Boost Up Your Self Confidence and Achieve Success in Life

By: Future Point | 29-Apr-2019
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Boost Up Your Self Confidence and Achieve Success in Life

Self Confidence is one’s ability of judgment, power and presenting their own selves in a powerful yet dynamic way. Self-confidence can also be termed as one’s trust in his/her abilities to achieve goals. If a person is self-confident is ready to face each and every challenge that is gonna come up to him in the coming day. He carries a belief that he can accomplish whatever he wants and even face day to day challenges successfully.

Self-confidence also brings out more happiness and if a person is satisfied with his abilities he tends to stay happier due to his success. when you are feeling better about your capabilities, the more energized and motivated you are to take action and achieve your goals. A successful person will always be self-confident as self-confidence comes with experience.

Most of the people these days are going through this problem of having less self-confidence. They have the knowledge but they are either hesitant or cannot express their feelings. And if they are not able to express their views on some point, or cannot provide a valuable suggestion on their own, it affects their progress and growth. It does not let them lead a healthy and successful life and they create more obstacles for themselves by not presenting themselves in a correct way.

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What are the problems that are related to having low self-confidence?

  • Fear in the mind of a person always prevails which also disturbs your confidence.
  • Another person if presents himself in a good and a confident way that makes one jealous and feels bad about their own selves.
  • In spite of good knowledge cannot really show their feelings and cannot give their opinions to someone just because of the fear of being judged.
  • There can be low periods for people where they lose their self-confidence and it takes time to regain self-confidence.

The most important question which arises is “How to boost up your self-confidence?”

The basic advice you should follow to boost up your self-confidence is to learn how to say “No” to anyone or anything which you’re not capable of doing or not willing to do.

Astrology being an essential key to everything helps us solve our this problem and also guides us on how to increase and boost up our self-confidence.

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How can astrology help in enhancing the self-confidence?

Astrology acts as a mirror of one’s personality. By the study of Janam kundali and one’s personality traits, it is possible to know the reason behind one’s low self-confidence and beleif in himself. Some of the basic astrological tips that can help realize the reason behind the low self-confidence is:

  • The first house of kundli represents the mind of a person. Presence and positioning of good planets indicate that a person has a strong mind and also has the good power of planets which will let us know that his self-confidence is high and he is very strong mentally.
  • The power of any person is stated in their third house along with many other important things. Presence of good planets their means that a person is strong emotionally and helps us achieve a good level of self-confidence.
  • Important houses such as 5th and 9th houses also help in knowing about your self-confidence.
  • In some cases, it is seen that when Dasha or Mahadasha of any malefic-natured planet is going on in that period also a person faces a lack of self-confidence.

The next thing after detecting, how did astrology find the reason behind your low self-esteem is to learn the strategy of overcoming these. The more you dwell on the fact that you need to change, the more you will attract these new changes to grace your life and increase your level of self-confidence.

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How to work on improving Self Confidence?!

  • Once a trained astrologer has read and studied your Janam Kundali Online in a perfect manner he will be able to tell you which are some of the best gems or stones that would help you built or increase your self-confidence level. Also, it will let you know about how do you need to carry such gems or stones with you and at what times is it necessary to carry such stones with you.
  • There can be some basic spells or mantras whose recitation can help you boost up your self-confidence but before the recitation of these mantras, it would be advised to get your Kundali Analysis done so that it doesn’t affect you in some other negative way.
  • If there is Dasha or some Mahadasha of some specific planets then finding ways to cool it down will help improve the self-confidence.

So if you’re facing low confidence and want to enhance your confidence and boost it up, following simple astrological remedies will help you reach your desired level of self-confidence.

Increased self-confidence would make your growth and progress easier and you would turn out to be a successful person that people will look up to.

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