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Top 15 Vastu Tips for Health and Wealth

By: Future Point | 12-Mar-2018
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Top 15 Vastu Tips for Health and Wealth

As we enter 2018, there is a lots of planetary movements is going on out there in the solar system. This movement of celestial bodies is unpredictable and has a huge impact on our zodiac signs.

Planets are associated with our zodiac signs, their movements could have malefic and benefic effects on our lives.

If this is going with your side, then enjoy the benefits. But, if you feel something abnormal on the beginning of this year, then you need a serious help because these impacts could be life threatening.

If you're falling ill from the beginning of this year like if you have fever, cold, headache or body pain, then this could be the negative effects of your ruling planet.


Don't worry and take a deep breath of relief! We have a solution of your all health related problems. You can enjoy your life to the fullest, if you follow our vastu tips for wealth.

With the prescriptions of our best vastu experts, you could close the portal of health problems entering in your life. Behind every vastu tips there's a deep scientific reason, hence it becomes more plausible to follow these tips prescribes by our astrologers. So, let's see where you guys are lacking in.

The direction of Puja room

Are you worshiping your almighty in the right direction? Every home has a pooja room inside them, but the direction in which you’re placing the idols of Gods also matters. The North East direction is the auspicious direction to worship the God. One must face towards the North East direction while praying.

Light the lamp to remove the darkness of your house

To attract the good luck the year, light the lamp near the water pot in the house. Doing this will fill your house with positive vibes and dispel the negativity from your house. This will also remove your health related problems.

Perfect place for water fountains and paintings at home

Build the water fountains and wall paintings in the North east direction. This will bring immense success, luck and prosperity in your home.

Watch main doors of your house

Always take care that the hinges of the door should not make sound while opening and closing, grease them periodically to avoid the noise. The main door of your house should open from the inside so that the energy will remain inside.

Avoid the 5 corners

There should not be five corners on the ceiling of your room, this will bring negativity inside your house. To overcome the negative effect, keep some bamboo flutes or small pyramids to curbs the negative effect.

Positioning of Almirah and beds in room

Place your almirah and bed close to the south east wall and a little distance from the North east wall.

Sleeping direction is also important for healthy heart

Just like food is important to live a better healthy life, sleeping direction also affects our body. Remember, every time you sleep whether its floor or a bed, your head should face towards second favourable direction.

Do not sleep under south east direction if suffering from any disease

According to the astrologers, South east direction could be a torture room for the patients with problems related to heart, eye and blood. It would be heard for them to recover in that direction.

Knife edge pillow can harm you

Avoid using the knife edge pillow while sleeping. According to Vastu experts, these pillows will provide irregular heartbeats while sleeping.

Let the energy flow freely in your house

The centre of the house should empty. Devoid any heavy furniture, this is because the centre of the home is the Brahmasthan.

Drink facing the right direction

While drinking water, keep your face towards the North east direction or towards the East direction. This vastu tips is a perfect tip to attain good health.

If you want to get married

Bachelors who are eagerly waiting to hear their wedding bells should live in the rooms suited at the Northwest direction of their house.

To Increase your income

Cash should not be kept inside the drawers facing North direction, it will increase your expenditures. Install a mirror inside your drawer to increase your good luck.

Devoid electrical appliances from your bed room

Placing the electrical appliances near your bed will lead to mild fever, heart attacks, skin problems and sleep disorder.

Devoid negative pictures and paintings

Pictures depicting violence or aggression should not be kept inside the house. It attracts lots of negativity inside the house.

To know more about your signs and vastu tips for removing health related problems, visit our official site. Feel the difference after consulting our Vastu Shastra services. We have a team of best vastu experts in Delhi which are eagerly waiting to help you out.

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