Weekly Horoscope 23rd-August to 31st-August

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Weekly Horoscope 23rd-August to 31st-August


The beginning of the week is highly auspicious for the attainment of name and fame. There are great probabilities of attainment of reputation and social status along with power and position. The favor of authority, senior officers/government would come easily. This is the right time to take initiative for creating a platform for the attainment of rise in career. In the mid of the week you can expect gains from business/increase in income, consolidation of source of income with government support.

You are likely to get support and cooperation of your elder brothers. In the concluding part of the week you shall suffer a lot because of mental tensions, unnecessary expenses, disappointment and frustration because of obstacles in the accomplishment of important tasks. Your health and happiness might get affected. You would suffer from the problems of mood swings. Don't lose patience so that you don't get affected from adverse situations.


In the beginning of the week you would be getting favor of destiny for accomplishing your pending tasks. This is a good time to go on a pilgrimage. It is equally good Muhurat for attaining the blessings of Guru. Your father and relatives would be happy for you.The mid of the week indicates progress in work. You can expect the favor of bosses and co-operation from colleagues at work place.

You would be pleased with your juniors. Try to stay in good books of your seniors because as per planetary transit the current time would open up opportunities for growth in business/job. The concluding part of the week is giving strong indications of increase in income, fulfillment of desires, co-operations of siblings and happiness from children. During these days there are strong probabilities of getting opportunities for the creation of a strong source of income.


The beginning of the week indicates a hectic schedule which would take on your health and happiness. You need to have proper rest and sleep to get rid of irritation and physical weakness. Don't get frustrated if you fail in accomplishing tasks. The mid of the week would be better with the attainment of recognition in social life. You would go on a journey with a big army of your friends and relatives.

This is an auspicious time to go on a pilgrimage. The support and co-operation of father is available for you. In the last days of the week there would be betterment in your work conditions along with attainment of favor of seniors. You can expect an increase in your skills and expertise in your area of work especially in business because of your research work and knowledge gained recently. It would be better for you to stay in the good books of your seniors as you are likely to get promoted shortly.

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The beginning of the week is favorable for your marital bliss and compatibility with your spouse. You might plan to get into some long term association with a friend or a business partner. This is the right time to take decision in this connection. In the middle of the week you might remain tense because of some health related troubles to parents or else some bitterness in your relationship.

You would be suffering from the problems of mood swings too. During this time you need to keep your patience intact otherwise your health might get affected however in the mid of the week there would be every possible reason to make you feel happy, financially satisfied and professionally successful. The concluding part of the week shall prove to be highly favorable for your relation with father, celebration of religious function, pilgrimage, relation with in-laws.


The beginning of the week indicates the possibilities of a busy schedule in which you would find your-self in an absolutely perfect situation to handle all difficulties and accomplish all pending tasks cheerfully and successfully. The confidence and enthusiasm would go on increasing especially by the mid of the week thereby getting a better position in terms of creation of a healthy bondage with your friends, partners and spouse including parents which would eventually result in the building of an atmosphere of love, laughter and mutual harmony with everybody at home.

The compatibility with spouse would be at its peak. The intensity of affection between lover and beloved would also go on increasing. The end of the week won't be satisfactory and beneficial for your mental peace and health. You would suffer from the problems of mood swings and in addition to that some disappointment and frustration would make you feel unhappy.

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The beginning of the week indicates some betterment regarding the issues related to children thereby getting some relief from the tensions you are going through presently. You would get tempted to invest in share market but the possibilities of 100% losses are there therefore it would be better not to be enthusiastic in terms of action, aggression, decision making and investment.

Although the increased expenses would keep you worried in the mid part of the week however the settlement of all issues and journeys to desirable places of choice would keep you happy at heart. The concluding part of the week appears to be excellent for your marital bliss but you might have to spend money on the health of your spouse. The friendly advice of spouse would prove beneficial for controlling the uncontrolled expenses.


The beginning of the week indicates that continuous increase in income would tempt you to spend money on your native place, house and vehicle etc. Few mental tensions are also indicated. If possible don't start a new venture. The middle part of the week would establish your reputation as a very good consultant and your children would bring good news for you. Your emotional relations shall be too good and your strong imagination would help you give birth to innovative ideas.

The concluding part of the week would prove to be highly beneficial for settling the issues related to enemies, litigation and debts. You are advised to work with a cool and calm approach to handle these issues. You might like to go on a long journey. Your subordinates would follow your commands and bring the desired performance which would eventually generate more gains thereby fulfilling your desires.

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The beginning of the week is especially favorable for business plans. Your vigorous social life would help you get good business partners and association with capable women. You will be enjoying the co-operation and support of siblings. Your spouse would become more religious by nature. The mid part of the week indicates good harmony between your mother and spouse. Your spouse would take care of all domestic affairs thereby making good plans for the progress and peace of family.

Although support of spouse would be really satisfactory but even then you would be losing your peace of mind because of the unwanted obstacles, however recognition at work place would keep you going. The remaining part of the week indicates your great compatibility with your spouse and you will be very happy as she would take proper care of your children. She would act as your best friend, guide and advisor. Your partners would prove their abilities. These days are likely to prove especially favorable for earning gains from speculative activities.


In the beginning of the week although there would be some tensions in handling the issues related to family however your main focus appears to be peace and prosperity in the family. Sudden financial inflow of money would help you gain the desired respect from family members. The mid days of the week shall be excellent for the attainment of recognition from your aggressive and full proof plan of action in your social activities and enterprising business ideas.

People would appreciate you for your hidden talent of resourcefulness and relationship management. You would be getting complete support, affection and cooperation of relatives, friends and siblings. The concluding part of the weekindicates that there would be worries related to the health of mother and your mental peace might remain disturbed because of some domestic issues.

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In the beginning of the week although you will be putting lot of efforts for maintaining your health and happiness but success in this connection appears to be very average. In the mid of the week sudden financial gains and harmony in family would bring lot of happiness, confidence and favor of destiny along with gains and progress in work area. The remaining part of the week appears to be auspicious for social activities but the required enthusiasm and confidence would be missing. Your relations with your siblings, friends and relatives would be average.

People would appreciate you for your amiable manners but the gusto for recognition would be missing. You might plan to take interest in some business activity but there are possibilities that you might drop the idea in between thereby leaving the process of formulation of plan for the same.


The beginning of the weak is not favorable for your health and happiness. You would be highly frustrated because of excessive loss of mental agony after the exhaustion of your energies. Because of hindrances in the accomplishment of task you might complain about problems of mood swings. The mid days of the week shall prove to be extremely auspicious for your personality development, restoration of immunity and health.

Your enthusiasm shall be at its peak and you would be spending money on the up-gradation of your skills and personality development. Your confidence and working efficiency would improve. The concluding part of the week indicates that focus of your all energies, investment and life style would revolve around your family life and the unity, integrity and prosperity of the family. The inflow of money shall increase your saving potential.


The beginning of the week is beneficial in terms of earning more gains from business, increase in income, fulfillment of desires, happiness from children and good relations with elder brothers. Your health would remain perfect during this time. You will be happy at heart and your enthusiasm and working efficiency shall also be at its peak but the mid part of the week won't be that auspicious for the accomplishment of tasks because of some unwanted obstructions which would become the prime reason of your disappointment and frustration however you shall be happy and attain lot of pleasure while going on beneficial journeys.

The concluding part of the week indicates that you would be confident in handling your enemies and expenses in this week. You would be happy while going on journeys. You will make plans to manage your expenses and competitive examinations. You would be a good strategist in terms of shaping your marketing plans during tough competition in the market.

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