Baby Name Ideas for Every Sign of the Zodiac!

By: Future Point | 24-Aug-2018
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Baby Name Ideas for Every Sign of the Zodiac!

A newborn is considered to be lucky mascot to one’s family. This is a treasured movement in one’s life and one would love to make it memorable for life. Hence, we see lavish celebrations is undertaken when a newborn is given birth.

One way to keep this memorable is to Christine the baby with positive vibes. This positive vibe is reflected in the name of the newborn and therefore in any religion, the baby name is associated either with divinity or with family linage. But the name of the individual which is the first name is always given importance.

This is very much true in Hindu religion, one would use astrological means such as horoscope or kundali to name the newborn. For instance, in certain community in India, a baby horoscope is immediately charted to decide the auspicious name of a child.

In this, an expert and learnt astrologer is invited and requested to provide suitable options. The learnt astrologer would then lay the foundations and accordingly provide suitable naming options.

Why Horoscope baby names is given importance?

In India, baby Names by Indian Astrology method is very common. Since, in this method a learnt astrology would cast a horoscope of the newborn and then provide options. Once they cast the horoscope, the placement of Moon is studied in detail. As, the placement of Moon decides the rashi or zodiac of that individual.

Further, in Vedic astrology, each zodiac sign or rashi is assigned a certain set of alphabets. These alphabets can be in English or in Devangari script. Thus, all the twelve zodiac signs will have a unique set of alphabets to avoid duplicity.

Accordingly, one can decide upon the names of a newborn. In fact, these alphabets will form the first letter or a set of first letters of any name. We would see some examples later, however, let us also check the table of alphabets against each moon sign. Following is the table.

Name of Rashi (Moon sign) First Letter of Baby's Name (English and Devangari)
Aries A, L, E (अ, ल, ई)
Taurus Ba, Va, U (ब, व, ऊ)
Gemini Ka, Gha (क, छ, घ)
Cancer Da, Ha (ड, ह)
Leo Ma, Ta (म, ट)
Virgo Pa, Tha (प, ठ, ण)
Libra Ra, ta (र, त)
Scorpio na, ya (न, य)
Sagittarius Bha, Dha, Pha, Bha (भ, ध, फ, ढ)
Capricorn kha, ja (ख, ज)
Aquirus ga, sa, sha, Sh (ग, स, श, ष)
Pisces da, cha, tha, jha (द, च, थ, झ)

Since, each of these alphabets would produce the vibration required for the respective zodiac sign or rashi. Hence baby names based on astrology is given importance.

Let us check the same with an example. Support a newborn is of Aries Moon sign. Which means, Moon is placed in the Aries zodiac sign of that native’s horoscope. This means, newborn should be Christened either with Alphabets starting with A, L or E.

Suppose the new born is a female and she is of Aires mon sign, then she can be named as say: Anita, Anaya, Amrita etc., or with alphabet “L” as Leela, Leena, Latha etc.

Following the respective moon signs, a person or a new born can be name accordingly. By doing so, the vibration of the rashi will reverberate to give positivity to the individuals. As Moon in a native’s horoscope is the reason for one’s emotional mind, the personality of that person is energised accordingly. This will make the individual to remain triumphant throughout life.

Many a time it is has been seen if the sound of the name of an individual is stressed through proper pronunciations, the lord of the rashi and the innate qualities of that rashi is energised. Therefore, any fluctuations which the person might face in his life will get neutralized completely. Hence, while naming an individual, great importance is given to the exercise.

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