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6 Wall Hangings You Should Be Buying This Season!

By: Future Point | 14-Jan-2019
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6 Wall Hangings You Should Be Buying This Season!

Well, a New Year has begun bringing in freshness in our spirits and an excitement for achieving our aims & goals in the times to come! In order to keep up this spirit and work towards attracting success & prosperity in our lives, we must go that extra mile in our efforts. Now what can we possibly do to bring divine support in our lives?

The walls of our home or office are the answer to that! Yes, you heard it right. There are certain extremely powerful spiritual products or religious items that if put on the walls of a structure can attract, store and radiate highly auspicious & positive energies in that structure. These positive energies in a subtle yet remarkably effective way- bring abundant wealth, sound health and success in the life of people that dwell in those spaces.

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Let us look at 6 of such entities that can not only adorn the walls of our home or office but also bring a wave of positiveness in our lives!


A Kshetrapal is a wall hanging in the form of a face, put on the outside wall of the main entrance of your house or office that prevents malefic or dark energies from entering inside. This entity provides an immensely powerful defence mechanism from all subtle evil aspects. It wards off all harmful vibrations and ensures good health and prosperity in the lives of people residing or working in that space.

Bagua Mirror

A Bagua Mirror protects from misfortunes and bad luck and ensure the presence of success & prosperity in your home or office. A Bagua Mirror is placed on a door or facing a direction from where you suspect some negative energies entering your home or office. Always remember that a Bagua Mirror must be placed outdoors on a structure and never inside the structure.

A Bagua Mirror shields your home or office from the harmful arrows of negativity attacking it from a nearby or even distant structure that has disturbed 'Chi' energy.

Om Swastik Trident

The Trident is a symbol of the celestial weapon that Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga carries for destruction of evil. The Trident also represents the controlled existence of three cosmic qualities or the three "Gunas" (Satva, Rajas and Tamas).

Om is the primordial sound that harbours the Supreme Divine in the form of sound and Swastik is the sacred pictorial or geometrical form of divine blessings that bring success, prosperity and good fortune in life!

Om Swastik Trident is a highly powerful and auspicious form comprising the blessings of the Divine that wards off all evil influences and bestows grace, wealth, health and prosperity in the lives of people that reside or work in a space where this sacred instrument is placed.

It is advised to put or hang the Om Swastik Trident on the wall of your drawing room, main office or place of worship.

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Coconut Ganesh

Lord Ganesh is the God of wisdom and knowledge.

He is always worshipped 'first' before commencing anything new & auspicious endeavour. Lord Ganesh is called as 'Vighna Vinashak' which means 'Vanquisher of Obstacles'.

Coconut on the other hand is considered as a divine fruit that is used in auspicious & spiritual practices to please the Deities that are worshipped and ensure their blessings on us.

Coconut Ganesh is a divine form Lord Ganesh that is carved on a coconut and that coconut is worshipped as a live form of Lord Ganesh for a set period of time and flown in running water afterwards to complete the worship. Coconut Ganesh brings enormous blessings of Lord Ganesh in our lives and charges up the space in which it is placed to attract success & prosperity. It also removes all negative energies causing obstacles from our lives.

Put this auspicious form on the wall of your Puja (worship) room or the main operational room in your office.


This incredible form brings the blessings of three most powerful and auspicious manifestations of the Divine in our lives, that is- Swastik (Form that symbolizes success), Om (Primordial sound symbolizing the Supreme Power) and Shree (Form that symbolizes Goddess of ultimate prosperity- Lalita Tripur Sundari).

Swastik-OM-Shree combines the holy geometrical trine that bestows success, fortune and prosperity in the materialistic aspect of our lives along with blessing us with spiritual growth and liberation in our lives.

This holy form attracts and houses the powerful energy form of Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari in our lives which brings unbelievable auspiciousness in our lives and protects us from all evils. It is advised to place the Swastik-OM-Shree form on the wall of your living room or a wall of the room in your office where financial transactions are made.

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Laxmi Ganesh Kuber Yantra

One cannot say enough about the wonder of the holy influence that this Yantra ('sacred instrument') brings in the lives of people that reside or work in spaces where it is placed. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, Lord Ganesh is the God of wisdom & success and Lord Kubera is the treasurer of the Gods of Heaven.

Hence, Laxmi Ganesh Kuber Yantra bestows the blessings of all of these three Divine forms on people who remain in the presence of this Yantra in a space. Place the Laxmi Ganesh Kuber Yantra on the North or East wall inside your house or office. So what are you waiting for? Get these incredibly powerful spiritual products online from Future Point.

Future Point ensures that you get genuine spiritual products that are made in strict accordance with the principles prescribed in the ancient spiritual scriptures for complete efficacy.

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