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How to choose the right colour for your house based on Vastu

By: Future Point | 13-Mar-2018
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How to choose the right colour for your house based on Vastu

It is scientifically proven that colours have a psychological effect on our personality. Colours shows our personality traits and behaviour, if you like red colour, then you're short tempered, if it's showing green colour, then you're a caring soul. But, what about the colour of your house?

If you're taking it lightly, then you better keep your eyes on colour paint while renovating your home next time. Home is the only place where we spend the maximum of our time, working hours is 8 but rest of the time we spend is in our Home Sweet Home.

Choosing a wrong colour could bring the atmosphere of tension and stress. It's important to have an appropriate balance of colour s, to feel refresh and live a health life.

Colours for your home based on Vastu

As per our Vastu Shastra specialists, the colour for your home should be decided according to the direction and the date of birth of the home owner. So here's a list of colour s according to the directions, choose yours:

North-east - light blue

East - White or blue

South-east - orange, pink and silver colour, these colours can be used to enhance energy as South east is the fire direction.

North - Green, pista green

North- west - This area is related to air. So, white grey and cream are the most suitable colour for this part of your home.

West - This place is related to water. So, the best colours are blue and white.

South-West - Peach, mud colour, biscuit colour or light brown.

South - Red and Yellow.

Take extra precautions while choosing the colours like black, red and pink, as these colours don't goes up with every person. So, choose wisely.

Correct colour for your home section

As per Vastu specialists, each section of your room requires colour according to its energy requirement, size and direction. People living in the home should keep following points in mind while renovating their homes/rooms.

Master bedroom - Your master bedroom should be in South- West direction and hence, should be painted with blue colour.

Guest room/Drawing rooms - North- west direction is the best place for this section and hence the guest room should be painted with white colour. White colour, will reflect all the negative vibes back due to its high reflective index.

Kids room - North-West direction best place for room for children. As the North- west direction is governed by the moon, hence children room should be painted in a white colour. The white colour will provide your children a power of concentration.

Kitchen - The South- East zone is ideal for kitchen, hence, the walls of the kitchen should be painted with red, pink and orange colour.

Bathroom - North west direction is the best place for bathroom, hence your bathroom should be painted with white colour.

Hall - The hall of your room is known as the place of the Brahmasthan and it should be in the North- east or north west direction. It should be painted with yellow or white.

Home exterior colour - The exterior colour of the house should be based on its owners. Colour s, such as yellowish- white or light mauve or orange, cyan suit people of all rashis.

Car parking or garage colours - White, cream, yellow and other colour s in light shades are good for car parking or garage in your home. Make sure, your car parking or garage should be in the prescribed Vastu direction.

Colours that you should avoid in your home

As per our best Vastu specialists, you can go for light shades. But, dark shades colour s like red, brow, grey and black may not suit every one as they represent some of the ruling planets fiery in nature like- Rahu, Shani, Mars, And Sun. Red and deep yellow colour should be avoided, these are the high intensity colour and it may disturb the energy pattern inside your house.

Vastu colours according to your Business:

Jeweler shop - Bright shades of green and yellow.

General store - Broken white or light shades of pink.

Medical store - Light shades of blue and white colour.

Readymade garments - Bright shades of blue.

Stationary - Light blue.

You shop - Bright shades of yellow, blue and red.

Restaurants - Light shades of yellow and white.

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