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Do You Have A “Dhan Yoga” in Your Horoscope?

By: Future Point | 11-Jul-2020
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Do You Have A “Dhan Yoga” in Your Horoscope?

Considering the fact that we all live in a materialistic world, having worldly desires & aspirations in life is perfectly normal. However, we must acknowledge the crude fact that wealth plays the greatest role in fulfilling our worldly desires.

It does not matter whether our wishes are noble or extravagant in nature, without wealth we cannot expect those wishes to come to fruition. Also, it does not need too much of a brain to figure out that ample money to fulfill all desires of life is not something that everyone is blessed with.

So, is there a way by which one can find out the actual state of wealth in his/her life?

Vedic Astrology is a divine science that empowers us to know what the planetary bodies are signifying for various domains of our life such as health, education, wealth, finance, career etc.

There are different Yogas (Auspicious Planetary Combinations/Placements) in Vedic Astrology that if present in one’s horoscope can bring a high degree of fortune with respect to the specific domains that they represent.

When it comes to wealth or money the Yoga in a person’s horoscope that becomes relevant is called the “Dhan Yoga”. Dhan literally means wealth or money and Dhan Yoga points out towards certain highly positive planetary positionings in the horoscope of a person that are slated to provide that person great fortunes of wealth in life.

There are many ways to identify a Dhan Yoga in Kundli of a person. A Dhan Yoga is more often than not, very complex to decode correctly as an astrologer must analyze Dhan Yoga by taking into account a whole lot of permutations & combinations that a horoscope has in total. As a result, the real essence of a Dhan Yoga can only be deciphered correctly by an experienced astrologer.

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How a Dhan Yoga is Identified in a Horoscope or Kundli?

Since Dhan Yoga involves wealth and money, so first & foremost the following houses are looked at in a horoscope to ascertain whether a Dhan Yoga is present or not: 

2nd House: It signifies “Accumulated Wealth & Bank Balance”

9th House: It signifies  “Fortune”

11th House: It signifies “Gains & Realization of Desires”

A Dhan Yoga is formed when either the lord of the 2nd house is placed in the 11th house or the lord of the 11th house is placed in the 2nd house.

Furthermore, if there is a ‘Parivartan Yoga’ getting formed between the 2nd & the 11th house i.e. the lord of 2nd house is present in the 11th house and at the same time the lord of 11th house is present in the 2nd house, then such a Dhan Yoga is considered as a very powerful one.

Same concept when applied to planets having the lordships of 9th as well as the 11th houses, results in a new type of Dhan Yoga that significantly enhances the fortune factor in a person’s life and bestows amazing gains to that person.

Another very interesting kind of Dhan Yoga involving the 9th house is considered equally effective. When naturally benefic planets like Jupiter and Mercury are present in the 9th house and are free from the conjunction & aspects of malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn; then fortune favours the native. 

This is because Jupiter signifies wealth & expansion and Mercury signifies finance & commerce. When fortune is added to the natural characteristics of these benefic planets then their positive results get amplified significantly.

A Concept That Ultimately Decides A Dhan Yoga

While the above mentioned planetary & house related conditions are required for a Dhan Yoga to be formed but there is a very vital astrological concept without which a Dhan Yoga is not complete.

The ‘Nakshatra Siddhant’ or ‘Star Lord Concept’ is the make or break factor that ultimately determines the real efficacy of a Dhan Yoga. As per this concept, the Nakshatra or Star Lord planet is actually far more powerful than the primary planet and ultimately plays a key role in determining the end result.

To explain it in simple words, if the Nakshatra or Star Lord planet associated with the primary planet that is involved in forming a Dhan Yoga is not giving the results of houses or house combinations that are positive for wealth & finances then the overall strength of the Dhan Yoga decreases considerably.

The houses or house combinations that are positive for wealth & finances are 2nd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th.

Therefore Nakshatra planet associated with the primary planet should give the results of the above mentioned houses. Now, it is not uncommon to have planets giving the results of only a few of the above mentioned houses but even a few positive houses make the underlined Dhan Yoga ‘actually’ effective. 

Remember the Nakshatra planet ‘must not’ give the result of a deadly combination of three houses i.e. 6th, 8th and 12th. In fact even the results of two of these three houses is more than enough to damage the Dhan Yoga.

When it comes to matters that are crucial in life, people should without any delay speak to professionals to know what their horoscopes are signifying especially for the wealth & finance domain of their lives.

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