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Why your Gemstone never works out the way you want?

By: Future Point | 21-May-2019
Views : 2163Why your Gemstone never works out the way you want?
Gemstone Recommendation Online: Astrology recommends various remedies to pacify the malefic effects of ill placed planets in our horoscopes as well as to strengthen the planets that are benefic to us and are well placed.

There are many remedies that are recommended by an astrologer to a client in order to bring relief from the problems faced and attract joy & success in the client's life.

One such remedy which apparently is very famous because of the ease in its adoption is "Gemstone"!

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What is a Gemstone?

A Gemstone is an entity that acts as a medium to continuously attract the cosmic energy of a particular planet that it is associated with and infuse that energy into the life of the person who is wearing that gemstone.

Remember, gemstone of only such planet is worn which is favourably placed in our horoscope and signifies positive results for us.

This way, as we wear the gemstone of the planet which is favourable to us as per our horoscope, we continuously receive the positive planetary energy of the planet and our life improves for good. A gemstone is generally worn by a person by embedding it into a ring or a pendant, with ring being the most common platform.

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Gemstones and Planets

There are nine planets which are considered in Vedic Astrology for performing the analysis of a person's horoscope to decipher how those planets are shaping up the destiny of that person.

Each of these nine planets is associated with a particular gemstone or in other words, every gemstone act as a medium to attract the energy of a particular planet that it represents. Let us look the gemstone associated with each of the nine planets as per Vedic Astrology.

Sun: Ruby

Moon: Pearl

Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire

Rahu: Hessonite

Mercury: Emerald

Venus: Diamond and Opal

Ketu: Cat's Eye

Saturn: Blue Sapphire

Mars: Red Coral

It must be noted that Pearl and Red Coral are actually not 'stones' but to maintain the uniformity of categorization, they are put in the list of Gemstones!

Why the Gemstone that you wear is not giving desired results?

This is a very common question that many people who wear gemstones have. While they wear a gemstone to turn their life for good, but either they experience no effects at all or in some unfortunate cases the results that they get are devastating.

So what is the reason for this?

Actually, there are broadly four reasons for gemstones not working for you or even working bitterly against you.

Fake Gemstones

We live in a world where the hunger for making quick money has risen to levels where people sell fake goods including gemstones to innocent buyers.

The number one reason why your gemstone is not working towards bringing what it is supposed to bring in your life, is that the gemstone is a fake!

Wrong Selection

Let's get one thing very clear, just because wearing a gemstone sounds easy does not mean that one should take up this form of astrological remedy lightly.

As selecting a gemstone without the recommendation of an experienced & genuine astrologer will either devoid you of any positive results (if the gemstone is neutral for you) or unfortunately can even inflict planetary wrath upon you if the gemstone is associated with a planet that is not favourable to you as per its placement in your horoscope.

Incorrect Weight

A gemstone with the incorrect weight configuration will result either in ineffectiveness or results that are too strong to handle and will eventually lead to problems rather than solutions. The weight of the gemstone to be worn is not same for everyone. It depends on a number of factors and is finalized accordingly.

The factors that are kept in mind while finalizing the weight of the gemstone for a person are:

  • Age of the person
  • Gender of the person
  • Goal of that person
  • Type of the Gemstone
  • Current Vimshottari Dasha
  • Ascendant Sign of the person
  • Placement of the Lord of Ascendant

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Ignoring Other Malefic Factors

Opting only for a favourable gemstone and ignoring the other problematic or malefic factors in the horoscope would lead you nowhere in terms of reaping the benefits of the gemstone. This is because, it is not practical to expect positive results by just taking care of one issue.

A comprehensive & cumulative strategy to address all planetary problems is required to witness the eventual and optimum benefits that a gemstone can and should provide.


People can successfully take charge of their destiny by incorporating the wisdom of Vedic Astrology in their lives. But for that, the most fundamental & perhaps the only precondition is that, they must consult with a genuine and experienced astrologer who could decode what the planets actually signify for them and what would be the best path forward for them in order to steer their lives towards positivity!

The absolutely brilliant astrologers at Future Point are highly experienced and perform a deep & comprehensive analysis of the horoscopes of their clients to decipher the real planetary state of planets that affect their clients' lives.

Post that, careful recommendations are made regarding the astrological remedies that can be adopted to get rid of all problems related to ill positioned planets. These remedies are incredibly powerful and have the potential of attracting immense success & prosperity in life of the client.

When it comes to Gemstone Remedy in particular, astrologers at Future Point not only recommend the perfect Gemstones with all the right configurations but also give the client an opportunity to buy the Gemstone from Future Point itself which has a track record of providing 100% Genuine and Lab Certified Gemstones at the best prices.

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