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A Guide on Planet Saturn and How To Make the Best of Shani Jayanti 2023

By: Future Point | 09-May-2023
Views : 1474A Guide on Planet Saturn and How To Make the Best of Shani Jayanti 2023

Shani Jayanti which is the birthday of ‘Shani Dev’ (planet Saturn) will be celebrated on the 19th of May 2023. Shani or Saturn as per the sacred occult science of Vedic Astrology, is the God of Justice. However, due to His punishing nature, He in the planetary form, is the most dreaded planet for most people.

But one must understand that Shani Dev only makes us go through obstacles or failures due to the negative karma that we have accumulated during our past lives. It is our negative past life karmas that are made to be accounted for by Shani Dev in our current life. It is not just Shani Dev but actually, all the planets that are entrusted to provide us the results of our past life karmas. However, Shani Dev takes account of a large number of our negative karmas as compared to other planets and gives us their punishing results. This is why Saturn is more often than not perceived as a planet that predominantly gives bad results and is even categorized as a “malefic planet”.

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When is Saturn ‘unfavourable’ in a horoscope?

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology, a planet is said to be unfavourable in a horoscope when it signifies bad or punishing results in particular or multiple domains of a person’s life. Any planet that is providing the results of past life negative karma is bound to be perceived as unfavourably placed in a person’s horoscope from that person’s point of view.

When it comes to Saturn, it is a planet that is the most dreaded of all. This is because Saturn is the planetary manifestation of Lord Shani- the God of Justice. The karmic balance that is supposed to be accounted for in this life of a person is distributed among the nine planets. The results delivered by various planets depend upon the nature of the karmas that they hold and more often than not, planet Saturn holds the maximum negative karmas of a person.

Therefore, Saturn usually ends up providing punishing results to people concerning:

  • The houses of a horoscope or kundli where signs ruled by Saturn (Capricorn and Aquarius) are present.
  • The house of the horoscope where Saturn is placed.
  • The houses where Saturn is casting its aspects (3rd, 7th and 10th).

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Effects of a ‘Punishing’ Saturn

Saturn is considered unfavourably placed in many houses of a horoscope and thereby casts a highly negative impact on various domains or aspects of a person’s life.

The most crucial one’s are:

2nd House: This is primarily the house of Speech, Family and Accumulated Wealth or Bank Balance, and a Saturn placed in this house negatively impacts the above-mentioned domains of a person’s life. Saturn in the 2nd house also makes a person at times speak in a very harsh & unpleasant manner which results in bad relationships with those around him/her.

5th House: This house broadly signifies Intelligence, Children, Speculation, and Love. Saturn in the 5th house poses hurdles in education, slows down the learning process, obstructs focus, delays childbirth and induces losses in speculation.

7th House: It mainly signifies Spouse, Business and Partnership. Saturn in the 7th house causes a delay in marriage. It creates an emotional discord between the person and his/her spouse. It also brings sudden losses in the business endeavour of a person and poses frequent hurdles & obstacles in business. Saturn in this house negatively impacts a business partnership by creating conflicts of interest.

9th House: This house signifies Fortune, Foreign Travels and Higher Education. Saturn in the 9th house makes the individual struggle to finish higher education or in some cases even deprives a person of higher education. Saturn here obstructs fortune and causes hurdles in the path to success.

10th House: This house primarily signifies Career, Profession, Name & Fame, Power and Status. Saturn in this house delays career growth and obstructs chances of promotion. It also casts a negative impact on the status of a person as Saturn in the 10th house often tarnishes the image of a person. It drives the person into arguments with seniors at the workplace which proves to be detrimental in the professional sphere of a person’s life.

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Pleasing Shani Dev on His Birthday 

Shani Dev’s birthday which is also known as Shani Jayanti is an incredibly auspicious occasion which makes it very easy to please the God of Justice. 

If one pleases Shani Dev on His birthday by ‘Shani Shanti Puja’, then he/she can easily get rid of countless negative karmas that are slated to transform into obstacles and crop up in various domains of his/her life.

Remember, it is the negative karmas from our past lives that manifest in the dorm of obstacles, hurdles, failures, delays and dejections in our life. If we treat the root cause of all our sufferings i.e. the negative karma from our past, then a smooth and successful life will be a natural outcome. It is these negative karmas that keep on cropping up in various domains or aspects of our life such as education, career, health, marriage, relationships etc and create unpleasant outcomes despite the best of our efforts & intentions.

A person desperately strives for an education that translates into a rewarding career in his/her life. But, if the person has a Saturn which is holding a heavy set of negative karmas from his/her past that is slated to unfold in the form of obstacles, delays and failures, it is imperative that the person pleases Lord Shani and gets His blessings that would burn off those negative karmas and result into a life that is free from obstacles.

Whether you are facing problems in the career aspect or the marital domain of your life, go for the Shani Shanti Puja and have Shani Dev put you on a smooth & rewarding trajectory.

Furthermore, planet Saturn is the natural significator of bad health as per the rules & principles of Vedic Astrology and we all know that health is paramount. One can have all the materialistic comforts in the world but without having a sound health, all of those would mean nothing. Saturn signifies long or chronic illness. Hence it is very important that one must have a favourably placed Saturn in his/her horoscope and if not then must leave no stone unturned in getting the life transforming blessings of Lord Shani.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to go for a Shani Shanti Puja on 19th May 20life-transforming23.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make the best of Shani Jayanti 2023 by getting a Shani Shanti Puja performed in your name and get the immensely powerful & auspicious blessings of Shani Dev.

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Get the incredibly powerful & auspicious blessings of Shani Dev (Saturn) on His birthday by getting the ‘Shani Shanti Puja’ being performed in your name on Shani Jayanti 2023 and open up the cosmic doorway of success, growth & prosperity in your life.