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Auspicious Dates for Vehicle Purchase in May 2018

By: Future Point | 26-Apr-2018
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Auspicious Dates for Vehicle Purchase in May 2018

Owning a vehicle is a task of necessity this day. With rising need to lead a happy and comfortable life buying a vehicle comes first for many us. It is prerequisite for changing lifestyle. If you want to stand out in this competitive world, you should posses a vehicle. The advance machinery techniques have always surprised us with various means of transport. People buy the vehicle either as a necessity or out of interest in automobile. To establish an independent identity today a businessmen must have luxurious means of transport.

Possessing a costliest vehicle is also important to maintain a higher social status for many. Having a stable means of transport will make life fast and convenient. Though speaking from astrological point of view ones choice of a particular automobile can tell a lot about the personality of an individual.

Purchasing a vehicle is big decision for people who have limited source of income, hence they have to be careful before setting out their hard earned money. Online astrology can help you at great extent to define a good time or Muhurat which will add up to your fortune. People in India also buy vehicle for good luck. Many people spend huge amount of money to procure their favorite vehicle.

This house of kundli can tell you about vaahan yog

As per every individual online horoscope the 4th house of the birth chart is considered before analyzing any prediction. A good influence on planets placed in 4th house as well as aspects on theses planets signify a good picture of assists in one’s life.

The 4th house gives a complete picture about the vehicle possession. Also planet Venus displays the Vahana Yoga in natal chart. In an antardasha of 4th house planets one can buy a vehicle which could attract luck for individual.

Why is it important to buy a vehicle at right Time and Date?

Acquiring a vehicle is a considerable investment. While buying a vehicle at right time can add up to your luck and prosperity. To get you the best deal of life we have arranged a full calendar of month of May 2018 for you. Getting a favorite vehicle on auspicious alignment of Vedic astrology will set your wheel of fortune on high.

Before you flow out the cash to buy a vehicle it is very important to see what card the time is playing to divert the situation in your favor. Time of buying an automobile certainly affect ones luck according to Vedic astrology.

We are surrounded by many questionable doubts before purchasing a vehicle like which vehicle to select? Which number will be good numerological? Which day, date and time will be right for delivery of vehicle? So here we have come up with most favorable calendar of month of May which will guide you through appropriate time and date to but a vehicle.

Doing a complete transaction wile buying a new vehicle with in a favorable period is important. Any muhurat of that day or date lasts for approximately 48 minutes which is called as 2 Ghatika.

Hence, the deal for buying new vehicle, paying money for it and bringing a car, motor bike, truck or jeep should be undertaken with in a right period which can add ip to benefitting future of business and life.

Auspicious Vehicle Buying Dates with Muhurats in May 2018

01st May 19:23 to 29:43+ Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Dashami
02nd May 05:43 to 20:09 Shatabhisha Dashami, Ekadashi
04th May 16:01 to 29:40+ Revati Trayodashi
08th May 17:51 to 29:38+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha Tritiya
09th May 05:38 to 14:52 Mrigashirsha Tritiya
11th May 05:36 to 29:36+ Punarvasu, Pushya Panchami, Shashthi
12th May 05:36 to 10:05 Pushya Shashthi
18th May 19:52 to 29:32+ Chitra Trayodashi
19th May 05:32 to 22:22 Chitra, Swati Trayodashi
22nd May 05:30 to 21:34 Anuradha Pratipada
27th May 05:29 to 29:28+ Shravana, Dhanishtha Panchami, Shashthi
29th May 06:18 to 27:22+ Shatabhisha Ashtami

There is no harm in pursing your favorite vehicle at any time, but buying a vehicle during auspicious period can actually add up to attracting lots of luck in a destiny. More over buying a new vehicle is emotional decision of life to take for many.

Having an individual private number!

Number of a vehicle is considered very important. These days’ people also have their private number on vehicle which is completely different from any regular number. According to Vedic numerology number on ones private automobile can influence that person for good.

Numbers influence the energies around us. Science of numerology explains how one can select a number that is auspicious. In India we have seen people throwing ransom of money just to get an individual private number.

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