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Explore your chances of Studying Abroad through your Kundli

By: Future Point | 18-Apr-2019
Views : 12427Explore your chances of Studying Abroad through your Kundli

“A dream of studying abroad” is what makes up every student’s fantasy! which student does not dream of studying abroad? Going out to study in a different country brings a lot of new experiences for a person. Crossing seas and oceans to spend your best years of life in a new place and in between strangers seems like a great experience. Also, studying abroad opens all your career prospects and takes your career to a whole new level. The opportunity of flying overseas entails myriad of adventures which not only widens your horizons, it also marks the beginning of a better and brighter future.

The exposure which you get from studying abroad helps you tackle with all the problems in your life and solving it in the best possible way. Life during and after the period of studying abroad seems great and is a dream for all.

But there remains a lot of problems ranging from “What country should I choose for my studies? What course would give me the best options for my career? What profession would suit me best?” But the most important question is “Will I be able to go abroad for my future studies?” Or “Will I settle abroad?” And when it comes to finding a solution for all these questions, there seems none. However, Indian Astrology has jumped to our aid and come up with Janam Kundali, the answer to our every question.

Your Janam Kundali tells you all about your possibility of going to a foreign country for studies. The astrological combinations in the Janam Kundali predict your probability of studying or settling abroad. Getting your Online Kundali or opting for a talk to astrologer regarding the same would help you in knowing your chances and also let you know about whether you have a chance for foreign settlement in your Kundali.

Different houses in Kundali that indicate Foreign Education

Analysis of the planetary combination of 3rd, 4th, 8th, and 12th houses will let you know about your chances of studying overseas. Aspects of settling abroad or travel are studied from 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th, and 12th house. Each of the houses has something or the other that is completely different. Starting with the 2nd house, it is for primary education, 4th being for secondary education, 5th for college, 9th for studies and 12th house for foreign land house and abroad settlement.

  • 2nd house is also considered to be the house of speech. Both 9th and 10th houses are very important to make significant achievements and reach good heights in their career and education, as presaged by abroad settlement astrology.

Another doubt which plagues the human mind is about what profession to choose or what career should you pursue? You can Know your best-suited profession with the help of Vedic Astrology way too easily by simply analysing your zodiac signs.

Significance of Planets in Kundli for Foreign Education

Planets are also associated with the study of the education, some being:

  • Strong Mercury in a Kundali indicates that a person might be good in medical studies, financial management, and Mathematics.
  • Mars indicates the person’s will to stand against injustice.
  • Venus tells us about the quality of a person to interpret adequately.
  • Jupiter is the chief indicator of philosophy, Vedas, and astrology.

For foreign studies, Rahu and Saturn are the two main Karakas.

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Significant combinations found in Janam Kundli with respect to studying overseas

Foreign settlement astrology is done with the following combinations:

  • A combination of the 2nd lord with the house of foreign settlement, then there is some probability of a person going to an overseas country to study.
  • If there is a connection between the person and the 10th lord, there is a chance of studying & working abroad.
  • If the positioning of the 9th lord is in the 12th house, then also a person goes overseas for studies.
  • The axis of Ketu & Rahu being in the 12th house also indicates similar signs.
  • As per Bhavat Bavam’s principle, the 7th house plays a vital role in overseas education.
  • 9th and 4th cuspal sub-lord hints towards overseas education as per Prashna Horoscope.
  • When main planets occupy or own the houses or even the Dasha lord is connected with the houses, the person’s chances of going abroad for studies does increase.
  • The transit of certain planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu from the specific houses discussed above increases the chances of a foreign tour.
  • The presence of Jupiter and Saturn in the houses are considered to be very lucky.

Abroad settlement astrology from an astrologer will help you know your chances of settling abroad. Astrology can answer your various questions and also let you know about your foreign settlement prediction by date of birth. Also, one can know about their chances of foreign travel and settlement in astrology.