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Lagna or Ascendant in a Horoscope

By: Future Point | 04-Aug-2018
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Lagna or Ascendant in a Horoscope

Astrology is an ancient science which was introduced to the Hindu culture through our Vedic scriptures. The science of astrology is a combination of calculation and application of knowledge to anticipate the various events that is likely to occur to an Individual’s life.

In fact, the science of astrology is closely interrelated to all its interrelated subjects such as: Numerology and Vaastu Shastra. All the above three of them have their genesis form the text of Vedas. Hence the trio is very important for the wellbeing of Human beings.

In fact, the six-auxiliary discipline of studies called Vedangas in Vedas includes: Shiksha, Chandas, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Kalpa and Jyotisha. It is thus in the Vedangas of the Vedas that considers Jyotisha as the eye of Veda.

The subject of Jyotisha, is the originator of the science called: Mathematics. Since the fundamentals of Mathematics is calculation, the term Samiksha which latterly means, an “equation” or an “equal to” sign.

This has been the fundamental base of astrology and mathematics. Thus, astrology as a scientific subject has contributed to a great extent for the development of man-kind.

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Now, astrology further details with the Nine Planets and Twelve zodiac signs. Apart from these nine planet and the twelve zodiac signs, there are other concepts too.

For example, the concept of Ascendant or Lagna, know in local language. Now what is ascendant or lagna? What purpose does an ascendant or lagna would sever? Is it important? And what factors decide an ascendant?

To answer these question, one should understand, in astrology we have twelve zodiac signs. Now, from these zodiac signs, anyone can become the ascendant or a lagna to a horoscope.

Therefore, if one would check multiple horoscopes, one can find, Ascendants either varying or being the same. Now, as one would know, these zodiac signs would start from Aries and ends at Pisces. So, how would one decide the Ascendant of any horoscope?

Here, Ascendant is actually a calculation which decides the staring point in any horoscope. Therefore, the term “Ascend” in English’s would mean to take a start or a rise. Now the classical definition of an Ascendant or Lagna is that of a zodiac sign which rising form the Eastern horizon at the time of birth time.

Here, the expression Eastern Horizon is given importance, since when a learned and expert astrologer will construct a horoscope/birth chart, he would sit facing the Eastern direction.

Hence, the expression of Eastern Horizon is given importance. In lay terms, it would mean, the Zodiac sign which was rising at the time of birth of a native, will become ascendant to that person’s horoscopes.

In earlier days, as one did not have a Panchang-Almanac a learned and expert astrologer had to manually calculate the ascendant. But thankfully, today, we have readymade Almanac or Panchang which will easily provide the calculated Lagna or Ascendant while constructing a horoscope.

In fact, an ascendant would keep changing one in two hours, daily. Hence the convenience is given by reckoning the ascendant in advance. Does that mean, all the natives born with in a time span of 2 hours will have the same ascendant or lagna?

Yes! they would resemble but would not be the same. Why so? Since the degree (distance form one zodiac sign to the other) will keep varying every second. Thus, even though the Lagna or Ascendant will remain the same, the degree will keep changing.

So, one can ask, why is so much importance attached to the term Lagna or Ascendant? What purpose will it sever? Now, as already mentioned.

Ascendant or Lagna is the starting point for any horoscope. It is the body of the native in astrology, or the personality and physical structure of a native, characteristics, etc., All these factors are analysed through the ascendant or lagna of that native.

The importance of ascendant or lagna is best understood when a learned and expert astrologer is asked to rectify the birth time of a native. When such a task is given to the astrologer, they would rectify the Lagna or ascendant to the accurate second of the birth time.


Since if this is not given due importance, then the events that would occur in a native’s life will see varying results. Thus, it is very important to calculate the exact position of lagna in a horoscope and give rectify if need be.

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