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Vastu Tips & Tricks for Bedroom that works wonders!

By: Future Point | 14-Jun-2019
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Vastu is the 'Architectural Science of Gods' revealed to humankind by the ancient sages and compiled in a scripture that is called 'Vastu Shastra'. Every house has certain particular energies attached to it and it is the play of these energies that decides the fate of the people living in that house.

It is the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) that have their places designated in a house as per the directional laws of this cosmos and the balance or imbalance in the functioning of these elements bring significant changes in terms of energy in the house which in turn affects the people living in that house.

Vastu for Bedroom

Like every other part of the house, the bedroom is also affected by energies influenced by Vastu. To ensure a harmonious environment, serious attention must be paid towards making sure that the Vastu of bedroom/s in the house is perfectly balanced. Now if the house is not constructed keeping the principles of Vastu Shastra in mind, then there is bound to be an imbalance in Vastu that would lead to a disturbance in energies inside that house.

The imbalance in Vastu is called 'Vastu Dosh'. But the science of Vastu also proposes multiple Vastu Remedies for Vastu Dosh. A Vastu Consultant analyzes the current Vastu situation in a house and recommends important Vastu Tips to pacify all Vastu related imbalances in the house.

Vastu tips for both for the overall home as well as specific parts/areas of home prove to be highly effective in attracting positive energies in those spaces. The most commonly sought specific Vastu tips for a home are Vastu tips for Bedroom and Vastu tips for Bathroom. So, in this article let us just stay with bedroom!

Although for maximum results, it is always recommended to go for a professional Vastu Consultant for home, however, there are certain in-general Vastu tips that have the potential of making the Vastu of your bedroom- balanced and positively charged.

Vastu Consultation for your Domestic Flat by Arun Bansal

Some of those amazing tips & tricks are:

    • The bedroom of the head of the family must be in South-West part of the house.
    • Avoid having a bedroom in the South-East part of the house as this is the place of the Fire element and couples having their bedroom here, go through frequent bickering and arguments.
    • Do not choose the North-East part of the house for bedroom as it is a place that should be used for 'Puja' or Worshipping.
    • A wooden bed is the best choice of bed rather than a metal bed.
    • Do not place the bed by pushing its side all the way against a wall, rather leave some empty space on the sides of the bed so that you reach onto the bed from all sides.
    • The bed should not be directly under a beam or a fan as it can increase mental stress in people sleeping on the bed.
    • Avoid having a bed that has storage boxes under it as it attracts malefic energies.
    • The side of the bed where you point your feet while sleeping should not be facing a door as it creates tension & anxiety and is also damaging to the marital bliss of the couple.
    • Always sleep with your head towards either the South or the West direction (preferably the South).
    • Electronic items like T.V., Heater etc. in the bedroom should be as minimal as possible because they increase the malefic energies of Rahu.
    • Infact many Vastu experts recommend not having the T.V. at all in the bedroom.
    • Still, such electronic items should if necessary should be placed in the South-East part of the bedroom.
    • Always select light and soothings colours for your bedroom such as pink, rose-white, sky blue, light green, white, beige etc.
    • There must not be any clutter in the bedroom as it disturbs the sleep pattern and reduces the sleep quality.
    • Things should be properly kept in the bedroom as an unorganized bedroom would in turn make your life unorganized.
    • Avoid heavy furniture in the bedroom as it brings psychological burden in life.
    • Couples must make it a point to only have those pictures in their bedroom n that have both of them in the frame.
    • Childless couples must use the colour red bed sheets while sleeping and put a picture of a baby on the wall.

  • In order to enhance the romantic element in their lives, couples should place some red roses on the side of their bed.
  • Couples should simultaneously light two identical lamps on both sides of the bed every evening for leading a harmonious & trustworthy married life.
  • There must not be a fountain or an Aquarium in the bedroom.
  • You must not have the Puja (worshipping) space in your bedroom.
  • If you have idols or pictures of deities, then it is best that you shift them to the proper Puja room or space.
  • Always use white and plain pillows as they promote sound and restful sleep.
  • Maintaining separate footwear for bedroom results in pacifying the negative effects of planet 'Shani' or Saturn on the native.

Since bedroom is the most important place of your house, we urge you to consult with the highly experienced and absolutely brilliant Vastu expert of Future Point and make your bedroom attract positive & prosperous Vastu energies to lead you towards bliss, joy & peace!