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Your Career Horoscope holds the Key to a Successful Career!

By: Future Point | 11-Jan-2021
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Your Career Horoscope holds the Key to a Successful Career!

Having a prosperous career in life is everyone’s dream. In fact, right from the high school or college phase of life, a student or an aspiring professional works diligently towards securing a career that would provide him/her with ample growth opportunities along the way.

In this materialistic world, a prosperous career results in a life that is full of comforts & conveniences as well as offer a sense of professional fulfilment along with a respectable position in the society.

However, in order to have a successful career in life one must understand that hard work alone will not be sufficient. Let us be absolutely clear that while hard work is extremely important to succeed in the professional domain of life, there is another subtle yet extremely powerful support that one needs to have by his/her side when it comes to having a truly successful & rewarding career in life.

Yes, we are talking about the subtle yet phenomenally powerful support of the celestial bodies called Planets!

Planets as per their placements in the horoscope of an individual affects various aspects of that individual’s life including career. The effects of planets upon us are so significant that they literally shape up our destiny!

When it comes to decoding the career aspect of a person’s life, an astrologer analyzes the Career Horoscope of that person which is basically a cosmic map that holds celestial information about how the career aspect of that person is slated to pan out and how can he/she take timely & smart decisions with respect to career to ensure minimal hurdles & maximum professional success.

The Career Horoscope of a person empowers him/her to choose a career path that is signified by specific planets that are poised to help him/her the most when it comes to clocking great professional growth & success!  

This is why it is prudent to Talk to Astrologer and get extremely vital career related information that would help you in taking well informed career related decisions in life.

Remember, a career prediction helps a person to lay a strong professional foundation in life and identify the career fields or avenues that are best suited for providing a truly meaningful career that has a significant & positive growth trajectory attached to it.

But how exactly is the career aspect of a person’s life deciphered by an Astrologer?

Career Astrology

The segment of astrology that deals with the career aspect of a native’s life is called Career Astrology and Career Horoscope is the name given to the horoscope that is analyzed in order to decipher what the planets have in store for that native with respect to his/her career.

Astrologers look at a number of astrological scenarios involving various planets and houses in a person’s Career Horoscope before revealing the career related information which that person can use to effectively base his/her career centric decisions on.

Following are the houses that are primarily involved while making a Career Prediction for an individual:

1st House

This is the house that signifies ‘Self, Personality, Temperament and General Outlook Towards Life’. Therefore, this house plays a key role in determining how the individual is likely to approach his/her life especially with respect to his/her career.

2nd House

This house signifies ‘Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance’, hence the situation of this house reveals a lot about the kind of financial state that the person is likely to have in life which bears a strong correlation to his/her career in life as well.

6th House

The 6th house represents ‘Job and Competition’ and is key to determining the career related aspect of one’s life especially if he/she is pursuing a job.

7th House

This house signifies ‘Business and Partnership’, hence is crucial for determining the prospects of having a successful business venture.

9th House

It represents ‘Fortune’, therefore its role is vital in evaluating the degree of luck or fortune that the native is expected to receive in life.

10th House

This is the primary house of ‘Career, Profession, Name, Fame, Authority and Position’ in life. One must have a very strong 10th house to scale great professional heights in life.

11th House

This house signifies ‘Gains and Realization of Desires’ and plays a crucial role in propelling the career of a native towards success & growth.

Without going into further details (because there are a lot of different permutations & combinations that are involved in the overall analysis of a Career Horoscope), we must understand that it is important that the above mentioned houses are strong and signify positive results for the native so that the native would enjoy a rewarding career in his/her life.

Naturally malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu and Ketu more often than not, pose hurdles & obstacles in the optimum growth of a person’s career/profession. Hence the influence of such planets on career related houses warrant caution on the part of the person.

Therefore when it comes to career which is arguably the most important aspect of life, a person must consult with an experienced astrologer to know which is the most favourable line of career for him/her as per the planetary placements & house conditions in his/her Career Horoscope and what remedial measures can that person adopt that would dispel the negative planetary influences which are holding him/her back from achieving professional success in life.

Another very important astrological factor that significantly affects the career of a person is the ‘Vimshottari Dasha’. This is basically a time table which the planets follow as far as their ‘period of operation’ in a person’s life is concerned. Primarily, the most common components of the Vimshottari Dasha are ‘Dasha’ or ‘Maha Dasha’ and ‘Bhukti’ or ‘Antar Dasha’.   

So while making a Career Prediction, an astrologer also keeps in mind the current as well as upcoming Dasha and Antar Dasha of key planets that are casting significant effects on the career aspect of a person’s life.

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