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A Successful Career Is Created Not Gifted

By: Future Point | 04-Oct-2018
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A Successful Career Is Created Not Gifted

It has been a usual behaviour that one would envy at the achievement of a Celebrity. Nothing wrong, but one is forced to question, how did that person reach such a pinnacle level in their career? Then immediately one would conclude by saying that, oh they would be gifted to reach that level. But is that the reason? Are people gifted to reach such destination?

If so, then how does Lord Krishan in the Hindu Puran of Geeta advises his disciple Arjuna, that you follow your actions (known as Karma) and leave the rest to me. How is it possible that in astrology, amongst the nine planet, Lord Saturn is the judge of one’s actions and enjoys the fruits of their karma. Thus, in reality, a good career is created and not gifted, as casually commented by many.

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If so, then how some attain fame and other lead a mediocre life?

Yes it is true that one cannot achieve successes merely by hard work, though Hard work is the essence for every achievement. In fact, there is an old saying, one has to be at the right place at the right time to enjoy the fruits of one’s efforts. This is very much true in every individual’s life. Thus, may who work hard and at the same time, take the right action at the right time, one is assured of all-round success. For instance, in Career, not every one can be famous, however, if one is able to time their actions accordingly, then the purpose of their life is certainly achieved.

For example, in Hindu Mythology, it is said, that human life has four pillars. These four pillars are Dharma, which means Duty, Artha which means Career, money and wealth, Kaama which is fulfilment of Desire, and Moksha which means liberation. Thus, to attain the last, the first three is important. If the first three are not attained then it is believed that a Soul once departed cannot find Moksha. Therefore, the concept of reincarnation is seen were a native take birth more than once to complete their task and debt before they attain moksha.

It is thus, in Career astrologer or career prediction astrology, a learnt and expert astrologer would analyse what area can one specialise, as per their aptitude and then decide their future course of action. Thus, astrology would work as a compass to an individual who can take informed decision and then attain success in their career.

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Is this not pre-determined then?

At the onset the answer is yes, however, though astrology gives only direction, the efforts have to be borne by the individual. This concept is again well explained in the Hindu Puran of Mahabharat. It is believed that Karna, from the Kaurava’s, before initiating the epic war of Mahabharata war, had requested Sahadev to reckon the auspicious time to initiate the Mahabharat.

Knowing fully, that Sahadev was an expert astrologer of his ear and that he was morally right. When Sahadev calculated the auspicious time, he knew well in advance that the entire Mahabharat would not last beyond 18 days from the start. Further he also knew that the end of Kaurava’s was certain. But then, immediately, Lord Krishna had informed Sahadev, telepathically, that he should not revel the outcome of the epic Mahabharat fight. Since, Lord Krishna wanted every one to take part in this war, as each of them had a role to play, before attaining Moksha.

Thus, the importance of astrology has been very well recorded in the Mahabharata, so is the importance of actions of every individual. Similarly, in job astrology or Career Consultation an astrologer would provide the direction to the native to share a success career and then the native has to act accordingly. Hence there is not gift to any one in shaping their career, only that a native has to seek the guidance of an expert astrologer who would play the role of a Guru or a mentor in attaining the highest fame and name in one’s career.

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