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Astrology, Gemstones and Crystals straight from the womb of the Cosmos

By: Poonam Malhotra | 21-Nov-2022
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This content will be reaching only to those who  are destined to receive it and will understand the  depth of the material presented in this write up.  You must be wondering what has Astrology or  Gemstones and Crystals to do with the Cosmos as  the heading suggests. To have deeper knowledge  you will have to do an Astrology course from  Future Point.  

I will try to explain it in a very simple and scientific  manner.  

1) Astrology is the baby of Shiv-Shakti.  

Everything not only on this earth but also in  this whole universe has been born out of the  Cosmos or what the scientists call as the  “Black Hole” and the Vedas call it as “Shiva”  Believe it or not but this is the truth. 

In other words, the “The Pancha Tatwa” also  known as “The Five elements” or according to the  Vedas is known as “Shakti” has emerged out of  the Black Hole or “Shiva”.  

Shakti is all that we can see like the Planets, Stars,  Constellations, Sun, Moon, Earth, Gemstones and  Crystals, Mountains, planes, oceans, plants,  animals, humans, insects etc and all that we feel  like the wind, the heat, the chill, the seasons, etc  and at that matter even all that we cannot see or  feel like the psychic energies hidden away in the  planets and Gemstones and Crystals and also in  our bodies in the form of prana have come out of  the Black Hole or Shiva. So, hence proved  Astrology is a combination of the energy play of  the planets, in other words it is one part of the  Divine Shakti born out of Shiva.  

2) Gemstones and Crystals are Divine  

I have jumped from the topic of Astrology to  Gemstones and Crystals for they are  interconnected.  

The term Forces and Energies will be used for  “Shakti” and the term Black Hole will be used for  “Shiva”. In other words The Cosmos is Shiva and  The Cosmic Energy is Shakti and together they are  “Shiv-Shakti“.  

Since today’s generation is the so-called educated  one more on the practical side believing only in science and technology, I will try to make this  content using scientific terms. All science is based  on evidence. But our Vedic literature is beyond  science as whatever was mentioned in the Vedas  millions of years ago is now being studied and  proven by Scientists so our scientists are  discovering that which has already been invented  by our Rishis. How great is our Vedic knowledge.  According to the scientists, millions of years back  there was nothing but The Black Hole and  everything i.e. the 5 elements emerged out of this  black hole. Then further the universe expanded.  

I will not get into the details on as to how the  universe expanded but instead talk about the  Planets and Crystals alone as our Astrology is  based on the forces of the planets and how its energies have an impact upon everything in this  universe including, we human beings. A very  simple example;  

The Sun is a hot ball of fire as we all know and  also The Sun is responsible for all life on our Earth.  

In astrological context Sun is king of all planets so  to activate the qualities of our Sun in our  horoscope we wear the Gemstone Ruby on our  middle finger as the elements in Ruby are strong  enough to activate our Sun through the pressure  points in our middle finger.  

The Moon also has its effects on everything like  high-tide and low-tide on full moon nights and  new moon nights respectively. Not only this but it  also effects our bodies like if we get a slight cut or  undergo surgery, we bleed profusely around full  moon days and less during new moon days. Isn’t  this simple to understand?  

Also, the Moon affects our mood-swings, all the  lunatics in the mental health hospitals get more aggressive during full moon phases and calmer  during new moon phases.  

In astrological context the Moon is the Queen, very  gentle and to make the moon in our chart  stronger we wear Pearl.  

Now not just the Sun and the Moon but also all  other planets in our galaxy have a similar effect on  everything in our universe, in our lives, our  bodies, our mindset and attitude.  

Each planet has a specific stone to be worn on a  specific finger also it activates our specific  chakras.  

Sun – Ruby – Ring finger  

Moon – Pearl - Little finger  

Mars – Red Coral – Ring finger  

Mercury – Emerald - Little finger  

Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire, Topaz – Index finger  Venus – Diamond – Middle finger  

Saturn – Blue Sapphire – Middle finger 

Rahu – Hessonite – Middle finger  

Ketu – Cats Eye – Middle finger  

Every planet is made up of the same material i.e.  the five elements but in different proportions  hence proved that all elements have different  effects on everything in this universe. Everything  is “Aham Brahmasmi”. Gem-Stones and Crystals  also have the ability or power to affect or heal not  only we human beings but also plants, animals  and places.  

Why do you think our Kings and Queens wore  Gemstones and Crystals?  

Why do you think our Deities in the temples are  loaded with Gemstones and Crystals?  

The only reason is these absorb Energies from the  universe in abundance and have the ability to  hold them in. They also have the ability to give or  reflect the energies to who so ever wears them or  comes within its range.  

Not only this they also absorb the negative  energies from out body and relieve and protect

This is why we should cleanse them in pure  water on full moon nights and leave them  submerged in water all night to be re-energised.  

See how everything is interconnected.  

Have you ever wondered about how the planets  move in space on an orbit without any support or  any pillars or any track?  

It’s because of the Forces i.e. Shakti also known as  Gravity, Electromagnetism, The strong nuclear  force, and The weak nuclear force.  

Planets are like big Gemstones and Crystals that  have absorbed lots of energy and are able to give  it to us when it comes in our astrological range.  

If you wish to know more about this then you  should do the Astrology Course. Learn Astrology  at Future Point

Why only Future point?  

Because they teach you in-depth in a short time  period and also, it’s on zoom where you don’t  need to waste your time and energy in traveling. 

A little about Gemstones and Crystals:  

There is no end to knowledge on any topic but in  short Gemstones and Crystals have a power to  hold very high level of vibration. More than any  object on this earth. They are used not only to  calm or energise our planetary dashas but also  when used on our bodies they tend to balance our  kundalini shakti residing in the base of our spine  also known as the Muladhara Chakra.  

As I mentioned above that everything is  interconnected also “Aham Brahmasmi“ so you  can now understand how the planets effect each  one of us and how the Gemstones and Crystals  affect our lives.  

Also these have the potential to help us with the  influence of planetary bodies affecting our lives.  

Instead of running to astrologers and healer why  not learn and be our own guide.