management entrance exam with flying colours. So there are a lot of benefits for consulting a professional astrologer.  

The few aspects that need astrologer’s guidance according to me are -  

1. Understanding yourself and your strengths –

If you talk to an astrologer, s/he can by reading your chart and especially your lagna (your ascendant’s sign and planets placed as well as aspecting it) can guide you about your strengths & to your character. If you talk to an astrologer about this, it gives you a good feeling about yourself and boosts your self-confidence.  

2. Helps you understand your personal relationships -

The houses denoting relations like 4th house for mother, 3rd for younger co-borns, 9th for father, 7th for spouse etc. can be analysed by the best astrologers and they help you in many ways to connect with the people around you. The best astrologers can guide you if you need to work on any relationship or if you have trouble in any relationship. They also suggest astrology remedies that solve relationship problems. 

3. Career astrology -

This is one of the main reasons why people should consult a good astrologer. You may be very good in a line or may not be able to decide which line to go into. A good astrologer will study your 10th house and tell you what kind of profession you are likely to excel in and you should put your efforts towards it. Even in COVID times, one can get an online kundli made & talk to an astrologer about your career.  

To understand this better for instance if Saturn has an association with 10th house shows law profession, Mars is related to army or surgeon, sun in government, Mercury in financial side, Jupiter in teaching & Venus in some glamorous profession. Of course there are many other factors that a good astrologer will study and guide an individual about.

4. Marriage -

Kundli matching has been happening in our country since centuries now. Even in mythological texts we have read about it. Who can forget that Shri Ram & Sita had 36 gun matching? Though I feel the Kundli matching techniques are orthodox and male dominated, people still prefer to talk to an astrologer to confirm whether the boy and girl will be happy and stay together or not. The high divorce rate even in our country now is driving this. 

The best astrologer will not only see the basic gun matching & mangal dosh but also study the lagna of both. Online kundli of boy & girl can be matched to see how many guns are matching out of 36.  

If the lagna lords are friends or not and if the moon signs are matching well or not to see compatibility in future. Also few houses need to be checked like 2nd house which is karak for kutumb, 4th house which is a karak for domestic peace, 7th house which is a karak for marital happiness, 8th house which is a karak for longevity as well as spouse wealth & 12th house which is a karak for expenses and casual sex. After analysing all these factors one can come to a conclusion and of course studying the D-9 chart which is very important for marriage. 

5. Health -

It is rightly said that health is wealth. If you have any issues with your health then of course after visiting a doctor one does feel like checking from a good astrologer about when the disease will get over and the bad time will come to an end. There are also astrology remedies like wearing a stone or doing some donation by seeing your individual chart and that can help in coming out of a situation. If the best astrologer can predict a health trouble in future, then that also can be taken care of by getting relevant tests done & seeing a doctor.  

6. Progeny -

The basic reason for getting married is having a child and taking your name further. All couples after a few years of marriage do want to grow their families and a good astrologer can guide them a time to plan so. Here Jupiter aspect or transit is studied in great detail and then one can tell the time for child birth. If they see that child bearing is tough then astrology remedies can be suggested for the same. Also quite a few people are interested in knowing the gender of the child born and a good astrologer can suggest that by studying the divisional chart D-7 and then predict the same.  

In short you may be facing problems in any aspect of life or at the brink of making a decision or just planning to start something new or simply want to know what’s in store in the future, you can look for guidance of the best astrologer in India and make things work better for you.  

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