Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio on your zodiac

By: Future Point | 12-Dec-2020
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Impact of Venus Transit in Scorpio on your zodiac

In Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered as an auspicious planet that symbolizes luxury and the penchant for all things opulent. A favourable Venus in Kundli is often responsible for providing pleasures in life.

The planet is capable of bringing material comforts in one’s life when in a favourable position. The native enjoys a charming presence, along with a personality that attracts everyone. Success follows in their footsteps, as they progress in life through happiness and material comforts that stem from luxuries in life.  

A person with strong Venus in his/her Kundli manages to win everyone’s heart with their alluring personality. Planet Venus is also called the brightest planet among all the others, and is often remarked as the morning star by many. In Vedic Astrology, planet Venus is considered to be a factor of physical features and looks. 

A person with a strong Venus in Kundli, or a Venus enjoying favourable position gets to bathe in luxuries and worldly pleasures. They are good-looking and cherish love & harmony in life. A strong Venus also leads to marital bliss and fulfilment of all desires.

They are passionate in love and have a romanticized stance on love. However, if the position of Venus in Kundli is not favourable, then the person has to endure an unsuccessful love life. 

They remain untouched by the different pleasures of life, and remain amiss in enjoying the wordly affairs. A weak Venus in Kundli also interferes in love relationships, owing to constant bickering and unfulfillment of desires along with reduction in material pleasures, and encountering stress in married life while hindering prosperity.  

In Astrology, Venus is believed to lord over the Taurus & Libra zodiac sign. Due to the auspicious effects of Venus in Kundli, one gets a charming personality and enjoys their stance while holding everyone’s attention on them. Their charming personality and alluring aura attracts everyone easily, while increasing their social standing. 

Planet Venus is going to transit in the Scorpio zodiac sign on 11th December 2020, Friday at 05:17 A.M. and will remain in the same zodiac till 05:03 A.M. of 4th January 2021, Monday. During this significant period in time, the planet is going to cause some major changes in all the zodiac signs. 

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During Venus Transit in Scorpio, the planet will enter your 8th house which could reflect on your future negatively. This Venus Transit cannot be referred to as positive for you, since your expenses are highly likely to skyrocket in this period. You will be sneaky and splurge in things that you do not require. On the business front, you will be struggling due to faltering finances. 

Your emotions will be on a whirlwind during this transit period. Since Venus greatly impacts your sense of pleasures in life, you will be facing great difficulties in enjoying yourself. Your weaknesses will be highlighted in front of your opponents, thus exposing your vulnerable side to them. Beware of shooting your anger off the balance. Your work-life balance will be disturbed. 

A weakened luck will cause hindrance in your work schedule. This would also impact your productivity. Due to the impact of this transit, there will be some fluctuating conditions at work which would not be so great for the tasks at hand. Stress and anxiety due to your tasks lagging behind will be heightened. 

During Venus Transit in Scorpio, you are advised to stay away from investments. Avoid any hasty decisions; before investing money anywhere make sure you calculate your profits and losses beforehand, to avoid any repercussions later.

To combat this situation from happening, put your best foot forward and stay cautious of shoddy businesses. During this transitional period, you are advised to take special care of your health. Do not let stress and anxiety take control of your life. Practice regular exercise & meditation, so that you end 2020 on a better note.  


During this last Transit of Venus in 2020, it will move in the 7th house of your Kundli. This shift will likely affect your love life and general demeanour towards life. The influence of Venus Transit in Scorpio will bring sweetness to your life. You will be open to finding love, not just romantically- but bringing more meaning to life through happiness & self-love. 

Love relationships will prosper as you will develop a beautiful relationship with your partner. Intimate relationships will grow and you will enjoy a much closer bond with each other. Your charm will impact your partner positively, and they’ll be attracted to all your little whims. Singles will enjoy this period; chances of finding love are high, so keep your eyes on the look out. 

Since Venus also represents pleasure in life, you might have more libido in this period, which could put you in trouble if you decide to stray away from your partner. You are advised to stay loyal to your partner; be honest with them and do not hold malice in your heart. 

During this time, your business will prosper, which will mostly be due to the connections you make. The charm in your personality will garner you plenty of business connections. Your personality & speech will increase your social standing as people will be drawn to you. 

From the economic point of view, the Venus Transit in Scorpio will be favourable for you, as you yield great profits in your business. Partnerships built in this duration will sail smoothly. You will develop a great understanding with your business partners, which will likely impact your profits. Your good relationship with them will aid in advancing your career & business further. On the health front, you will be able to get rid of previous health ailments. 

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For the Gemini zodiac sign, Venus will be entering your 6th house. The period of Venus Transit will prove detrimental in terms of your health. You are likely to face a troublesome time if you do not take care of yourself in this period. Eat healthy and eat on time. Regular exercises, or even brisk walking daily to keep yourself moving could aid you in keeping ailments at bay.

It is highly advisable that you do not overlook any disease in this period. In the meantime, due to the planetary combinations forming in your kundli a sudden trip is on the cards. Due to this, expenses might increase but with consistent income- you will be able to substantiate it effectively. 

During this time period, maintain good relations with female colleagues or friends. Respect them dearly and value their opinion, in case you disagree with them, it is always to give them the benefit of the doubt instead of causing a conflict. Married natives are advised to keep an eye on their partner’s health. There are chances that your spouse’s health might deteriorate in this period.  

Students of Gemini zodiac sign are going to fare well in this period. Good results are expected in education with hard work & perseverance. However, there will be plenty of distractions available for students, which makes it important to stay focussed & concentrate on the end goal. Gemini's natives with children will likely face the tune of the music as their kids will perform well in their sphere of education. 


During this zodiac change, planet Venus will transit in the 5th house for the cancer zodiac sign. This transit will prove highly beneficial for the natives at various levels. Financial benefits from various sources will keep you on your toes and happy. Those involved in the business sector can expect some good news coming in during the period of transit.

A promotion is highly probable for some. However, if you are in a partnership business, the transit advises you to be cautious. Do not indulge in any type of conflict with your partner. If any argument or discord exists, try resolving the issues with a calm conversation. 

On the other hand, those in private jobs are expected to bring their ‘A’ game and work hard. Do not take shortcuts in the period of this transit. Your carelessness could cause you harm at the workplace, due to difficulties with the seniors. It takes a certain effort to outshine your enemies, so make sure you put your best foot forward. You will need special care & hard work during this transit period if you need any favours to fall in your kitty at the workplace. 

Your artistic abilities have always brought you laurels and praise, so make sure that you use them wisely. Your finances are expected to improve by the end of this period which will also aid you to increase your social circle and move ahead in life. As for your love life, the Venus Transit will be extremely auspicious for you!

There are high chances you will become more attached to your partner and build a stronger relationship with them during this period. Those in a marriage or union will get the complete support of their partner. This will boost your confidence and help you stand tall in all your endeavours with your partner by your side. 


During this zodiac change, Planet Venus is going to transit in the 4th house of the kundli of Leo natives. The transit of Leo in this particular house is expected to bring harmony & love back in your life. You have had to face difficulties in the past few months, which brought in plenty of challenges and hardships you way, but those tiring times are over now. The transit of Venus in Scorpio will increase your happiness and prosperity. Your success will ride high on different mediums. Try to cash in as many favours as you can in this period. 

Positive results at work are expected due to your hard work and perseverance. You will be highly concentrated on achieving your goals and working towards making the most of your time. At work, you are advised to take every little task seriously despite its impact on your end goal. You can improve your image at the workplace by bringing reflexes to work. Trust your gut instincts and work towards excelling in whatever you do. Those thinking of changing their job are advised to answer this call during this period. 

On the other hand, if you are from a business background, you are advised to work on expanding your horizons and making the most of this transit. Think of this as a great opportunity to excel in your field and increase your business prospects. You can also go on a short trip for business purposes which is bound to help you climb the corporate ladder further. You will try to improve your personal and professional life by your efforts and you will also get success to a great extent. 


For the natives of the Virgo zodiac sign, Venus is going to enter the 3rd house in your Kundli during the Venus Transit in Scorpio. This transitional period is going to speed up your efforts and help you work harder than ever before. You will be able to achieve bigger and better things in life due to your diligent attitude. Your penchant for owning all the fancy things in life is going to come to the fore, so expect some major expenses in this period. 

During this time period, luck will be on your side and you will gain immensely from this position. Due to this chance encounter with luck, you will be able to get all your previous work finished. Many of your previously stalled work will inch towards the finish line. This is going to benefit you financially as well as increase your social circle. 

During this transitional period your intellectual capacity will increase and you will achieve success. However, you are advised to stay wary of your enemies. They are going to try every trick in the book to tackle and throw you under the bus. But with intelligence and quick wit, you will be able to outshine them and move towards your goals. Instead of stooping to tricks and ill-means, you are advised to tackle this little conflict with quick judgement and your intelligence. 

All the obstacles that are hindering your path to success may end and you may get a lot of luck in your endeavours. If you are married, the Venus Transit period is going to bring good news in your life, especially if you have been waiting for it for a long time. 


For the natives of the Libra zodiac sign, the Venus Transit is going to happen in the 2nd house of your zodiac. This time period is going to be extremely fruitful for you in terms of business and growth. You will be able to maximize your efforts and work towards excelling in all your tasks. While on the one hand you will be able to establish your identity in the field of your work due to the strength of your hard work and dedication, on the other hand you can earn profit by starting a business in partnership with a friend.

Those in a committed relationship or married, will get along exceptionally well with their partner. They will support you in your business; don’t be afraid to take up their advice & counsel whenever necessary.

The Venus Transit is going to be exceptionally effective in relieving the long withstanding tensions in the family. Everyone will get along with each other, which would be a pleasant sight for you. The tendency to understand each other & be supportive will be born. You are likely to enjoy your time with family & friends in this transit’s duration, maybe even plan a short trip with them.

Some new steps to mend broken relationships will also be taken by you, which are going to aid in betterment of your familial ties. A little trip with parents is on the cards for some. Financially, the Venus transit is expected to reap you good benefits. You can benefit from various sources at this time but only if you work hard enough.

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For the Scorpio natives, planet Venus is going to transit through their 1st house. The presence of planet Venus in the ascendant house will aid you in shining bright wherever you go. This transit is going to boost your confidence, add a certain charm to your personality, and attract others to you. You will feel a sense of contentment & bliss, with a pep in your steps due to a deep-seated love for people around you. You are likely to sympathize with everyone you meet and charm them with your wit. 

This new-found confidence & happiness is going to influence your life positively. This will have a positive effect on your married life and increase intimacy with your life partner. Love will grow between you and your partner as you enjoy the pleasures of life together. A trip with your loved ones would help you rejuvenate and bring you closer to them. Some people might have to face ailments in this period, which could upset them. However, with proper rest and sleep patterns, you would be able to battle through any hardships that come your way. In order to stay up top, eat your meals on time and make it a point to exercise regularly.  

On the business front, results will favour you. You will likely try to overachieve through ambitious projects, which are bound to give good results in the time to come. However, instead of working on your own, try working with your peers and achieving targets as a team. This would help you brainstorm your ideas and eliminate any risk of blunders in the future. This transit of Venus in your own sign is going to help you reach your ambitious goals. You will likely gain a perfect social standing due to your candour, honour, & confidence to aim higher.

However, some people might take these feelings of euphoria straight to the head and become arrogant. You are advised to stay humble and true to yourself despite the circumstances. You are likely to be inclined towards splurging in this period on fancy items & magnificent things which accounts for the material comforts that Venus brings in, however you are advised to keep in mind the practical aspect of things and do not exceed your expenses. 

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For the Sagittarius natives, planet Venus is going to transit through your 12th house. This position of the planet will earn you an opportunity to travel abroad in your field. This business trip would earn you much needed clout, but this would also be an opportunity to learn new tricks and excel at your job.

Your work load is expected to increase, but it will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. Those aiming to start their own business can utilize this period to spread the word and reap the benefits at a later date. Investments made in this duration must not be hasty decisions. Make up your mind by weighing in the pros and cons before committing yourself to a task. 

During this transit period, you are likely to splurge on luxuries, due to which your financial position might take a hit. You are advised to keep things in perspective and not indulge yourself in things you do not require immediately, especially things you can get at a much lesser price. A long business trip is on the cards for some. To stay financially strong, you are advised to spend your money wisely. You can also ask your partner to counsel on matters of money & expenses, so that you do not weaken your financial standing. 

Married natives of the Sagittarius zodiac sign are advised to avoid any conflict with their partner. You are likely to be short-tempered in this duration, which could add fuel to any fire in your relationship. In order to combat these unnecessary fights and arguments, try listening to that inner voice and resolving things amicably. Differences with spouse can lead to bitterness in the relationship, which if not taken seriously could lead to potential conflicts at a later stage. 

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The natives of the Capricorn zodiac sign will have planet Venus transit through their 11th house. During this transit period you will be able to reap financial benefits from different resources. Since Venus is the factor of luxuries & worldly pleasures, you will enjoy material benefits in this duration. You will take advantage of the favourable position of Venus in your Kundli to its fullest.   

At this time, there will be success in both job and business. Your confidence will soar high due to success in all your endeavours. But it is highly recommended that you stay humble & grounded. Short trips for work are predicted for some; these would turn out to be fruitful in the long run. You will be inclined to seek worldly pleasures in life, though it might burn a hole in your pocket. High chances of you inching towards leading a life of luxuries are there. 

Single natives of the Capricorn zodiac sign will be in luck in this period, as chances of finding someone worthy of your love are high. Unmarried natives might settle down with their partner and decide to tie the knot in this period. Love relationships will keep you on your toes in this transitional period. You will grow fond of your partner and try to involve them in whatever you do. Students of the Capricorn zodiac sign will get to enjoy a beneficial situation as stars will favour their success.  


The natives of Aquarius zodiac sign will experience Venus Transit in the 10th house of their zodiac. This transitional period will bring in desired results in your business and growth. Since 10th House signifies career & job prospects, the placement of Venus is going to bring in a penchant for luxuries & pleasures in your life.

Those thinking about a job change can put their plan into action in this duration. With the lucky stars in your favour, you can go ahead and make the best use of this duration to bump up your tasks towards their finish line. Those in the business line of field can expect significant changes in their life.

Profits in investments made prior to this transit are high, which will highly stabilize your financial position. The new initiatives you take in this period to expand your business will yield great benefits in the long run. Your seniors are going to appreciate your efforts at work. This will boost your confidence and you will be inspired to take on new challenges head on! This new-found confidence will help you win the support of your peers, colleagues, and superiors equally. You will be lauded for your commendable initiatives at work. 

Financially, your position will be rock strong due to full support from your lucky stars. The impact of this Venus Transit on the familial front will bring bliss and joy to your life. Your relationship with family members and friends will improve in this period. Family members will have feelings of harmony and love towards each other. A new vehicle can come in the family, which will bring happiness to everyone.

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For the natives of the Pisces zodiac sign, planet Venus is going to transit in the 9th house of your zodiac. During this transitional time, you are expected to receive mixed results. On the career front, this will be a golden time for you to outshine your peers and bring your ‘A’ game to the fore. Your seniors will be expecting a lot out of you, so keep your eyes on the prize and work as hard as you can.

You will be able to create a different identity by facing all the difficulties on the basis of your hard work and dedication. During this transit of Venus, you will be inclined towards spirituality and trying out new meditative techniques. You will actively participate in the work of religion and work, and you will be able to get special benefit from charity. 

This stance on philanthropy & religious work is going to work in your favour and help you climb the social ladder. From a social point of view, the period is aiding you in making new friends. On the familial front, you are advised to listen to matters calmly. Conflicts and arguments are predicted, so make sure that you reign in your anger & ego issues. You won’t see eye to eye with your siblings, which will be the crux of many arguments at home. 

On the other hand, due to the deterioration in the health of the father, the mind may remain depressed. Take special care of the health of the father at this time.

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