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5 clear indications that it's time to look for a new job!

By: Future Point | 29-Apr-2019
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5 clear indications that it

Quitting your job and moving to some new company or starting work of your own always remains a challenge for anybody. One cannot just take this decision without thinking about the consequences that will be faced by him. This period of structural unemployment needs to be managed carefully and certain things should always be addressed before quitting up a job. You cannot leave a job emotionally as later you’ll have to bear the consequences of it. A hasty decision will always come to hunt you in the future! However, if you ponder over the pros and cons of having a job- you’ll stumble upon the why’s and when’s. Thus, painting a clear picture for you to decide if it’s time to quit your job.

But what if your current job is hampering your growth and you feel a toxic environment there. An environment in which you feel stuck. Relations in the office with superiors, subordinates or co-workers are not as quiet as you would like them to be.

There comes the confusion about whether to choose your career or your peace. The confusion of choosing Financial stability or Mental Peace.

According to the statistics, 80 of 100 people are passive or actively looking for jobs and are not able to decide whether to leave their job or continue in the same job. Not everyone likes to change. People tend to resist change. People sometimes need a push or a reason to quit, whether it be a prospect of a new job, personal health or an incentive from the boss to resign.

Here are some of the indications that its time to quit:

  • Relationships at work are toxic

People do want to change their job because of their bad manager or boss. Measuring the health of your work relationships -including your co-workers, boss, colleagues from other departments and even your boss’s boss is one of the indications that this is the time to quit your job.

There will always be someone, you don’t get along with at your job-sometimes even more than one person but if you go to your place every night feeling overly stressed, feeling undervalued and are never able to enjoy your personal life. It’s time to quit your job and find some other job.

  • Your interest in the job is lost

If you know you’re not learning anything and don’t want to learn any further skills, its time to recheck whether this job is doing any good to you or not. There will be many consequences if you don’t quit this job on time as

  • 1. You are decreasing your future employment options. If you’re not interested in the area of work you’re doing there must be something that interests you. By not leaving your current job and searching for the areas that interest you, you’ll leave your other options.
  • 2. You’ll be judged for not being motivated and hardworking and reluctant in adopting new work tools and techniques. Ask questions from yourself “Whether you want to continue in this direction or not? This is what you wanted to achieve?”

  • Your role is becoming less important

If you feel things are changing with time and your role is not as important as it used to be. You’re just acting as an employee who doesn’t add value to his company and you’re the one who is disguisedly employed than its time to leave your company. If you feel don’t good about you being in that company there is no use of staying in there and fighting for a position, which you don’t deserve according to your superiors.

  • You aren’t getting enough Recognition

If someone only gets generic appraises and not a recognition where the work is done by you, this creates a negative environment for the person. This is enough reason to quit and you should not really continue if you don't get enough recognition. You need to be praised regularly not just in terms of money but also appraisal in terms of positions. You should be given proper credit for whatever work you’re doing. The indication is clear to leave your job if enough recognition is not there.

  • Don’t feel like getting up and going to work

If you everyday get up thinking that you should not be going to work, today and find reasons to avoid going to work ,then its high time you ask yourself that “is that job doing any good to you except the money it offers?” or even “if you’re getting any satisfaction from the job?” Also if one person should know whether he really wants to work under someone or do something of their own. For knowing your chances and interests further read “Know your best-suited profession with the help of Vedic astrology”

Quitting your job might sound daunting, but when you see the above checkpoints working like a clockwork towards your exit- there isn’t much you can do about it. In the past, it might have been considered as a negative aspect of one’s life that they decided to quit something. But in times like today, people don’t want to settle for anything less. They see their work and know their worth, which correlates to quitting your current work to get yourself involved in something much more bigger or interesting. The best you can do is to let things fall into place as per your karma and fate. With the help of a Career Astrologer, you can take residence in your own safe haven so that when problems surround you- your Online Kundli is there to support you.

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