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Amazing Tips To Make Your Bedroom Vastu Compliant

By: Future Point | 13-Jul-2020
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Amazing Tips To Make Your Bedroom Vastu Compliant

Vastu is a divine science that deals with the behaviour & effect of different energies inside a structure or space based on its architecture. The five primordial elements namely- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space also have their places fixed inside a structure based on the directions which they are associated with.

The ancient Sages of India compiled the entire science of Vastu in a holy scripture called ‘Vastu Shastra’ and till date countless number of people construct their properties by incorporating the rules prescribed in Vastu Shastra. Interestingly, people are equally diligent in evaluating a ready made property on grounds of Vastu before actually purchasing it.

Remember, a property or a structure that is not Vastu compliant is bound to have ‘Vastu Dosh’ (Flaw in the Vastu of that structure) leading to disturbance in the energies that function inside that structure. These energy level disturbances lead to very serious problems such as health issues, loss of wealth, discord between family members, repeated obstacles in various endeavours, serious dent in career/profession, accidents, untimely deaths etc. 

But what if you already live in a property that for some reasons is not Vastu compliant or has Vastu Dosh?

Well, experts in the science of Vastu, suggest Vastu Remedies for Vastu Dosh that has developed in various sections of a structure. These Vastu remedies ward off the malefic energies from the troubled area and attract auspicious energies that positively charge up that area. Thus, bringing in an ease in the functioning of the element attached to that area as well.

When it comes to a house, all areas inside it have their own importance. However, the most significant part or area of a house is the bedroom! It is the bedroom that must be completely free of any Vastu Dosh, at all costs. Otherwise, living a peaceful & prosperous life inside that house will only be a pipe dream.

Again, if for some reasons, the house that one lives in is not Vastu compliant, especially the bedroom then a Vastu Expert should be consulted immediately to get Vastu remedies for removing the Vastu Dosh present.

In this digital age, if you feel that you have some Vastu Dosh present in your house or if you simply want to get the Vastu compliance of your living space checked, then we recommend you to contact a Vastu Shastra Consultant Online and get a professional opinion.

Meanwhile, let us look at some in-general yet highly useful & effective tips that have the potential to make your bedroom Vastu compliant without changing its actual physical structure!

Colour Schemes

This is a very significant feature of a bedroom that decides the type of energies that will position themselves inside the bedroom. Stark and loud colours like red, orange, violet etc. should be avoided at all costs inside the bedroom as these colours attract volatile & turbulent energies inside the bedroom and as result disturbs the peaceful environment that should ideally prevail inside a bedroom.

The colours that are best suited for a bedroom are: off white, peach, light green, sky blue, pink etc.

Size and Shape

A bedroom should neither be the smallest of all rooms inside a house nor it should be unnecessarily huge. The idea of a bedroom as far as the size factor is concerned, is a space that is neither too restricted for the purpose of relaxing nor is too huge that it would induce a sense of loneliness.

Shape also plays a key role when it comes to the movement of energies. Hence, a bedroom should be either rectangular or square in shape. A bedroom should not have non-parallel opposite walls or an uneven patch of area added in the corners that changes the entire shape.


It is good to have a window in the eastern direction that would allow fresh air as well as welcome early day sunlight inside the bedroom. These two factors are known to charge up the bedroom with healing energies resulting in good health of the natives that spend time in that bedroom. There is no hard & fast rule that says a window should only be in the eastern direction. Any source of natural light and ventilation will do fine, it is just that eastern direction is usually considered best for this purpose.

Those who do not have the provisions of a window at all, should not get disheartened and rather put up a painting or picture of a bright sunny day on the eastern wall of their bedroom!


The bedroom should not be kept clogged by unnecessary furniture and people should only have what they really need inside the bedroom. This is because too much furniture in a bedroom attracts negative energies that promote lethargy and laziness.

So, an ideal bedroom should have a bed, a bedside stool or table, a dressing table and a cupboard or almirah. Anything more than that should only be placed if you have space constraints in other parts of the house. 

However, different types of furniture entities must be placed by keeping in mind the directions that are best suited for them. Therefore, it is prudent to talk to a Vastu Expert to know the right Vastu for bedroom furniture.


Proper bed position according to Vastu is something that should not be ignored while setting up your bed. Your bed should be placed in such a way that your feet must not face the door as it brings misfortune and most importantly, your bed should not face a mirror directly as it attracts health problems & illnesses.

You should not sleep with your feet in the South direction as it results in disturbed in sleep and brings negative emotions in mind. If you have a storage box beneath your bed then make sure that you do not keep electronic items in it that are not likely to be in use for the foreseeable future. Such electronic items attract malefic energies that create hurdles in career/profession as well as bring loss of wealth.


It is always good to decorate the bedroom with art. However, putting up paintings that signify violence or gloominess will create a flow of negative energies inside the bedroom and will disrupt the harmony factor in relationships among the members that spend time in that bedroom.

Put up a painting of the rising Sun on the eastern wall or a painting of gold coins and currency notes on the western wall of your bedroom to attract health & wealth in your life!

So, these were some simple yet highly effective Vastu tips for your bedroom. It is advised to live in a house that has a completely Vastu compliant architecture. However, if due to some unavoidable reasons, you are living in a house that is not Vastu compliant, then immediately consult with a professional to know Vastu based remedies that can bring a balance in Vastu energies without requiring you to actually change the physical structure of the house.

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Take the smart step of imbibing the ancient & divine wisdom of Vastu & other occult sciences and make success, wealth, love, prosperity and sound health- a permanent reality in your life!

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