Venus will transit in Leo, The Fate of These 5 Zodiac Signs will Change

By: Future Point | 28-Jun-2021
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Venus will transit in Leo, The Fate of These 5 Zodiac Signs will Change

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is considered a significator of good fortune, wealth, attraction, love, opulence and material pleasures. The natives with positive influence of this planet tend to have enjoyment and luxury in life. It signifies all kinds of happiness in life and this is the reason, the transit of Venus brings many auspicious events in the life of a person.

Venus is a planet which is considered to be natural benefic and usually gives auspicious effects unless its position in the horoscope is much afflicted. The positive influence of Venus, may bestow enhancement of social image, fine artistic qualities, noticeable transformations in language and style, and abundace of material comforts.

Along with this, the auspicious effect of Venus also proves to be fruitful for married and love life. The people with strong Venus have charismatic personalities and people are naturally drawn towards them. It provides tremendous success in the field of cinema and acting, etc. If Venus is affecting any education house of the native and is strongly placed then it blesses him with intelligence and knowledge in every sphere of life. A venusian is counted among influential people. 

At the same time, if Venus is not well placed in a horoscope then  it may also lead to immense difficulties in life. Such as lack of material pleasures, trouble in love life, stress in married life, hindrance in happiness and prosperity etc. 

The planet Venus stays in a zodiac for a span of 26 days and after that it changes its sign. The transit of Venus gives different results in different houses. The change of sign by planet mainly affects the financial and marital life of a person. According to the Future Panchang, this time Venus is going to change on 17th July 2021.

On July 17, 2021, at 09:26 in the morning, the planet Venus will transit in Leo. After which Venus will remain in this zodiac till August 11. Four zodiac signs will be especially benefited by the change in the zodiac sign of Venus. Know which zodiac sign will benefit.


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For you, Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house and will enter your fifth house during the period of this transit. This is a house of progeny, intelligence, new opportunities, education and our past good deeds. During this period, your performance in the field of education will be commendable and you will strenghthen your grip on studies. Your concentration will reach extremes so that you will focus better.

Students who are studying Interior Designing, Fashion Designing and Fine Arts will be full of creative ideas, and you will be able to complete your work on time. Some people may also gain through speculation, share market and gambling etc. during this period. 

On the other hand, there will be auspicious time in love relationships, you will like to spend more and more time with your beloved. This time will also give you many opportunities for expansion, which will increase your income and you will also get a lot of appreciation from others for your good work and profitable services.

Remedy:- To get special benefits, you should recite Durga Chalisa and offer red flowers to Maa Durga.


During this transit, Venus is going to be placed in the fourth house of your zodiac. This transit of Venus will increase happiness in your life, not only this, your mother's health will also be favorable and there will be an increase in the comforts of the house. During this time you may spend in buying household items like television, refrigerator, air conditioner or any other home appliances. During this transit, your tendency will bend towards gaining happiness from family life.

The harmonious relations among the family members will rise, which will strenghthen family bond. Also, if you are thinking of making any investment related to property or land, then you should wait a little longer. Because this time seems unfavorable for any kind of land investments.

Remedy:- Recite Shri Suktam in praise of Goddess Lakshmi every day at sunrise.


For the people of Gemini, the change of Venus is going to happen in the third house of your zodiac. Your courage, will power, younger siblings, energy, zeal and enthusiasm are seen from this house. During this transit period, you can go on a short distance journey which will add to your joys. You will have harmonious relations with your siblings sharing  support on either sides. You can get some good news through social media or online communication channel. It is also possible to meet friends, relatives or neighbors during this time. During this time, you should treat your colleagues well because with their help you will be able to perform well in the workplace. This time will also keep you away from your friends and family.

Remedy:- Chant Shukra Mantra daily during Shukra Hora.

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During this transit, Venus will be transiting through the second house of your zodiac. During this time period you will notice good changes in your speech and a kind of attraction will be attached to your speach, due to which people will come under the influence of your words and this will help you gain favours. You will get an opportunity to taste exquisite food and cuisines. Apart from this, some family function or any auspicious work may be accomplished in your family, which will bring happiness to the entire family. You will also be successful in accumulating money during this period and the situation in the workplace will be in your favor, which will give you a chance to move forward in life. You will get happiness from your children and better days will come in your love life. Those looking for job will get good opportunities to work from home during this period.

Remedy:- Offer rose water on Shivling every morning.


For Leo people, the transit of Venus is happening in your own zodiac. The transit of Venus in the first house of the people of Leo zodiac will bring happiness and prosperity in the life of the people. You will be more confident during this period and the people around you will be impressed by your magnetic personality. Your inclination towards food and drink will increase and during this time you can taste many types of dishes. Those who are working in creative industry, such as music, designing, media, literature, drama and arts etc., then this transit will bring auspicious results for them. You will get full support of your life partner during this period. You can also go on holidays for some time to enjoy married life. On the other hand, if you talk about love life, then during this transit, you will feel love and harmony with your partner.

Remedy: - At sunrise, recite "Lalita Sahasranama Stotra".


Venus is transiting through your zodiac in the twelfth house. From a financial point of view, you tend to spend lavishly during this transit, which can make your financial situation a little fragile. Therefore, to stay financially strong, spending money thoughtfully will be fruitful for you. You may get an opportunity to travel abroad during this period in the workplace. There will definitely be a work load on you at the work place, but it will prove to be better for your future. If you have a desire to start a business, then you can get a lot of benefits by investing in your business as well. You may also go on a long journey relating to your business work. Your mind will stay calm and during this time you will have to be careful with your opponents as they will start getting stronger. Treat women well because if they get angry with you then you can get into trouble.

Remedy:- During this transit, gift beauty related material to unmarried girls.

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Venus is transiting in the eleventh house of  Libra. Income, all kinds of achievements to be achieved in life, friends, elder brothers and sisters etc. are seen from this house. With the effect of the transit of Venus, your income will increase and during this time you will be able to expand your business. If you are already doing a business, then you will be able to make new deals in it and you will get financial benefits. Contact with influential and strong people of the society will be established, you will spend time in the means of entertainment. During this, your love life will also prosper, love will increase between your beloved and you and your relationship will improve, you will enjoy intimate moments in love life. Your social circle will increase and you will come in contact with influential people during this transit period. With the increase in social activity, you will be able to make a special place among the people.

Remedy: Wear a good quality diamond in a silver or gold ring on the ring finger of your right hand.


During this transit, Venus will be placed in the tenth house of your zodiac. During this period you may be somewhat careless about your work, due to which you will get some dissatisfaction at the workplace. People working under you will appear somewhat dissatisfied with the way you work. If you are working in partnership then you have to be careful. On the other hand, the people of this zodiac doing jobs need to be a little careful at this time. During this time, you are advised to stay away from politics in the workplace. During this, the family will restore happiness and the family members will live in harmony with each other. During this period of Venus's transit, you should avoid taking any kind of loan or loan as it may be difficult to repay. Now is not the right time to take loan especially for business.

Remedy: - Recite "Mahalakshmi" Ashtakam every morning in praise of Goddess Mahalakshmi.


During this transit period, Venus will be situated in the ninth house from your zodiac. This time is showing signs of luck for you. During this time luck favours you and you will get guidance and support in your endeavours. And you will get many opportunities to be successful at your workplace. Apart from this, during this transit, you will also get a chance to meet some such strong people who can help you in terms of your career. Some of you who are working in government sectors also have strong chances of getting transfer or posting in their preferred posts. You will get family support. There will be compatibility in love relations and relations with partner will be cordial. Although your health will be better during this period, but there will be concern about the health of the father.

Remedy: - Apply white sandalwood paste on your forehead daily.

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During this transit, Venus will be situated in the eighth house from your zodiac. There is a possibility of progress and growth of the people waiting for good changes in the job in the workplace. Traveling will also be beneficial for you. On the other hand, the period of this transit is going to be very good for those people who are involved in the business related to creative writing, storytelling, data analysis, etc. But due to the effect of this transit of Venus, ups and downs can be seen in married life and love relations. There may be trouble in married life. Arguments may arise with your spouse or you may worry about her health during this period. You may feel mentally disturbed. You also need to be careful about your health during this period.

Remedy:- Donate white things like rice, sugar etc. to needy people on Friday.


Venus will transit through your zodiac in the seventh house. In this sense, we think about marriage and partnerships in life. You will get the support of your life partner and married life will also remain happy. Unmarried people who are still leading a lonely life can also get their life partner. This time can also be called good for lovers. Your social life will expand and your contacts with people will also increase. During this period your business will increase as well as profit. Employed people can also expect promotion. Some natives are also likely to get benefits or rewards from the government. But during this time you are advised to be careful from your hidden enemies. you are also expected to pay attention to your health during this period.

Remedy- Wear a good quality opal crafted in silver or gold on the ring finger of your right hand on Friday.


Venus will transit in the sixth house of your zodiac. Your expenses may also increase during this period. Enemies can also dominate you. You will need to be extra careful in terms of health. Be careful especially diabetic patients. On the other hand, employed and business people will also have to be careful with their competitors. You need to choose the words very carefully while interacting socially. The more you stay away from unnecessary arguments, the better it will be for you. You may be worried about the future of your children during this period. Students preparing for government or competitive exams are likely to be successful in their endeavors during this transit.

Remedy: - For best results, wear a garland made up of sfatik.

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