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Aries :

You will face several issues at home front. There will be unwanted nuances and you will be irritated because of all that. Married life will be disturbed. You may have scuffles with your father and back pain is also likely. Business people will have better say in this week rather than salaried ones. Your work efforts will be unrecognized which will create frustration in you. Business people will make gains from illegal methods and also their offshore partners will be helpful in making profits.

Taurus :

You may feel low for some time. But things will be better after that. Married life will not be good and you will have many miscommunications and difference of opinions. There will be many wasteful travels. You will have loss of money and there is possibility of quarrels while on travels. You will not be able to perform your work properly and your reputation may take a hit. Business people will also be affected negatively and there will be losses.

Gemini :

There will be minor health issues, not much to worry. You will be upset for trivial things. Your maternal uncle will have some gains in this time. It will be better if you take elders in confidence before making any big decisions. Do not exaggerate things and do not build castles in your mind. Work will be go good.

Cancer :

Family life will not be so good. You will have a confused state of mind. There will be many travels to nearby places; you may have some dispute with your brother. You will have good performance in your work. You will do well in your business also. Love matters will not be so good because you may get suspicious for no apparent reason and that will create a rift between you and your partner.

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Leo :

Health will be a concern for some time. You will have to make sure that your eating habits are controlled and you do not consume much fats and sweets. You are at risk of getting diabetes. You will have to keep a low profile and continue with your efforts in job or business. For some time it will be good that you focused more and work and not on romance.

Virgo :

There will be unwanted expenses, hospitalization etc. There will be loss of belongings, luck will turn diverse. Friends will not be much helpful. Otherwise the period will be good. You will have good gains from close people. There will be support from government officials. You will have new friends and your business will see new associates. Work front will be positive.

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Libra :

You will get chances to meet people from far off places. There will be travels and interactions. Business people will finalize some deals. You will make money. There will be increase in your work load and your output will be average to mild. Things will happen late. Business people should be careful in making deals otherwise you may see that luck is not on your side and losses may occur.

Scorpio :

There will be mixed incidents with you in this week. You will try to do something and something else will come out of the efforts you put in. You will lose money in effort to make money; there will be misunderstandings with friends and well-wishers. Problem in eyes will be there. Work front will be normal. You will have some miscommunications but it will be manageable. You will make money in your business. There will be favors from government people. But keep in mind that some of your good deeds may also trigger negative impact on others and then on you so think well before doing anything.

Sagittarius :

There will be some or other issue in family disturbing you. You will have to bear more expenses and you will suffer from cheating by others. You will have to be careful this week otherwise there are chances of some heavy losses. Keep away from stock market. You may suffer from gastric problems. You will be aggressive in your approach and will get things done in time.

Capricorn :

You will face some difficulties in day to day life. You will find hard to gel with people around you because of your own stiff nature. You may get sleep disorders for some time. There will be negative mindset for some time in this week. Do not let negative feelings overpower you. You may have to change your residence. At work place make sure that your behavior is amicable with one and all. Do not get too boasted about yourself. Love does not look to be good.

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Aquarius :

Mind will be disturbed and there will be confusion for almost all small things. You may change your residence. Headache and eye problems may surf up. There will be progress all over and you will be benefited in all aspects of your job. You will get good deals in your business but keep in mind that do not make any huge plans and do not think too big. Love matters will be good, you can expect first half of the week to be delighting but the second half may not be so good.

Pisces :

There will be conflicts with family members. You will have health issues. Females may have problems related to cycles. Head ache and irritation will persist. Health of your mother may suffer for some time. Your temper will be your enemy so drop it or control it.

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