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5 things you must keep away from your bedroom!

By: Future Point | 11-May-2019
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5 things you must keep away from your bedroom!

It is realized that when you go all over the world to work, you dream of vacations at your home only. After working the whole day, you find comfort in your bedroom only. Most people, after working all the six days of the week like to spend their weekends at their home only, which becomes their safe haven. They tend to love the comfort their bed provides over all the other riches in the world. All this proves to one is how important and crucial it is to have a bedroom that substantiates sound sleep over everything else.

If your bedroom looks like anything but the peaceful picturesque holy place, where you can calm down your mind, then there is nothing more you need in life. Your bedroom is not just a part of your house, but it’s the most important place for you to get your comfort going!

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Unfortunately, most of the people prefer cleaning other rooms of the house first, rather than keeping their bedroom spick and span. Well, our priorities may vary according to our choices, but what’s important is keeping your bedroom clean, light as in you should keep that stuff away from your room that puts you and your mood off. The thing that pushes you towards the dark, negativity, those things should be kept away from your bedroom. And if you are married, it becomes more significant for you to understand what things you should keep in your bedroom and the stuff that you should avoid keeping in your bedroom.

As per the popular Chinese practice of Feng Shui, the bedroom environment plays quite an important role in maintaining romantic relationships. In fact, there are some feng shui remedies that can really help the couples maintaining their love life.

Mentioned below are the things that you should strictly ban from your bedrooms. Take a quick tour of the things mentioned below:

  • Television

Like any other electronic device, television creates a lot of distraction. We have seen people staying all night watching their favourite shows. Serious issues like sleep deprivation have been observed by many studies with people who prefer to keep television sets in their bedrooms. It is highly recommended, that you should keep your television sets out of your bedroom.

  • Pets

According to a study, almost 50% of the pet owners have confessed waking up in the middle of the night because of their pets. It’s not only about the interruption that pets create, but there is also the risk of germs and ticks because of our beloved furry animals. So for the best of your health, you should avoid keeping your pets on the bed.

  • Bulky Furniture

How would you feel if you were asked to sleep inside a barrel? well, there is not much difference in sleeping inside a barrel or in a bedroom with heavy furniture like an oversized table or a dresser. Bedrooms are only meant for sleeping. The furniture that you introduce in your bedroom must be light and must not take up much space in the room. Remove everything from your bedroom that takes up a large amount of space and makes you feel strangled.

  • Work-Related Stuff

Everyone these days prefer working from bed, the place where they can grab their laptops and enjoy a glass of their favourite beverage. This is the reason because of which nowadays people are dealing with health issues and sleep deprivation. Most of the time you have seen people losing their documents because they were working late at night in their bedrooms. This makes them feel stressed. Just keep your professional life and personal life separately. So, to avoid health issues, don’t make your bedroom a workstation. It is a place to relax and unwind yourself. So just keep it that way only.

  • Food


If you are eating in bed, you become too lazy, that makes you spilling on the sheets, and spilling on the sheets leaves the stains, which means laundry, extra work. And since you are lazy, you wouldn’t want to do the laundry. Adding on, you wouldn’t want to wake up with the dirty dishes. That would not be a perfect start of the day for you. Eating on the bed can give you some serious health issues. And that can give you mental stress. So eating at the kitchen counter or the dining area is the only option best suited for you.

Your room is the place where you start and end up your day. It is the fact that the physical space in which we live and spend a lot of time has an important role to play in how we behave. Our minds cannot live completely independent of our environment.

Therefore, it is significant to keep your room tidy, clean and in a well-organized manner in order to keep negativity away from your mind. Your room should reflect your mind, that is free from all clutter and can function cohesively. Your room lets the positive rays enter your room and in your life. To know more about the Vastu tips you can Talk to an Astrologer on phone or you can contact a Vastu Expert Online.

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