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Numerology - Another Magical Tool

By: Poonam Malhotra | 22-Nov-2022
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Numerology - Another Magical Tool

India and Indian knowledge have always been  at the top worldwide since time immortal.  Ours is a Divine land with pure and high  vibrations of our Rishis and Munis.  Look at our Shastras, our Vedas, our Puranas,  our Astrology, our Prashna Jyotish, our  Tantras, Mantras, Yantras, Meditation and  lots more. These are all Divine and Magical  tools to unfold the hidden treasures of the  past, present and future.  

Numerology is another tool which is the  easiest to understand and learn so I suggest  everyone should do a Numerology course. Its  so simple that even a 12-year-old child can  learn this Magical and Divine art.  

Our Rishis, Munis and Yogis meditated for  years on end and got these Divine knowledges from the Akashic Records. 

And put them down in our literature. All  knowledge came from our literature which  was written in Sanskrit. Unfortunately, we  Indians took it for granted and never  bothered to learn it. The foreigners found this  treasure and started learning Sanskrit so that  they could gain first-hand knowledge directly  from our original undistorted Shastras and  Vedas.  

What are the advantages of numerology?  

Numerology has many advantages: -  

1) Judge a person accurately.  

2) Find lost objects.  

3) Find your lucky colour.  

4) Find your auspicious phone number. 

5) Find your lucky number for a new car. 

6) Find your compatible life partner.

7) Find a trustworthy business partner  And lots more, the list is endless. 

What is numerology? 

As I mentioned in my previous writeup about  Energies, Forces and Vibrations in this  universe and everything works due to these  energies and everything is interconnected,  Numerology also is derived out of this same  energy so every sound that we leave in this  universe in the form of a name has an effect  on us and others.  

Had this not been true there would not have  been Mantras in every religion.  

There is no such religion in this world which  does not use any kind of sound to invoke  spiritual powers.  

Hence proved sound has power, energy and  vibration and therefore when we make any  sound in the form of name it is merging with  the energies in the universe and creating some or the other kind of effect depending  upon its vibration and frequency.  

Numbers also have energies and vibrations of  different kinds.  

For example:  

If a person has number 1 in his birth date, he  will always be a leader, be confident, be  independent, be dominating whereas a  person born on number 11 will have twice the  qualities of number one as eleven has two  times number one in it, so he will be even  more dominating, independent, over confident and will be like a Hitler.  

Whereas a person born with number 2 is  docile, diplomatic, loving, caring, peace  loving, sensitive. Ironically a person born with  number 11 is also having the qualities of  number 2, as 1+1=2 hence this person has  twice the qualities of number 1 and number 2  also. 

There are in total 9 major numbers rest all  other numbers when totalled up to form a  single digit land up to be between 1 to 9.  Speak for example  

If you were born on 27th then 2+7=9  If you were born on 31st then 3+1=4  If you were born on 6.8.1987 then  

6+8+1+9+8+7=39 further 3+9=12 further  1+2=3  

So, you see no matter how big is the number  when brought down to a single digit it is  between 1 and 9.  

Now some numbers are compatible, some are  neutral and some are enemies, so when we  go for a marriage alliance or buy a car or want  to find an auspicious date, we can do  numerology and find the best possible option  for ourselves.  

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Do alphabets also have a vibration? 

Just as numbers have a value and vibration so  also each alphabet has its value and vibration.  There are 26 alphabets.  

A, J, S, has value of number 1  

B, K, T has value of number 2 and so on.  Each alphabet also has its own quality same  as its number value. Now all we need to do is  find the number for each alphabet in your  name and sum it up to derive a single digit  number and see the qualities of that person.  Even the first alphabet of your name has its  power to shape your personality and your  destiny, this is why people go for name  change or spelling change to change their  destiny.  

There are different methods of numerology,  some of them are:  

1) Pythagorean system.  

2) English Qabalah system.  

3) Latin alphabet system. 

4) Chaldean system.  

In Numerology there are different types of  numbers like:  

1) The Soul urge number.  

2) The Master numbers.  

3) The Karmic number.  

4) The Name numbers.  

5) The Psychic number.  

What is the use of numerology?  

1) It helps us find our souls urge, our deep  desires.  

2) It introduces us to ourselves.  

3) It helps us decide upon our profession.  

4) It helps us plan our future in the  destined direction.  

5) It helps us find our right partner.  

6) It helps us understand others personality. 

The list is endless.  

Why run after numerologists when you can  help yourselves at every step in your day-to-day life.  

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