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6 Steps for Maintaining a Good Health with the Help of Vastu

By: Future Point | 18-Apr-2019
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Vastu Shastra is a traditional system of architecture which translates to “science of architecture”. The designs are intended to integrate architecture with nature. Vastu Shastra is associated with peace and it is also believed that it adds value to the lives of people. Vastu is backed and supported by scientific facts and, thus, highly reliable and believable. Vastu Shastra helps in optimizing positive vibes which are required and is essential in homes. Vastu tips for health and wealth are very important as these are the two things which matter the most. Vastu tips for wealth will open new prospects for you to multiply your money and a good fortune will follow.

If the home is healthy and full of prosperity it attracts good health. By keeping things in accordance with Vastu, you can achieve good health easily. Vastu helps in well being and good health of a person. Adequate and correct Vastu is the first step of entering into a healthy life with decreased stress and a lot of mental peace.

Poor Vastu condition results in a depressing atmosphere and also in mental stress and mental illness.

Vastu can also be a cause of various health problems. Vastu involves a detailed study of the site’s location and direction based attitudes. Based on a complete study of proper and ideal positions of the room, including all the considerations of entry and exit along with how the furniture would be placed are determined, as per Vastu principles. These things later contribute to the well being of each person residing in that house.

Consultation to the best Vastu experts is a great option as it helps us in knowing what could go wrong in our lives because of Vastu and getting a health horoscope will help you know about the problems that are there in your life related to health because of that. Your horoscope on the health front will help you know your health issue and the different remedies you could do to get free from there.

For a healthy lifestyle mental peace and no stress is very much necessary and Vastu helps create that atmosphere. Some of the basic Vastu Tips for a healthy life are:


The center of the house should be kept empty and not heavy furniture or any heavy thing should be kept in the center of the house as it stops the flow of energy. The center point of the house is known as Brahmasthan and it is required to be kept empty so that it can let the positive energy flow in a free manner and cause no obstructions in the form of furniture. If there is no free movement of energy and energy is stagnated it may result in bad health of the people residing in the house. As per the best Vastu experts in Delhi, creating a positive flow of energy uplifts the central mood of the house and this can be achieved by following simple Vastu Tips and Tricks.


The positioning and the direction, at the time of sleeping, should always be taken care of, as per Vastu Shastra. Your head needs to be in a specific south direction and the people with pita dosh must sleep on the right side of the bed, the people with Kapha and Vata dosh must sleep on the left side of the bed. The correct sleeping position and pattern would help you reach you lead a very healthy lifestyle.

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Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and is considered as the protector of human health. Keeping a statue or a picture of him in your house will be one of the reasons because of which one stays in good health. The statue or image of Lord Hanuman must be placed in the south direction of the house to ensure well being and great health of the people residing in the house.


As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, the height of both the gate and the wall surrounding the gate must be the same. Growing plants and citrus fruits around both sides of the gate is considered to be a healthy sign as it promotes well being and good health of the family members.

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Vastu Shastra suggests that there must not be a staircase in the center of the house as it invites several health issues. Staircases play a major role in affecting the health of the ones residing in the house. If a staircase is required in the house it must be constructed or made in some of the corners and not in the center point.


Candles are often seen as peace symbols and are the best way of lighting up houses. Lighting up a candle every day in the southeast direction which is also known as the direction of fire, will not only help eliminate darkness but it will also burn negativity and evil spirits. A lighted up candle brings good health, peace and also prosperity in each person’s life who is residing in that house.

A house radiates energy and in order to have good health, prosperity and good vibes it needs to radiate the right kind of energy. The person living in that house dwells in the same energy radiated by the house which in turn influences or effects him in one way or the other. Therefore it is very crucial to understand the relation between the energy that is radiated by the house and its effect on the person. Following Vastu tips for good health will make your health radiate the correct energy so you can stay in good health.

Vastu Shastra has procured quite an important feat in our lives after knowing how this science has the potential to affect the growth, prosperity, and well being of the house and the people residing in it.